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  1. Very true. As a director of a club once said to me "it takes a year or two of success to attract the crowds but it only takes a handful of bad results to lose them again". Such is the fickle nature of your casual fan.
  2. Scotland will be very interesting. If the Tories campaign north of the border is based around the independence issue then it may not all go the SNP's way. I suspect they will be sending a clear message of if you are a unionist then we are the only party who will guarantee that for you. Could be closer than you'd otherwise expect, Sturgeon's rush to Indyref2 might well backfire to an extent.
  3. It says a lot about the state of British politics when a party is likely to get a landslide victory not because of anything great they've done but simply because they are the "least worst" option.
  4. I think people grossly overestimate the amount that Toronto are spending. They've got a good squad for this level of the game but even so most of their players would have been on £25-£30k contracts at their previous clubs. I'd be surprised if their wage bill is much higher than about £650-£700k, obviously still way higher than the ~£100k that their nearest challengers are spending. The big question is how much they can afford when they step up to the next level. Can they double their expenditure to seriously compete in the middle 8s (if that structure is still in place) ? We won't find out how serious these guys are until they have to spend the big bucks.
  5. It's amazing how a couple of lines in a newspaper article get people all excited. Have Toronto even spoken to the twins ? Have they made them an offer ? Are the twins considering it ? Until/unless the above happens then it's got as much validity as someone printing an article saying that Batley are interested in Thurston.
  6. The availability of a decent stadium would be a major obstacle on what is a busy weekend of football.
  7. Quite amusing seeing people telling Gubrats how to run a RL club and how to put more effort into being successful. If anyone knows the amount of work involved and the barriers sub-SL clubs face then it is Gubby. In fact he probably personally lost a substantial sum trying to overcome those barriers. He knows from personal experience that the only way to really improve a club is to find a rich benefactor who is prepared to shovel money in. The rest is window dressing.
  8. The Forster and McAvoy tries were both achieved by doing the same thing, i.e. targeting Carl Forber and getting him into a one on one situation. Buffer does some good things for the team but defence isn't his strong point and we really need someone to pair up with him in defence and not leave him isolated.
  9. Yep, Kerry Gibson at Runcorn.
  10. NW Crusaders player John Cookson suffered a heart attack after playing in yesterday's defeat by Toronto. He is currently stable in hospital. Best wishes to him for a full and speedy recovery.
  11. Except if you actually read the article he didn't call him a gorilla. He compared his eyes to that of a gorilla in a zoo "no lights on and nobody home". But the point is that the people like McKenzie, Hopkins, Littlejohn etc do stuff like this deliberately for self-promotion and people fall for it time and again and give them exactly what they want. I'd also add that I think it's as bad that a politician tries to make political capital out of it. There wouldn't be any local council and mayoral elections coming up soon I don't suppose ?
  12. I'm sorry but you've completely lost me, I have no idea what you're on about.
  13. Actually I did just that to a Scouse friend yesterday. He was of the opinion that it is better to ignore McKenzie than give him the oxygen of publicity. He was also of the opinion that this is an orchestrated action by a mayor who is desperate to deflect attention away from his own poor performance.
  14. Yes I actually do think that. There was nothing remotely racist in the article. I'm not defending McKenzie as he is a complete tosser but it's the thin end of the wedge when people lose the right to express an opinion even if it is an unpopular one.
  15. As far as I can see it's a gross overreaction by the perpetually offended. It is true that McKenzie is an odious annoying person, but at the same time I don't think there was anything in the article that deserved this kind of furore or it being reported to the police.