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  1. I know he had a fairly unsuccessful time coaching Bradford and Bingley RUFC.
  2. It's a disgrace isn't it.A private individual,starting a company to employ others,which goes on to be successful.Then,when becoming an M.P.,he resigns as a director and simply retains his shareholding.Then,years later,selling the company so it can continue to grow and employ more people. The politics of envy - I haven't got the drive/ambition/ability to start a company,therefore you shouldn't be allowed to make any money from doing it.I'll just work 9 - 5 and demand my rights.No wonder,no one with any asperation would dream of voting Labour.
  3. I see the BBC are reporting that Labour M.P. Hilary Benn is facing a deselection fight in his Leeds Central consituancy,after a 'takeover' of the local party by Mr Corbyn's supporters.Corbyn told Len Tingle ' that he wouldn't intervene in what local parties do'. How many other moderate M.P.'s to follow?
  4. Our resident anarchists,will be disappointed to learn that their latest 'riot' actually involved less than 1% of that prisons population - cant think why Labour is so discredited.
  5. Trojan, to be fair,you are correct,a strong Opposition is necessary for good Government,I was probably being a little too mischievous. All the early indications,suggest that it will be a very close result - could depend on how strong a candidate Labour chose,whether he is a remainer or not and perhaps interestingly from the Corbyn aspect,how left wing.
  6. Seems even Labour M.P.'s dont trust Labour,with Corbyn critic Jamie Reed,resigning as M.P. for Copland to take up a position in industry.Reed is thought to be the first of numerous moderate Labour M.P.'s considering resigning before the next election or indeed,facing de selection from the hard left. Reed has a majority of 2,600 at the last election over the Tories,with the bookies now having Labour and Tories tied for the January by election.Labour have held the seat since 1930.A by election defeat for H.M. loyal opposition?! Might be worth losing,to keep Corbyn going for another few years.
  7. Just as a random guess,a round trip of over 1,000 miles,taking up a full weekend, at a cost well into four figures each trip,might just have something to do with it.
  8. Spidey,have you any idea where Aberdeen is? Do you appreciate the distances involved? Do you have any idea of the costs involved? Have you the faintest idea of the time involved?
  9. Latest YouGov poll. Con 42% Lab 25% UKIP 12% LDem 11% Green 4% In Scotland, SNP 48% Con 25% Lab 15% LDem 6%
  10. getdownmonkeyman, check the deficit in 2010 or are you suggesting the cuts/austerity/living within ones means should have been greater? From nearly 12% of GDP to just over 3%.It's because of that deficit that we are paying over £1 bill /week simply to service,not reduce,the existing national debt.
  11. Austerity,should actually be called,'living within your means'. It's because Labour never live within their means,that the Govt that follows them,has to reduce spending.It would be lovely if we could all spend more money on hospitals,road,benefits etc,etc but unfortunately they have to be paid for. Because of Labours economic incompetence,we are currently paying over £1 bill /week,just to service the debt we already have.Ideally,that money would be spent on hospitals,roads etc. That is why the voting public regard Labour as being economically incompetent.
  12. It never ceases to amaze me,what a minority of rugby league supporters find to complain about. Invariably,any decision is the wriong day,sack him,too much,disgraceful,useless anyway,fixed etc,etc. All one has to do is look on here on a monday morning and inevitably a referee is corrupt,a player is useless,the kick off time was wrong,sack a coach,I'm reliably told by a friend of someone I met in a pub that a Club is going bust etc.
  13. Fewer and fewer people it seems. After massive losses of over 20% in recent South Wales L.A. elections,there is yet more bad news for Labour,with only 20% of the national electorate trusting Corbyn,as opposed to 46% trusting May. Whilst in the latest ICM poll,42% would vote Tory,with only 28% supporting Labour.This would give the Tories 341 Parliamentary seats,as opposed to Labour 182 seats.This at a time when Labour would need to be ahead by around 10% points to have any realistic chance of gaining a majority in the next General Election.
  14. Geordie Saint, there is lots of polling evidence and one can always pick out a particular poll or local election result which suits your view but broadl y speaking,in local elections LDems are gaining a little ground,the Tories are stable and Lab are losing their share of the vote.There are exceptions and indeed,Labour is doing quite well in central London,which just emphasises their loses in the rest of the U.K. Labour are losing seats in S.Wales to P.C.,like Grangetown(lab - 25%) Gilfach(Lab -28%),whilst the Tories are picking up the odd seat in Scotland and England. Perhaps most relevantly however,in Nov 2011 - the same stage in the electoral cycle as now,the polls stood at; Lab 41% Con 34% LDem 12% UKIP 3% So,at the same stage,last time around,Lab were 7% ahead of Cons and still lost.There is always an anti Govt vote mid term.At present,rather than being 7% ahead,Lab are around 12/14% behind! I've been in London all week and was lucky enough to visit Parliament for the first time and had lunch with an old University friend who is now an M.P.I can assure you from the horses mouth,that the Tories are delighted with Mr. Corbyn. I should add that Sadiq Khan is polling quite well in London.
  15. The Tories held three seats in local authority by elections last night and took a fourth from the Greens Abbey(Bath and NE Somerset). Latest ICM poll Tories 43%,Labour 27% Dream on. p.s. you really dont want to know about the seats Labour are losing in Wales!