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  1. Despite the sarcasm, I do see one way in which the USA might give the UK a great deal and that would be if there was influence that wanted to see the weakening of the EU and further inducement for other countries to break away.
  2. Do you expect the pound to rebound in value once this becomes clear?
  3. Trump will be open, fair and generous with post-Brexit Britain!
  4. I agree. The Norwegian model is a terrible one, they have to contribute, abide by EU rules and get nothing out. Despite it being suggested as a wonderful option in the lead-up to the referendum.
  5. Trojan and Saintslass read other media, like yourself. I hold all three of you in equal respect when it comes to critical thinking.
  6. It would make sense for his first trip abroad to be China or Russia. That is not the issue in the least. Please, try thinking rather than just swallowing what RT says, that does not make you any different from people who simply believe whatever the BBC says.
  7. The point of the referendum was to heal a Tory party split when the Tory party was the basis of Cameron's support. At the moment, May has a similar task and the best way to stop EU membership being an issue of contention is to leave the EU with a hard Brexit.
  8. If you think that Putin meeting Trump would be the big issue then you are missing the point.
  9. I agree. The stuff against Clinton that is true is not worse than a typical politician and the stuff that is worse is not true. However, that does not matter. They have been gunning at her for twenty years and while it might be unfair, much of it stuck and made her a bad choice for candidate.
  10. There is a strong belief that not having a gun will make you more vulnerable to a mass shooting and it is the responsibility of the goodies to have them. Trump is incredibly unpopular. Clinton is also incredibly unpopular and she still managed to beat him in the popular vote after eight years of Democrat presidency.
  11. I disagree. Most people who voted Leave will still be optimistic of May bringing the Brexit they had in mind. In a year or two, it will be more interesting IMO.
  12. Without the EU, just leaving doe snot seem exciting. How about a vision? If we unilaterally drop all tariffs, we could see some of the success that Singapore has seen. What red tape removal will see the UK triumph?
  13. A lot more expensive that where you are! Portsmouth is crowded onto an island, that makes rents go up and takes costs up with it.