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  1. Yeah he was a good find considering he didn't come over to play rugby he just came over for a holiday to accompany Evan Cochrane.
  2. Matt Sturm was another 100%er. I always liked Dean Williams when he played for us, good no nonsense second rower.
  3. Mick Matache and his taped up nose is a shocking omission
  4. My only criticism in your selection would be the choice of Doyley on the wing ahead of Richard Henare, who was a sensational talent when he first came over from NZ as a youngster.
  5. Nah, he's got Cumbrian ancestry, tough as old boots.
  6. No, I meant Carnation sterilised cream. It used to be Nestle but Carnation bought the business off them.
  7. Can't beat a nice drop of Carnation on a rhubarb pie
  8. Was looking forward to seeing Wilko's band headlining Maryport Blues Festival next weekend but they've understandably had to pull out due to this.
  9. Asda do a lovely pre-packed Egg, Tomato and Salad Cream sandwich.
  10. Chester Bennington, lead singer with Linkin Park, has committed suicide according to some US sources. RIP if true, a great live front man.
  11. You can keep your fresh whipped cream, I'd rather have a bit of Dream Topping any day.
  12. Lot of good club men around in those days, lads that weren't first choice players but who would come in and do a job when needed. Dave Smith, Ray Lewis, John Dobie, Dave Atkinson, Alan Varty to name but a few.
  13. That was the year Johnny topped the try scoring list for the whole game and there was a handy cash award from the league sponsors which went into the players pool to share out at the end of the year so they engineered a few tries for him.
  14. His nickname amongst his peers tells you everything you need to know about him - "The Minister for the 19th Century"
  15. Yes, and Peter Riley was too.