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  1. It's just a classic case of a team with everything to play for against a team with nothing to play for. For Fax it's a pivotal game, for HKR it's just one to get out of the way with no injuries. It happens.
  2. PEK and sliced pickled onion sandwich, nectar
  3. There's no doubt in my mind that Ian Rudd would have gone on to be one of the top players of his era, he had everything you'd want in a stand off. He was just starting to become top class when he was tragically struck down by the illness that ended his career. As for Howard, lets just say his off field activities stopped him achieving what he could have in the game.
  4. Yeah he was a good find considering he didn't come over to play rugby he just came over for a holiday to accompany Evan Cochrane.
  5. Matt Sturm was another 100%er. I always liked Dean Williams when he played for us, good no nonsense second rower.
  6. Mick Matache and his taped up nose is a shocking omission
  7. My only criticism in your selection would be the choice of Doyley on the wing ahead of Richard Henare, who was a sensational talent when he first came over from NZ as a youngster.
  8. Nah, he's got Cumbrian ancestry, tough as old boots.
  9. No, I meant Carnation sterilised cream. It used to be Nestle but Carnation bought the business off them.
  10. Can't beat a nice drop of Carnation on a rhubarb pie
  11. Was looking forward to seeing Wilko's band headlining Maryport Blues Festival next weekend but they've understandably had to pull out due to this.
  12. Asda do a lovely pre-packed Egg, Tomato and Salad Cream sandwich.
  13. Chester Bennington, lead singer with Linkin Park, has committed suicide according to some US sources. RIP if true, a great live front man.
  14. You can keep your fresh whipped cream, I'd rather have a bit of Dream Topping any day.
  15. Lot of good club men around in those days, lads that weren't first choice players but who would come in and do a job when needed. Dave Smith, Ray Lewis, John Dobie, Dave Atkinson, Alan Varty to name but a few.