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  1. I can say that I have seen any. That said, it is a small sample.
  2. Norway are not in the EU. This is not difficult.
  3. Norway is not in the EU, so your post is false. The referendum question was, not as you suggest, it was: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
  4. Kiyan just writes thing, they so not relate to reality.
  5. While links between the DUP and terrorism were widely accepted by everyone, this stopped once the coalition was formed and people who had thought it was obvious now think the suggestion is ludicrous. They also think they should have intellectual respect and they are capable in independent thought.
  6. The referendum was on whether to leave the EU. The result was in favour of leaving the EU, though by a narrow margin. That gives the decision to leave the EU, but not for any more than that. The referendum decision if stuck to would give a Norway deal. To suggest anymore than that from the referencum result is either dishonest is misguided. This is not to say the debate cannot be had, but that the May deal goes even further than the consensous of the referendum, and wanting even more has not democratic basis from the referendum.
  7. It would. But, that does not seem to be the way it worked out. While wanting out of the EU because you do not like Middle East people is not rational or thought through, it did not seem to be uncommon. What I refer to as the Johnoco argument is that the EU is going to collapse, economic forces are trying to overcome cultural forces and that will end in disaster. In that case, it is worth taking a short term hit, rather like Alexander Selkirk deciding it was beat not to stay on a ship about to sink. In that case, the talk of finding a way and accepting sacrifice makes sense. The other Leave argument, and the louder one, was that we would soon be wealthier and more powerful than we were in the EU. That seems at best questionable to me. For those who said we would be much better off, that they are now saying it will not be worse than the blitz and there will be adequate food is a dramatic change they should acknowledge. It also does undermine their argument (though not the former argument).
  8. Arrived back from Spain and had an old friend and then my parents arrived. Beer, but no exercise yesterday. I will be back on it today.
  9. It is the nature of forums that we do not tend to see quiet agreement, nor that disagreement is on the issue and not personal.
  10. I agree. The result of the referendum still has credibility. If there is a referendum called, it should be about the type of Leave. Where the 37% is relevent is when many of the more idiotic Leavers start to refer to their own views as "The people". The result is for Leave, but narrowly and leaving the EU for EFTA would fit the referendum best. Both parts of that are undermined if people demand either that we Remain or No Deal.
  11. I can believe the first bit. Just as some these is truth in the suggestion that some Remainers out there do think they are smarter, there are Leavers who hold themselves to be morally superior, the latter part might be like that too.
  12. Then he was very stupid as all the polls said it would be close.
  13. Certainly, to me, it seems Corbyn is too cowardly to commit to a solid position. That looks weak and I am sure it looks that way to others too.
  14. I am a moderate on the issue overall. That many on the Leave side are producing arguments that are dishonest and stupid sometimes leads me to seem very one-sided. An example of this is the insistance that anyone voting Remain must have thought that the EU is perfect. That assertion would avoid having to do a comparison of the options. It is also complete nonsense.
  15. Again, no-one actually said that all Leave voters were racist. It was a case of a poster making up that it had been said, but it was evidently untrue.