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  1. I said it was a lie. It was. If it were not a lie, then I should apologise, as lying about someone is wrong. The appropriate thing to do, if it had been a lie, would be to apologise, accept the fact and move on. Were I to act high and mighty and complain that my lie had been noticed, I imagine that would be considered childish. Possibly, we have been brought up differently.
  2. No-one on this board claims that everyone voting Leave is a racist. That is a lie.
  3. To be fair to Martyn, I think he was answering someone else other than the person he quoted as the two to not go together.
  4. Genius. Well done. They do not have to fool everyone for it to work.
  5. We disagree on whether being outraged and stroppy is effective at improving things. You proclaim your greatness by it, I think it idiotic and childish.
  6. You are an idiot by choice. We actually agree on a lot. The anti-semitism row in the Tory party reflects that posh people regard Josh and Daniel as equals, so suggesting they are no better than Liam and Hamed equates to anti-semitism in there eyes. Your problem is you get outraged and think you are a genius for spotting that. You are not. You have to accept that is reality and go from there. There are people here who have done rubbish grim work to try and improve things in areas. In contrast, your pontificating and posing amounts to ###### all.
  7. The most irrational thing is to think you are naturally rational. It takes work and is uncomfortable. It also means you can take into account how it affects your views. It will always be imperfect, but we see the danger of not bothering. There are a few people on this forum who can cite their own errors and wrong predictions.
  8. I think it shows that you would consider yourself responsible for the result rather than the righteousness of the cause. It is obviously one factor of many.
  9. On this last point, I also have considered this. I would suggest that in the UK, it is notable they are more likely to disbelieve climate change, but at the same time think that creationism is stupid. There was a discussion on the Jihadi Bride thread, in which there was also an overlap with doing what would help ISIS and such terrorists, but make them feel better. Of course, we all make judgements subject to emotion. We have to be aware of that or we will make terrible judgements. Those most vulnerable are those who think they are utterly rational, while not seeing any responsibility. Climate change does not suit their world outlook so reality is wrong. Sticking to the law undermines terrorism, but is annoying, therefore that can’t be true. New trends after thirty-five are uncomfortable. So it could be getting older, but it is easier to think reality is not as you see it. Thinking you are far more rational than you actually are and moreso than everyone else does lead smart people into this pit. It is notable that wrong predictions are never informative, as it would suggest fallibility.
  10. Struggling is the important bit.
  11. You don’t have any evidence of your assertion. Again. You made it up. Again. Then you rant about false news and continue to lie.
  12. Bob8

    The Culture Wars

    The idea that there is unconscious racism is not a new idea. Nor is it a conservative one rather than a liberal one. I find that assumption peculiar.
  13. I am far better off for seeing it coming. I assume you will be eager to take my word?
  14. Yes. Even I was far better off for seeing it coming. It is amazing how some on the board never consider their own past records.
  15. The argument method they are using is to be incredibly stupid, until you say they are stupid. They then claim the moral high ground. Ironically, it actually is stupid.