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  1. Keighley Predictions

    Not a great start for our neighbours either, wonder when they were last nilled at home ?
  2. Whiting should be cited too, McCrone put him a dangerous position but it was Whiting who turned it into a spear tackle.
  3. Barrow kept Leigh scoreless in second half, was 20-12 to Leigh at half time.
  4. Keighley Predictions

    Plus a decent half would have made a difference, Leatherbarrow is as slow as a box mangle. Hopefully Doran will be “fit” for next week.
  5. Keighley Predictions

    2 interception tries for Keighley the difference
  6. Keighley Predictions

    Lost 44-34
  7. Keighley Predictions

    Again that try stemmed from our error, penalty to us and we drop it on first tackle. Plus our goal line defence is very poor.
  8. Keighley Predictions

    Cut out the unforced errors and this game is there for the taking.
  9. Keighley Predictions

    We keep saying how we have a big pack but this is the second game in a row we have been outmuscled.
  10. Keighley Predictions

    Keighley have the teams on their twitter page.
  11. Keighley Predictions

    Bookies giving Town 4 start today, doesn't seem particularly generous.
  12. Just switch location services off on your phone.
  13. So, it turns out that Saint Brendan was indeed guilty of the accusations that he vehemently denied in 2015. Who’d have thunk the man was a liar and a fraud ?
  14. Restructure 2019?

    Martyn Sadler has confirmed on another thread that Hetherington has stated that a restructure can't happen unless the Sky contract can be renegotiated. Seems pretty conclusive to me.