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  1. The issue is happening further down the leagues too, but with less publicity.
  2. Clearly. I do not believe the Republicans or Conservatives of my acquaintance have changed their views.
  3. My Facebook feed is usually fairly polically mixed. At the moment, it is solidly left, with the Trump voters also being very quiet. I believe this signifies nothing.
  4. The population of the Cook Islands is 14,000. So, no.
  5. I just made 5kg of asparagus soup. I am typing this on an Apple computer.
  6. Nostalgia is no passing fad.
  7. There is a young lad seeing his version of the golden days. In twenty years time, he will miss the days when there were legends like Klitschko and Joshua.
  8. I think we might drastically overestimate how much attention floating voters pay to these things. For it to get through to a typical floating voter, it probably has to bring you to vomiting point.
  9. One trend, as well as the Labour vote becoming younger, is that it is becoming more female. There was a time when men tended to vote Labour and women Tory. This seems more in line with the USA, where there is the older, male party (R) and the younger, female party (D). The EU referendum was split along lines that reminded me of US politics and it could be a trend.
  10. Something very dramatic would have to happen for it to be anything but a landslide. And even if Labour do so well that it is only a clear defeat and majority Conservative Government, it makes little difference.
  11. I am taken aback by how my Facebook feed, which usually has a fair mix of left and right wing views, has suddenly become a Labour party campaign stream. I am actually rather impressed. Again, I imagine this will affect the under 35's most.
  12. It has been my experience more so in private companies than in Universities. My experience in Oxford industry was that a working class lad excelling in his role was seen as a perfect fit, whereas a posh person excelling in their role was seen as perfect for promotion. Oxford University was strange. Frighteningly for all sorts of reasons, within a week or two, I seemed to be accepted into the Oxford academia party circle (most locals assumed I was working at Rover or as a bus driver), but they were incredibly Ivory Tower - but only through circumstance rather than willfully.
  13. And, even if they all voted, under 40's are still a minority of voters, even if they are half the population.