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  1. You are wrong to jump to conclusions as to my point. Clearly, the differences between rugby league and union are minor enough that the occasion rather than the sport is the bigger determinant of support than the game itself. If we can get thousands to a physics lecture, it can be done for rugby league.
  2. You see! Your political bias it all that is happening here. You are uppity and not accepting your betters.
  3. I am going to a lecture tonight on yeast genetics. There will be about a thousand people there. Previously, I have been to a physics lecture at which a few thousand overwhelmingly young people were paying a fortune for cocktails and having a good time. Do you think the subject matter is what attracts them, or the occasion?
  4. OK, this was going to be difficult. People lied about how hard it would be - like you Mum lying when she said veg is delicious, but the long term benefits are there. Also, we are going to be like Singapore, without all that pesky workers' rights! It will be great!
  5. Indeed. That said, it does mean that the more reasonable voices tend to disappear. Both sides made big claims in the run up to the referendum. This is a long term change, that will have a great effect on how things are done in this country, that means short to medium term uncetainty and that will shake the economy. Any big change will do that. In the long term, it could still be for the benefit (though I personally doubt it).
  6. I did not. It was a rare example of me typing correctly. It seems Woodward was an excellent MP who did his best to represent the interests of his constituants. If you find anyone with a nice word to say about Marie Rimmer, you are probably speaking with her Mum.
  7. St Helens South used to have Sean Woodward. A better example of a red Tory could not be hoped for. Now they have Marie Rimmer. Labour through and through. I defy anyone to call that progress.
  8. Neither extreme is quite true. We still have a Tory Government and in fact it has two more years. May is weaker and more vulnerable to the Brexit part that wants to take apart the NHS and welfare state, and a decent Irish border resolution is hamstrung by the alliance with the DUP.
  9. While I generally post on this thread to balance out the echo-chamber, I am struggling. That we apparently have the upperhand and are also being bullied is just confusing. I believe I also brought up the Singpore option on a previous incarnation of this thread and it was dismissed.
  10. Here's a Thought

    As no-one here believes in a flat Earth, it is not a debate worth having. If you are gullible, you will be aware over time that people fool you regularly. All the time. Either: - You are unusually stupid and gullible - You are onto the big dishonesty and everyone else is to naive As it is not nice to think that you are stupid and sometimes almost everyone is stupid on many issues, the second option is very tempting.
  11. Kevin Rudd was involved a long time ago before any of this business. His role was blameless.
  12. Yes. Obviously. Are you new to politics? (IDS might be an exception)
  13. Indeed. But people had a choice in whom to believe.
  14. Here's a Thought

    Imagine you have a newspaper to fill. You have to satisfy the owner and the readers, both of whom have ready pre-conceived notions. You have to complete this task everyday. That is why journalism is as it is. If your mate can provide you with a few thousand words, you will be grateful. I accept what you say though. I assume you believe in evolution rather than creationism. Were I to ask you why, you might talk about science, but as you have never been a scientific researcher in an applicable field, the reason why you agree with it comes down to; - The people you trust support it - People of your background support it as a default. The reason people believe in creationism is: - The people they trust support it - People of their background support it as a default. Brains and critical thought do not come into it to a great extent, but the side that are right by coincidence (evolutionists) are vey keen on the idea that they are smarter. We see something similar with Brexit. Age and background predict whom you support very well. If these are the main things, it overrides ability to think. Yet, there are many Remain supporters who are happy to credit themselves with just being smarter. We cannot question everyone and everything. The mental demands would be overwhelming. Instead, we tend to be selective in what we believe. In 2000, it was not the hardcore rugby union fans who believed that rugby league no longer existed, it was the casual observer who was not really into sport. We do not question the things that do not really concern us. Equally, the other danger is when we have only one source of information, we tend to trust it. There is the saying, "A man with a watch knows the time, a man with two is never sure". Wikipedia is far better than the Encyclopedia Brittanica as not only is it more accurate, but it is less trusted. I assume you believe that the capital of Italy is Rome. You believe that because everyone has told you. Were you very gullible, you would realize you are being tricked all the time and conspiracy theories start to become appealing.
  15. I have some sympathy with Brexiters who argue that this was obvious before the vote, other than those who were asserting that it definately would not happen. AlexAndreou is being overdramatic on Twitter. This was known pre-referendum. I discussed it myself on this board. The obvious route to save money on medicinal regulation is to accept all the EMA rules and decisions unquestioninly. Obviously, this is the opposite of taking back control, but would reduce red tape and cost as opposed to expanding both massively. It is a huge disadvantage to the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. But, some things are bound to change and the biotech and pharma industries were bound to suffer (which is annoying on a personal level).