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  1. I would have put this on the Positive thread, so it goes here instead: House prices stop rocketing up in price. Perhaps a positive effect of financial uncertainty.
  2. Saintslass has made the point that it is hypocritical for people who complained about the economy being based around bankers to complain when they leave. Ideally, you would base the economy around something else, then they would leave after that.
  3. No. I am not convinced he is as stupid as he is making out.
  4. You will be pleased to know I already replied to your post.
  5. Really? You will recall the vote was 48.1% vs 51.9%. You really are being silly in how one-eyed you are being. You are free to be one-eyed, but do not expect people to take you seriously.
  6. The first I was aware of expectations that Sturgeon would have a veto is when it was raised by Theresa May. At the time, I thought it a purely political invention and was quite impressed: As for her refusing to co-operate in any way, unless she gets what she wants......excuse me, you can criticise her and May or neither. They are both behaving in a comparable manner. I am sure there are many in the EU who feel that May is being "petulant, uncooperative and disruptive". I think May is being politically pragmatic. I think the same about Sturgeon. To argue the two contrast required one to be rather one-eyed.
  7. Up to the bolded part, I thought your post very reasonable. References to "Herr Sturgeon" show that up a bit. The UK has every right to leave the EU. Scotland has every right to leave the UK. I accept both of these, as I am not a moaner. The large majority accept that we are leaving the EU, including the majority of people who supported Remain. Leaving the single market (assuming it is more than hot air) was not part of what was voted on as far as most high profile Leave leaders' public pronouncements were concerned, so is separate from accepting the vote. While some (not myself) thought it wa inevitable, that was considered 'Project Fear' by many. I understand why she is adopting this approach, but it is to do with internatl party politics.
  8. I am going to refute that, just as soon as I have finished beating up a Leaver over here. And crying about it.
  9. If the petulant toddler is the one that has the power, it is a good idea to mollilfy it. Am I really more cynical than everyone?
  10. I am not sure arrogance comes in to it, from either side. The people have had their say, they will not get it on issues that risk dividing the Tory party, when the whole point was to unify that party. Clearly, the 52% had different ideas of what they were voting for, but the people and their opinion is no longer a major issue.
  11. You are not entering into the new era of freedom in the right spirit, Craig. My Dad voted Leave, everyone else in the family was Remain. As we are a spread out family, everyone in the family who did not already have an Irish passport is getting one, other than my Dad who is complaining that he is being surrounded by Fenians. “Democracy has spoken!”, I tell him – “…the British people have spoken and demand your family become Fenian." I am quite enjoying it all.
  12. Another aspect, is despite UKIP being awkward for the Labour party, they could be very awkward long term for the Conservative party. Generally, the working class, nationalist parties tend in Europe tend to take more votes from the right than the left. I had expected a fairly soft Brexit prompting a resurgence of UKIP. By going well past what had been talked about, it would unite the Conservative party and undermine UKIP.
  13. I am part of that bunch. I am not crying too much and I am only bullying and hectoring as much as I usually do.
  14. Surely, in terms of interpreting her actions, it makes far more sense. To put another gloss on it, she inherited chaos and is bringing stability. Stabilizing the Government is an important part of that.
  15. Margaret Thatcher would happily watch the world burn for political caprice. I do not see anything to miss there. Her power base is depends on solidifying her position as leader of the Parliamentary Conservative party. The opposition being weak mean that Conservative MP's do not have to unite together. However, some of them are solidly anti-Europe and others have constituency associations who are overwhelmingly pro-Leave. As the Labour party is in disarray, it is the Conservative party she has to worry about. A stronger Labour party would actually give her more cause for hesitation rather than less.