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  1. Good signing, hope the others in the pipeline are of similar quality. Well done to all involved.
  2. You're a journo aren't you ? Do some digging !
  3. You could but by all accounts he has had nothing to do with running the business for quite some time and wasn't a director, he simply retained a shareholding. I'm no fan of his by any means but criticising the bloke for making a profit on a business he started 20 years ago is quite frankly a bit pathetic even for this forum.
  4. Are you suggesting there's anything wrong with him selling his business ?
  5. Rumours abound that Chalmers has pulled out due to HMRC demanding a large security deposit against future tax liabilities, as is their right (powers given to them in 2015) when a person in control has a track record of defaulting on tax payments and has had several business failures. Hopefully it's just rumour and there's no truth in it.
  6. Not just one of the greatest players Cumbria has produced but one of the greatest players full stop. RIP Tiger.
  7. Doesn't quite work like that. The salary cap only counts payments to players but does not cover actual cost of employment. So if you're spending the full cap then while that is covered by the Sky money the add ons aren't. For example, a salary spend of £1.8m on players means you have to pay another ~£250k out on employers national insurance payments.
  8. If the administrator is appointed by the directors/shareholders rather than 3rd party creditors then the administrator can actually petition the shareholders for the difference between his fees and the realised value of the assets.
  9. Barrow drew with Oldham 22-22
  10. But you're only looking at Bradford in isolation. It's not so much about punishing them it's more about ensuring that other clubs aren't unfairly disadvantaged.
  11. But then you are essentially advocating that any club who gets into difficulty can cease trading today and start afresh tomorrow with no punishment. That can't be allowed to happen, especially in a sporting environment where an unfair advantage can be gained. The RFL have no legal powers to punish previous club owners and anyway, do you really think Marc Green (for example) ever wants to be involved in RL again ?
  12. The 12 point deduction is not entirely illogical. It's the price of maintaining Championship status and receiving £150k central funding and the prospect of having some decent attendances against established clubs. The alternative would be to drop down and get just £70k funding and have poor crowds against clubs that nobody wants to watch. Those 12 points are probably worth >£250k of income.
  13. Yes the maximum is still 5 whether you use loanees, DR or a combination of the two.
  14. You can only have a maximum of 5 loanees though.
  15. No but it makes it more affordable if you're not spewing money on 30+ full time players unnecessarily !