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  1. After two years I find them reasonable. They only apply to dishonest arguments, not to people.
  2. So you read the post! That will save a lot of time!
  3. I will direct you to point 1.....
  4. There is doubt as there has been much debate on the very issue. I am surprised you didn’t notice.
  5. Indeed. I would like to draw @JohnM‘s attention to point 1 below. This was because of a Remainer, but it is true and previously explained.
  6. This alternative would be interesting actually. Is it available anywhere?
  7. One wonders what the ERG do. They announced they would release a plan. How about
  8. I would suggest that no-one else has come up with a detailed alternative that has a reasonable chance of being accepted. I accept we disagree on this.
  9. All the stats and my personal experience is that Trump is a liability. It is pretty obvious to most and it is actually odd that some European conservatives insist otherwise when they know it is not true. He remains the least popular President since polls began (post WW2) at this stage of the Presidency. The Republican party would be better without him.
  10. I wonder why no-one on this forum ever mentioned that before.
  11. Indeed. The last few years have been ironically good for EU unity. Having the EU remain with one of its big three would be good, not least for countries concerned about the big three becoming the big two.
  12. For those wanting a square circle brexit. With unicorns. An open border with Ireland. A closed border with the EU, with open trade and checks to stop people getting through. Single market, with our own regulations. A say in the EU, but no part of the EU.
  13. This is much more efficient!
  14. Just for you, I have added point 4.
  15. Indeed. Had Remain won, against every single version of Leave imaginable, it would have been crushing (which is why, I suspect, plans were not to be drawn up).