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  1. The Culture Wars

    I disagree. He is daming the social sciences quite rightly. That is rather wonk-ish and academic. He is clearly not alt-right, but it is expecting too much of people's intellectual imagination to expect them to understand it is an attack on the academic understanding of white privilage rather than suggesting racism is made up. It is obvious to you, but I think most of the loud people in the USA or Australia would be inclined to confusion on it too. That many of his supporters assume he is alt-right also tie in with that. Again, this is also a storm in a teacup.
  2. The Culture Wars

    Out of interest, I wondered what The Guardian made of it all: They do not seem to see him as a demon. Listening to more of him, I understand why he is controversial. Social sciences are pretty worthless and have little more right to put science in their title. His rant appears to be aimed at the pseudo-sciences, which I very much agree with him. That said, when he pillories "white privilage", people are going to hear that as "there is no racism in the USA from white people", which is clearly not what he states (and is the opposite of what he states on several occasions).
  3. The Culture Wars

    I only visit the UK. I live in Denmark, where the double think is less and otherwise lived in California where the issues are actually truer. I can certainly be disconnected.
  4. The Culture Wars

    To go back to being woolly, I suspect much is where you get the arguments from. It is also more socially acceptable to be unthinkingly left rather than right. A feminist not being able to accept nuance in an argument has led to them being annoying, a racist not being open minded led to Jim Crow and tarring and feathering (I use the USA, as that is where we import these debates from). So, we should discount the un-listening SJW's, but also we have dismissed Nazis. This social acceptability means, I suspect, that the right are more circumspect. When they are "But we are not allowed to say that", about something they have evidently been allowed to say, they mean it.More often they will say "I find it concerning that we are not considering people of some races should be allowed to choose for themselves.....". That leaves us with left wing intellectuals and conservative intellectuals. Peterson himself is fairly progressive in many ways, he just has a manner that I can imagine would get many women defensive. I do not find his views misogynist, but were he discussing almost anything else - I would suspect him of it. For myself, I do not see much of any of this. It is almost as far removed from my life as a fervent traditionalist vs fervent expansionist debate is for more normal people.
  5. The Culture Wars

    @Bowes! I shall try and summon him.....
  6. The Culture Wars

    I must say my experience of the debates on this forum is often the opposite. Bowes is very welcome for providing an alternative view in a rational manner as it is very rare. There is a difference in the main forum between those who will ask Why and those who only ask What, Who and Where (and assume rugby league gets big in ceratin towns because of the inate spirit of the people there).
  7. Success in North America

    Yes. It would be stupid if the RFL were to turn down an offer of help or a set-up like that running a club in the UK. We will have to accept that will not happen.
  8. Success in North America

    It is not hostility. It is bewilderment. The 1970's were a time when local entertainment had a better chance, but "let's see semi-pro's play an alien sport" is not going to get people excited or generate commercial interest. Soccer is the only sport in the UK that has a properous second flight.
  9. Success in North America

    Why? Is that going to be a big thing in the 1970's? Is it something for which sponsors and media will be keen to throw money at?
  10. Grease Egg yolk Tomatoes salts
  11. Toronto

    As opposed to when they are not? When does that happen?
  12. Perspective
  13. I read Fire and the Fury. I did not intend to, but I was in an airport. It was read in a day. The revelations would be huge, were it not all pretty obvious. Bannon is a true believer, who wants to wind the left up. Trump just wants to be loved and does not understand why that does not happen. The out-and-out collusion with the election seems to be treated as unlikely as Putin did not think they were up to it and because Putin was right. Trumps sons would have met with Russians claiming to have info as they are dim and want to impress Dad. That means the fear of Ivanka is that the investigation finds the money laundering, which is not really a secret.
  14. The Culture Wars

    Very happy to stand corrected!
  15. I was sat next to my girlfriend on the tube when this incredibly beautiful Thai woman sat down opposite and started sucking on a lollipop. I just kept repeating to myself "don't get an erection, don't get an erection" But she did.