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  1. Indeed, there is not practical point. The UK will have to accept the EMA entirely regardless.
  2. Our main resident Corbynista and Turing test failure is notably absent.
  3. Presumably, the no deal paradise would be to unilaterally allow full access to our markets to everyone.
  4. The amendment would have been almost the stupidest option out there. It implies an even stupider one looks likely, that is a no deal (though I might be giving too much credit).
  5. The stupidity of thinking that leaving the EMA means we will not have to follow their legislation is head against wall, batshit crazy for what it is worth.
  6. The addendum does seem daft. Experience suggests that it probably is daft. The only explanation for it to my mind is if to the Remain camp it seems that Leave have the power to force a no-deal and trash the economy - and really, really want to do that.
  7. We are coming to a point of having to choose between a no deal brexit of a soft brexit. The no deal Brexit appears to be economically terrible, a soft brexit seems to be a worse deal than now. As a Remainer, that seems expected, it was what was voted for at the referendum. To many Leave voters, this situation (which was predicted) seems a surprise.
  8. Bob8

    Tommy Robinson

    There is a type of politics that is starting to make a little sense to me. We see it on here with the biggest Trump fans claiming things that they know not to be true and being offended at the idea that their making things up is not respected. It is because it is their emotions and feelings. To them, there is a clear way that the world should be. At there are evil outside influences attacking it. They are the proud defenders of how things are and the uncorrupted people from the evil elites/lizard people. Anyone who seeks to deny that, is either elite of brain washed. With that, the claims that are clearly untrue make a little sense. The big story is society being corrupted. As they do not believe is social causes, it must be people being corrupted. Decent, uncorrupted people will want to fight this, which fits with our resident Trump fan and Steve Bannon. It does not fit with reality, but it is about them being really upset.
  9. Bob8


    Who said it should be a closed shop? Or do you mean they disagreed with you on how teams should be selected for Super League?
  10. Bob8


    The people whom Dosteovsky wrote wrote about in 'Notes from the Underground' (I like the Danish tranlation of the book: "The cellar people") are a more active political group and have been motivated by the Alt-right/Russian state. That is impressive. That spread is wide in geography, but it still for the most part that angry, irrational group.
  11. I would disagree. Mick Gledhill certainly felt that Brexit would be a boost for British working class workers. Not the building of a new utopia, just workers being better off. Saintslass feels bitterly let down, when things seemed to work out as they almost inevitably woudl for us.
  12. Bob8


    You think so? Russia is punching a little above its weight, on the back of some very stable leadership. I do not see it as a historical turning point (beyond history constantly turning).
  13. There are world burners on both sides. They are also the only strong negotiation weapon that May has in negotiation with Europe (as the Brexiteers will not do the job, as if they just want the world to burn). The problem might be that there are some in the EU who would happily see the UK burn pour encourager les autres.
  14. The Brexiteers seem to include two camps, amongst others: - Fantasists who believe it will be easy and everything will carry on as before but better! - Everything will fall apart and a glorious capitalist utopia built in its place. I wonder if there is something on the left too. Corbyn is clearly leaning to Brexit, perhaps he and some of his allies dream that everything will fall apart and a glorious workers utopia built in its place.
  15. Bob8

    Elon Musk

    I have not. Would you fill me in?