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  1. These are signings to get them through the Championship. It will be next year they start signing the Super League squad.
  2. I was close to vegan in the USA (eggs were an exception), which was because I saw the body shape of men in the shower when I went to the gym. They were rather top heavy. That said, I have no firm evidence either way and I treat the UN report with some skepticism and the Adam Smith report with contempt.
  3. I am suggesting that regular leagues are nonsense. Frankly, for most amateur rugby league, they are becoming (rather than are, I know there are plenty of stupid people who pretend not to understand the difference) rather difficult. The way it seems to be is that few people are willing to play hard contact sport. Team sports are in decline. There are some things that we can do to lessen that, but it is happening anyway. So, the question is how can the sport prosper when very few people partake. And how can we get people to encourage when normal people will not do so.
  4. I was trying to clarify your point. You were saying that Belgian breweries passing their Belgian beer off as British to the Belgian market was reverse marketing?
  5. Appealing with Gordons and St Pauls beers to the Belgian market with a product you know is better than the Belgian ones? While the Belgians are very confient they have the best beer in the world, British beer does get some respect and I think that is reflected that beer would market itself as British in Belgian.
  6. Perhaps, but there was Gordons and St Pauls (I think) which both passed themselves off as British, despite being Belgian.
  7. The better butchers in Brussels were proud of selling only British lamb.
  8. The tip is to say it is 50 when 50 people are there, and 455 when no-one is there.
  9. I think we forget what the expectations were when the election was called. If we assume that Brexit is not a triumph by 2022, the election that year might be dramatic and the most important the country has known for a very long time. Possibilities include: - A Conservative Government that will slash services hugely and drop regulations everywhere to be able to afford Brexit - A Corbyn Government, that will drop Trident etc to afford Brexit - A Lib Dem party taken over by disaffected Labour MP's.
  10. This would be interesting, as farmers were promised that subsidies might be maintained in the run up to the vote. If the UK does go for the Singapore model, then the farmers will have to change dramatically.
  11. I think I know the answer. It will not be popular. It is a general phenomenon, but it is going to impact teams sports and hard contact sports most. There will be some drift to less intimidating sports, such as frisbee. So, we have to wonder how we get players to show up and get people involved. Ask players and they will say they want games every week and to play at the highest level. Do not believe them. They want games as and when it suits them and games in front of the biggest crowd. So, we have games less frequently, every few weeks. And make them events, combine them with other community events etc.
  12. Specifically, until the next election.
  13. If Oxford are doing too much on Toronto's patch, I would be very impressed.
  14. I see significant differences between Toronto and either Crusaders. There was a great debate about whether Crusaders would be good for Super League. Though a certain numpty portrays me as a one-eyed, rabid expansionist, I was against their inclusion. They had a limited commercial base, being in a small, poor town. Gateshead had their funding pulled at the last moment and I wonder how many of the M62 teams could compete in Super League if they were not given TV money. I would suggest few. This is applying the same standards to all clubs, regardless of seeing them as traditional. Neither Gateshead not Crusaders would have, nor did, attract these sorts of crowds in the third flight. Nor has any club. If a traditional club is stronger, we will see. Leeds and Wigan almost certainly are, the rest have to prove it. "A level playing field" is the normal request. Let us see if people mean it or whether it is BS.
  15. Reading between the lines, this seems to be referring to the post-Brexit appraoch of unilaterally abolishing trade barriers, allowing free immigration and slashing regulation. That is to say, the 'Singapore' approach. It is not great for working class people, terrible in fact, but it is hard to see how else things will pan out.