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  1. Were I to be here to defend Nigel Wood, I would say that he would point to his role as being like that the supporting stone of a bridge. The pressure of both sides was on him. Once he was removed, we saw chaos, which he had previously been holding off.
  2. Bob8

    Electric cars

    Haha! I am right in the centre of Copenhagen. Just outside my window is a posh new Tesla and a rather old and tatty Renault.
  3. Bob8

    Electric cars

    I am in favour is electric rather than gas cars. But, as a cyclist, I had to be extra aware of Audi's as they were quieter and BMWs because they were driven by BMW drivers.
  4. Bob8

    The Culture Wars

    Thank you. And, I am very aware we have similar backgrounds, and have both been reasonable successful, perhaps for similar reasons. Much of this stuff comes from the USA, and is gobbled up by people in the UK who do not have suffficient life experience to question it. Being white and British gives you a huge advantage in the USA, but does not work so well if you are in the UK. The Johan Hari's of this world think you and I had it easy and were oppressing him. We might (I do) think he is a spoilt little child. This is where much of the nonsense comes from. In the UK, we have different expectations. We have our own negative prejudices (as we should do, they are often based on reality), that affect us differently. I recall a production line in Oxfordshire which ran superbly, the lad running it was young and enthusiastic and was a local lad with a strong Oxfordshire accent. He had been given the role despite an unorthodox background and everyone seemed very pleased with him in that position. He was black, but that actually made no difference in this case (I suspect). But, had he been very posh with an RP accent and looked like our image of what senior management looks like, he might well have been propelled into senior management. As it was, he was considered lucky to be where he was. I do not think anyone had anything against him, but it seemed to fit. I sound rather posh now. If I am caught doing a minor infraction, I say sorry, and very friendly and it is also smiles, laughs. I used to sounds far more working class, and was younger too. The difference is there, if I say something that does not seem to make sense immediately, I will be asked to explain (typically) whereas before, it was hard not to be seen as an ignorant scouser who was being thick. I have a PhD and a posh accent, I suspect it is the latter that gives me more intellectual credibility with many people. These things can be overcome and are mild in my case. Individual responsibility is still the main thing, I very much agree with that.
  5. Bob8

    The Culture Wars

    Clearly, that is nonsense. But, I do not see anyone arguing that here. Would you find my post above, to be unreasonable?
  6. If you thought there was no real reason for Europe being increasingly intergrated other than the EU, and it seemed reasonable that leaving should leave the country richer, then that is a reasonable interpretation. May will get the blame for ruining it all nad not delivering the square circle they voted for. Both sides will feel facts show they were right and that the other side would concede they were wrong if they were the least bit reasonable.
  7. He is a little from the Parksider school. He makes a reasonable post, but then the facts he quotes turn out to be fabricated, links that are nothing like he says they are etc. The points he refutes turn out not to have been made. It is a shame, because, like Parksider, he has some reasonable points. But, if I cannot trust what he writes as being genuine, I see little point in reading it.
  8. A shame the forum is open 24/7, or think of all the good you could do your community.
  9. It means rather than sometimes accepting life is unfair and trying to do something about it, you can just complain as if there is a giant ref in the sky to appeal to, who will come down and declare Oxford the winner.
  10. That man is an idiot. He keeps repeating that line that you cannot like Corbyn and want left wing politics. To him it is like cheering for your favourite team, that this acutally affects peoples' lives is not something that interests him.
  11. I have very much gone against the media narrative and was living there at the time. Will that do?
  12. I will still insist that he was a liability in the Presidential race, compared to any Republican candidate. To scrape a victory over Clinton, when it should have been a comfortable victory means he managed to not be a big enough liability to lose.
  13. Pretty damn horrible and believable.
  14. Bob8

    The Culture Wars

    As a middle aged, British, educated, white man, I find it pretty evident that I get much more allowance in life and more respect than when I was younger and poorer. That seems evident to me. It is also evident that while I am advantaged in life, I still have to take individual responsibility. I am given more chances an leeway that I would if I were a poor, black, Muslim, gypsy. Clearly, context is important. When I was a scouse-sounding and working class, Johan Hari's insistence that I was oppressing him was all the more absurd for the fact he had a weekly column in a national newspaper to talk out of his fat ######. That is an example of the liberal left including someone who has no idea of context. On the right, we have Iain Duncan Smith, who was from an affluent background, did badly at school, went to the army and was mediocre, got nowhere in his career, his wife's paid for his first business that failed, and his second business that failed, and then paid for him to enter politics. The idea that he has more chances in life than either me or the aforementioned poor, black, Muslim, gypsy seems to pass him by. Clearly, no-one should feel guilty. Everyone in life has contributed to their failures and successes in life and that is individual responsibility. And, it is not clear cut. Denmark does not like immigrants from Somalia, but on the other hand people arriving from war zones do tend to be more troubled and blind trust in authority that Danes value will not be there (for very good reason). It only matters if we want to get the best out of people. Which, to me, seems evidently a good thing. It is individual responsibility to look after ourselves, but the USA believes in individual responsibility more than anywhere in Europe and manages to be fatter than Europe, so there might be a greater cause. Equally, if a large segment are doing badly, while it is up to each individual to sort their lives out, there is also likely to be something else going on. You do not have to worry about it. That would not help anything. On an individual level, we should take responsibility for out own lives. As a wider society, we should make sure we can get the best out of everyone as a whole and keep an eye that we are not making too much of a mess of anyone's life when it could be avoided. But don't worry, be happy!
  15. Bob8

    The Culture Wars

    There was a time when over-privileged a holes like Johan Hari were called out by briniging in context. It said that while a gay Jew in certain areas of Bradford would not be a very nice position to be in, being an upper middle class, gay Jewish person in central London did not mean you were worse off than the average working class lad from Bradford. Then intersectionalism went all wrong.