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  1. I can not speak on behalf of the RFL. However, I have a couple of thoughts and people may find them helpful. - Toronto is a long way from England. About five inches on a map. That is too far to expect any but a few fans to travel. - That there will not be a large number of fans travelling is actually OK.
  2. While is does give the lie to some of the BS being spoken by politicians and some of the public in the political debate, I think few would be shocked to learn that people talk BS in such forums or mindlessly spout stuff. The issue to which you elude was that many felt the highest, most powerful authority while we were in the EU was the European Parliament or council and that it should be the British people, whether directly or indirectly. Whether that indirect means is through the British Government or Parliament is not important.
  3. And who yields more influence, the EU over Germany or Germany over the EU (particularly with the UK leaving)?
  4. I have been back in the UK for a couple of weeks. Just for another month. There is no modest way of saying this, but I think you are seeing it all wrong. As discussed, Trump is not popular as a President. This is not about the direction of the USA, but about the direction of the Republican party. Trump is a bull in a china shop, who goes in and makes a mess. That is not a good trait in a President, which is why as Republican candidate (who should have been nailed on), he somehow managed to lose the popular vote to a very unpopular Democrat candidate. We also know that the Republican party leadership, very wealthy and privileged chaps, are far removed and frankly indifferent to their grass roots party. In this context Trump support makes more sense.
  5. ...or he sees it differently.
  6. The pound is now at a mighty $1.25.
  7. It is either sloppy, which is the common interpretation, or deiberate. He is getting away with stuff, while upsetting people at the same time. This is his chance to get back on all those people who made sure he never had a fair chance and had to work ten times harder than anyone else. In that light, the statement makes perfect sense.
  8. As ever, I am initially skeptical. That Perez's Toronto looks like the real deal does not make the task easier. We do not know who is behind this at at present there is nothing to suggest it is more than a pipe dream or idle speculation.
  9. I agree. I am "no fan of" the Tory Government, but this seems a good occasion to be discrete.
  10. Saintslass may be dodging answering, but it seems Theresa May will: If this happens, Game Caller and Saintslass would indeed be vindicated.
  11. Regarding Trump, he is not handling the media well as he is very thin skinned. The Russian story was not a new one, had he stated the allegations are serious, but not proven, he will personally ensure a full investigation is made. Then the story would have died. Instead he took it personally and insisted it could not possibly be true and the story blew up. Had he acknowledged there were fewer than for Obama, but insisted he was deeply humbled and thankful that so many did turn up, there would be no story. Then he could also acknowledge that more people had watched on TV than ever before. Insisting there there were more there has the opposite effect.
  12. My two bedroom apartment costs more than some of them.
  13. A very reasonable point. Thank you. Which major party, if any, would you consider likely to bring the country away from being based on the financial services sector and to be less centralized around London?
  14. Your recollection of the Blair period contradicts what I hear from my family who worked in the NHS. I have heard from them (and they are not politically minded) tha tafter 1997, the NHS was able to recover from severe underfunding.
  15. Am I to take it from that, you were not concerned for the NHS under Cameron?