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  1. When I look back at previous failed expansion attempts, some were stupid at the time, others were only bad approaches in hindsight. The fact is the quality of product is not a big factor in popularity. Most people who say they enjoy a beer largely enjoy the beer they do from a mixture of marketing it to them and people they associate drinking it. Ten years ago, Danes were convinced the only reason I preferred ale to lager was that I knew nothing about beer and had not tried Carlsberg yet. If you ask people what they want in a restaurant, quality of feed will be what most people put first, but in fact it seems service and atmosphere are more important. The same is true in sport, but we could be excused for not knowing that. I suspect we have learnt that showing the sport regardless of context will not get that many excited, but the same is true of food, wine, or pretty much any other product. In 2000, there was an understanding to many in the media that rugby league was an irritant that should disappear. It seemed fair enough to blame that and the time pre-'95 for our woes. It turns out that is not the case. It also turns out that Danes are now drinking huge amounts of ale, sneering at Carlsberg and claiming that ale is best in Denmark. The right code won in the end, but it took being presented in a way we might not like for that to happen.
  2. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I used to eat loads of them while I was living in California now. But, I live in Europe now, so I do not.
  3. Particularly not internet forums.
  4. I cannot understand why the Dutch are not bidding for Super League. It is the obvious place for rugby league.
  5. Apparently, according to the website he is featured on, "As Chief Economist of Policy Exchange from 2009-10 he produced what the BBC has described as the "essential theory" behind the Coalition's initial deficit reduction strategy. " How did that strategy work out?
  6. This blog is now six years old and still topical.
  7. As the infastructure is not being built on our EU borders either in Ireland or at ports, it is clear there is no actual intent of having hard borders. Which means the Government are planning a soft Brexit, but are saying otherwise to maintain support for hard brexit fans.
  8. Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter: I remember what Mum said on her death bed. She said to me: "Del," she said, "please give little Rodney all the encouragement that you can. Never, Del, never hold him back." Rodney Trotter: She didn't half say a lot on her death bed, didn't she? Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter: What? Rodney Trotter: Whatever the subject is, Mum had something to say about it on her death bed. She must have spent her final few hours in this mortal realm doing nothing but rabbiting! Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter: You are walking a bleeding tightrope here, Rodney! Rodney Trotter: No, hang on! Right, you remember last week we were having a row about whose turn it was to go down the chippy, yeah? And you claimed that Mum said on her death bed: "Send Rodney for the fish!" Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter: Yeah well, I'd had a few, hadn't I? I remember this scene often in Brexit. It is amazing how many very specific things the British people voted for in the referendum.
  9. I read an article in The Economist that said it was like a football match where both sides were wondering how they were not thrashing the other lot 6-0.
  10. Labour did far better than I expected. They still came second to this lot. That is pretty poor and a desperate situation.
  11. Perez.

    Why are you bothering?