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  1. Give over,if the sun rises in the morning,you'll find someone to blame for it.
  2. The vast majority of voters it would appear! The amazing thing is that some Labourists are delighted that according to one poll,they are now just 16% down.Incidentally,a MORI poll on the same day puts the Tories 23% ahead.
  3. Yes,well done,I too would much rather see solid foundations at a regional,amateur level,than try to be semi pro,travelling the country,to play infront of a few hundred people. The successful RU pyramid structure,is mainly based on successful,regional/local clubs,playing infront of a hundred people,with good facilities and solid club foundations.There are just 12 Clubs playing in the Premiership,even Championship Clubs are having major difficulties - see other thread - but there are hundreds of other Clubs playing at tier 4/5/6 etc.Its these people who attend internationals/feature occassions.
  4. The Welsh view,YouGov poll: Con 40% (21 seats) Lab 30% (15 seats) P.C. 13% (3 seats) LDem 8% (1 seat) UKIP 6% ( - ) Frankly this is unbelievable,would represent a Lab loss of 10 seats and a Tory gain of 10 seats.Would be Labs worse performance since the 1850's!
  5. Latest two Scottish polls for Westminster. Survation. SNP 43% -3 Con 28% +13 Lab 18% - 6 LDem 9% +1 Panelbase. SNP 44% -3 Con 33% +5 Lab 13% -1 LDem 5 +1 Looks like wipeout for Labour in Scotland.You really aren't going to like the Welsh figures!
  6. If anyone fancies standing as a Labour M.P.,all you have to do is respond to a tweet,as apparently they are over 100 short - amazing. Some more good news for Labour out on monday,when the first Welsh poll will be published - not good news I'm afraid.
  7. You may be right,we'll see.If one assumes the Tory and LDem vote remains static,I suppose it depends where the UKIP and Lab vote goes.Suppose it could be reasonably close either way.
  8. I do think football should have it's own stand alone channel on Sky Sports.If people want to pay for it fine but I'd much rather have a choice of no soccer,at a lower subscription.
  9. I would call a 1,300 LDem majority over Cons(3%) as marginally,particularly with 7,000 UKIP votes last time. Actually,you might be right,it might not be marginal,it might be a certain Tory gain?!
  10. So it seems a total of 12 sitting Labour M.P.'s have now elected to stand down,including moderates such as Gisela Stewart and Rob Marris,effectively handing their seats to the Tories.Just 4 Tories are not standing,whilst John Pugh,the LDem in marginal Southport and Douglas Carswell in Clacton are also not standing - both constituancies now likely to revert to Conservative.
  11. Two polls since Election called: ICM Con 44% Lab 23% LDem 12% UKIP 10% You Gov/Times Con 46% Lab 25% LDem 11% UKIP 8% 55% believe May was right to call an election,15% believe she was wrong. So far,6 Labour M.P.'s have announced they will not stand,including Tom Blenkinsop,Andrew Smith,Andy Burnham and Ian Wright,Over '20 others' considering their position.
  12. Looks like a great day out,together with good weather - hope it's a big success.
  13. A couple of thoughts,as I believe S.L need to be very careful here.Although Wasps are new to Coventry,Coventry and Warwickshire in general are firmly established RU areas - Coventry RUFC used to be the/a leading Club in the 70/80's.There is an established demand for quality rugby union. The stadium is similar to Huddersfield,in that it needs at least 10,000 plus to make any atmosphere - 5/7,000 in there would soon kill it off.Coventry isn't the biggest of places and rugby league would be very much third to fooball and union. Wasps have thrown loads of money at Union and are being successful on the pitch,crowds would rapidly drop to sub 10,000 if they were mid table. I suspect there are better options than Coventry,whilst Wasps would probably be happy with just picking up the odd Magic weekend,semi final,international etc,to help out on their finances.
  14. The redevelopment of the North Stand at Headingley almost has to happen,as otherwise Yorkshire CCC will lose their Test Match status - Yorks just cant afford that,as they are already some £20 odd million in debt. Hopefully,by 2020 both Leeds and Yorks should have terrific new grounds - please dont moan about the West Terrace at Headingley,there is little if nothing Leeds can do about it for Planning reasons.The other three ends,plus the massive corporate provision is very good news for rugby league. Hope Cas/Wakefield,Sheffield and York can sort out their grounds shortly.
  15. His mother used to work as a gym instructor at the Village Hotel and Gym in north Leeds and used to row for Poland.He used to come into the gym occassionally and is certainly a very impressive physical specimen but is also a very polite and intelligent kid.His mother was very proud of him. Hope he does well.I believe he turned down Wigan for Leeds.