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  1. Have the winners been paid out during the period that the numbers weren't published ?
  2. Not strictly true though is it ? What did for them was taking the "Odsal settlement" and spending it on players in the hope that a successful team would generate enough income to maintain Odsal in the future. Had they not taken that money then the council would have been liable for the stadium upkeep. Its a consequence of a decision that, with hindsight, was a poor one.
  3. I think Chalmers' comments about the players was disgraceful. He basically said that the ones involved in the legal action stopped trying and that was the reason for their relegation.
  4. Who gets the job isn't the point. I'd prefer the best candidate to get it regardless of race, gender, disability or age. Why are you using "white male" in your example ? The point is that the job wouldn't be advertised as "only disabled people will be considered". If someone with a disability proved to be the best candidate then they should get the job, simple as that. I'm currently working as interim FD at a company in the North East leading a team of 6. Of that team, 3 are female and 3 are male. Of the 3 females 1 is Asian, 1 is Hispanic and 1 is white. Of the 3 males 2 are white and 1 is Oriental (and partially sighted BTW). All good capable people, and who go their jobs on merit as the best candidate. That's how it should be. No favouritism, no quotas, just the best people for the job. I remember the Chief Constable of Cumbria moaning last year that he was ~20 officers down on what he should have due to positive action targets. He had been given a target of having a fixed % of the constabulary as BAME, yet the level of suitable applicants from those backgrounds didn't allow him to hit that target thus leaving those positions unfilled. But if he then recruited non-BAME officers to fill the posts he would be even further away from his target and suffer a funding cut as a consequence. How does that help anyone ?
  5. Shadow said it didn't happen and dismissed Johnoco's personal anecdotal evidence and asked for a recent example. I'm simply providing one for him/her. Whether you categorise it as positive action or positive discrimination is irrelevant, it amounts to the same outcome. Would you be ok with a job advert that stated only white people would be considered ? If the answer is no then why is it ok for it to happen the other way around ?
  7. But that's not the point. You said positive discrimination doesn't exist. It clearly does. The reasons why it does are irrelevant in that context. If you said it exists but there are valid reasons for it in certain situations then I'd agree with you. But to make a sweeping statement that it doesn't exist is just plain wrong.
  8. The difference being that, for example, the Labour Party can and do say that they are having an all female shortlist for things such as parliamentary candidate selection. They would not be allowed to say they were having an all male shortlist. Of course all male shortlists do happen but there's a difference between it happening and it being a stated policy. If any organisation publicly stated that they were only going to consider men for a role then they'd be in bother. But do it the other way around and say you're excluding them and that's ok. How is that not discriminatory, even if there are valid reasons for it ?
  9. This is why the whole positive discrimination thing is wrong. Well intentioned I'm sure but somewhere along the line the drive for equality morphed into favouritism, which is very ironic. People who say they want equality often don't actually mean that, what they want is to be treated favourably.
  10. By and large the vast majority of people in this country rub along together just fine, getting on with their lives with a live and let live attitude. There are a very small (proportionally) number of extremists of all different races who unfortunately set the agenda due to our sensationalistic media. People use the statistics as evidence of rising racism, but I'm with Johnoco on this that "hate crime" has kind of lost its perspective. Things that aren't really driven by hate are now categorised as such if someone takes offence. I think the rise in "hate crime" is sad, but mainly because it is a reflection of a society that is becoming more and more over-sensitive and over-protective. From parents who won't let their kids go out and scrape their knees to people who get offended by pretty innocuous things. The original question was will there ever be racial harmony ? The answer is no. How can there be ? To have that there'd need to be complete societal harmony which hasn't and never will exist. People will always find something to be in conflict about regardless of their race, religion or nationality.
  11. No money in it for Town I'm led to believe, sold the lease on that land for peanuts a short while ago.
  12. No such thing as the overseas quota, it's a myth. Players are either Federation trained or are non federation trained. Toronto's British players are home federation trained so don't count on any quota.
  13. Jeez how blunt is our attack ? Set after set in their 20 and not close to scoring.
  14. Team is.... Ritson Hambley Mossop Rassool Lister Forber Doran Curwen Howarth Scholey Phillips Davies Singleton Subs - Phillips Moore Fitzsimmons Prior
  15. No bother mate, some of them on there seem to absolutely resent the traditional clubs and see us as less important than their beloved expansion clubs watched by 2 men and a dog.