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  1. alright, man.... I get it. Hipster is passé and you are looking beyond that. You still typed that post on a typewriter though. In a Temple Coffee shop*. *You other forumites would not know it, as it is a California chain.
  2. It is rarely I get to agree with Derwent at all, and even more rare to agree with him and Just Browny on the same thread. Anything that is an obscure meat product that you have to get from a butcher rather than Aldi is 'Artisanal' and therefore makes you a hipster. In fact, you would be almost as hipster as Phil. Derwent has shown how this thread should be done.
  3. I think you are right. Parky has set up another sock puppet account, which rather undermines his assertions to be posting in good faith. Man of Kent seems to post on here solely to support Parksider's assertions.
  4. They make a black pudding in Denmark. If you imagine black pudding, but with no flavour, then you have it.
  5. My sister (based in Australia) bought my Mum a bread maker. I do not know why. When my sister visited, she checked out the breadmaker in the kitchen and was perturbed to find my Mum used it to store carrier bags. My Mum's defence that it was really useful for storing carrier bags did not win my sister over.
  6. That would be a fair assessment if the Government had fought off a spurious charge and won. Instead, the Government wanted to do things differently and for no apparent reason to bypass Parliament. I find the last few pages of this thread a little dull, as it has been very one sided. But, the Government has been terrible. Since 2008, most of Europe has had a peaceful time of steadily recovering and unprecedented prosperity. The UK on the other hand has: - Almost lost Scotland - Has wages lower in real terms than ten years ago - Farcically left the EU Much as the one-sideness of this forum means I have been taking less interest, the Conservatives have had incredible good fortune in their timing. The last ten years should have been a time of peaceful, steady improvement, but what a mess it has been.
  7. Strange things that foreigners are impressed by includes hazlet in my experience
  8. That could be uncool or achingly hip.
  9. Cod

    I am seeing a Finnish lady at the moment.
  10. Very well, let us not not upsetting the apple cart immediately and directly.
  11. I sympathise with that view point. Clearly, a successful North American league without upsetting the apple cart would be best for several clubs in England. There is little evidence to suggest such an approach would work. PRORugby was a failure when it came to launching a complete professional league in North American a few years ago. It could be argued that the clubs were not that well set up and run, but that another reason. Putting together a good management team for one club is hugely difficult, putting together several is pretty much impossible. Albeit a few years ago, we saw the NFL try to set up a European league. It was not a great success and instead it is looking at repeating it again, they are instead looking at having a team set up in a European city and compete across the Atlantic. In some ways, I think successful expansion team, at amateur or professional level is actually very easy. - 1. You put together a management team of bright and determined people with the capacity to get things done, - 2. Make sure no-one is going to ruin it all. - 3. Ensure that area has a customer base of affluent people not strongly aligned to a specific sport already (e.g. not Bridgend). - 4. Market to whatever that customer base want, regardless of rugby league tradition What makes it difficult is that it is difficult to fulfill tasks 1 and 2, meaning that 3 and 4 do not happen. To set up an entire league is another matter.
  12. One of the few upsides I could predict for Brexit was that house prices would stop inflating or even decrease. It might be happening: This drop is in London, but it seems tome that the nature of the British economy is that these effects ripple out. Of course, that does not make them more affordable it wages are moving up sufficiently.
  13. You know your Danish names! He is the man.
  14. Indeed. I am quite taken aback by some of the arrogance of MMA fans, who, after all just watch. It is typical of the obliviousness of people who do not really understand their own sport. The truth is, if it was a "real" fight, it would not be hand to hand, they would find the nearest object to use as a weapon. This is not real fighting, it is sport.