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  1. The Culture Wars

    Fine. As I say, to me he won and was very resonable with questioning that often went into stupid. I can also understand why it would not be seen that way by others.
  2. The Culture Wars

    I had not come across him before, but rather liked him. That said, I am not put off by his demeanour. He seems very academic and abrupt. Fine with me, but perhaps not to a non-academic or to some women. He might remind many women of misogynistic men. Also, the scientist in me soon found her annoying. Discussing the pay gap, she was implying that is was just sex and applied generally, then criticised him for making generalisations.
  3. The Culture Wars

    Would you have a link to this interview? I am going to muddy myself by viewing it.
  4. Toronto

    The Leigh fans think everyone is picking on them! You two clubs make a lovely couple
  5. I can accept that is your opinion, but to suggest the factors MD lists had no effect requires a little more evidence than your opinion.
  6. Why not? It was close? I struggle to see why you are so obstinant on this rather banal point.
  7. Indeed. Many Republicans know that the party leadership hold them in contempt. That is why Trump became popular with the grassroots by insulting the elite. The best way to run a one-party state is to have two parties. It gives a veneer of democracy. Maximus is being utterly reasonable. Clinton was predicted to get the most votes and she did. She lost out on the eletoral college, which is why having the RNC working for Trump was vital (or the Breitbart version is that Trump studied hard and worked it out, but I suspect only the gullible would go with that).
  8. Toronto

    To be fair, people are hardly lauding Vickers.
  9. I know you are! I said you are! So what am I!
  10. Indeed. In this example, the UK had the potential to move from being Barcelona to Madrid though.
  11. Disaster? No. We will be less globally influential, the EU will be dominated by the Big 2 rather than the Big 3. The UK will lose out on being very powerful in a few decades when it would have been number 1 in the EU. The UK is likely to revolve even more around the needs of London and the wealthiest. But, the UK will also carry on.
  12. Toronto

    True. It could mean that all three have decided to walk out on their contracts just before the season and TWP are OK with that. It does seem unlikely. That would generally be described as accepting their departure and releasing them from their contract.
  13. Toronto

    Mutual consent means that they do not have the contract paid out. It also means that there does not have to be a case in which their dismissal is justified by the reasons for dismissal do not have to be publicised. So, it is a sacking.
  14. Toronto

    I have been used to following a team with a misbehaving but brilliant player and being downhearted when we got rid. It was always for the best.