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  1. Speaking to a friend of his, he sees his goal of being leader of the Conservative party is not far off. He believes the Tory party will need a Leave leader prepared to bend the rules a little.
  2. Glad to hear it! Well done. It many ways, it is far easier than is imagined. In other ways far harded. Half a dozen smart, available people is enough to start something bit. However, that is rare. Having just over one person available keeps things going, when no-one is available and dedicated, it does off. Mum's are a great force, but have been compared to wild mustangs! Once they get going, you cannot control them! The latest craft beer scene really offers a great chance to clubs in new areas. An open air beer festival for their brewery is a great promotional device, a beer festival featuring a rugby league match (all the better where rugby league is unknown and goes with the alternative image), it attracts plenty of people who would not normally turn up.
  3. Sport is changing. In Scandinavia and in the USA, I think we can see where sport in heading. I suspect we will see adult participation plummet while low entry, casual sports have a slight rise (firsbee, etc). Players will say they want to play every week, but only turn up periodically. The solution is to accept reality. Make games based around spectators (players turn yp to games that are every few weeks and have crowds) rather than the needs of players. More emphasis on community involvement.
  4. A handful of capable volunteers with time is enough to expand the game to pretty much anywhere. Unfortunately, that is very rare. There is no innate appetite anywhere. How the games spreads is by working out what people do want and using the game as a vehicle for that. Starting with trying to rely on the inherent appeal of the game results in failure whether it be Swaziland or Swinton.
  5. Ignore them, Phil. They are just not as cutting edge. They are so mainstream.
  6. Thank God! It would have been plain disrespectful to stop the tradition of misspelling his name!
  7. That is often the problem. As soon as something starts to work, someone comes along and changes it to something that is more realistic in their opinion because it worked forty years ago. And buggers it all up.
  8. alright, man.... I get it. Hipster is passé and you are looking beyond that. You still typed that post on a typewriter though. In a Temple Coffee shop*. *You other forumites would not know it, as it is a California chain.
  9. It is rarely I get to agree with Derwent at all, and even more rare to agree with him and Just Browny on the same thread. Anything that is an obscure meat product that you have to get from a butcher rather than Aldi is 'Artisanal' and therefore makes you a hipster. In fact, you would be almost as hipster as Phil. Derwent has shown how this thread should be done.
  10. I think you are right. Parky has set up another sock puppet account, which rather undermines his assertions to be posting in good faith. Man of Kent seems to post on here solely to support Parksider's assertions.
  11. They make a black pudding in Denmark. If you imagine black pudding, but with no flavour, then you have it.
  12. My sister (based in Australia) bought my Mum a bread maker. I do not know why. When my sister visited, she checked out the breadmaker in the kitchen and was perturbed to find my Mum used it to store carrier bags. My Mum's defence that it was really useful for storing carrier bags did not win my sister over.
  13. That would be a fair assessment if the Government had fought off a spurious charge and won. Instead, the Government wanted to do things differently and for no apparent reason to bypass Parliament. I find the last few pages of this thread a little dull, as it has been very one sided. But, the Government has been terrible. Since 2008, most of Europe has had a peaceful time of steadily recovering and unprecedented prosperity. The UK on the other hand has: - Almost lost Scotland - Has wages lower in real terms than ten years ago - Farcically left the EU Much as the one-sideness of this forum means I have been taking less interest, the Conservatives have had incredible good fortune in their timing. The last ten years should have been a time of peaceful, steady improvement, but what a mess it has been.