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  1. TBF, my point was not to support Corbyn, but to justify why I doubted there was any saviour waiting in the wings.
  2. Salford 12 Toronto 16
  3. Justin Carney sent off and Toronto score.
  4. This works in continental Europe.
  5. Salford 10 - Toronto 12, Salford conversion to come.
  6. You make reasonable point. But Parky has mislead you. Most people acknowledge there is plenty more to do, that it will be a tough task. There is not an expectation that now TWP are in CHampionship 1, that there will be six SL clubs in North America, he just made that up. Even TWP will, I think, struggle to get the players over to compete at the high end of Super League, I suspect there will be plenty of Australians used. It will be interesting to see. They have a few years, I wish them well.
  7. Toronto take the lead, 10-6 conversion to come.
  8. About 2.5K watching on this stream, and seeing an empty stadium.
  9. I think in some cases you have to start from Islam being a bad thing. If Islam is bad, then comparing kosher to halal is the same as saying that kosher is bad and you are therefore being anti-Semitic. To me, that takes a leap and of course in most cases people are just using "anti-Semitic" as a noise rather than anything else.
  10. The statement about not enough talent is idiotic enough that no-one who says it deserves to be taken seriously. Half the players will be below average, no matter how many clubs there are. However, a good viably business should be given a go, regardless of whether a RU franchise has failed in the same location.
  11. I see the misunderstanding. We do not have promotion to Championship 1.
  12. Broadly speaking, I agree with him. Though, I do not see it as anything shocking. She is doing her job. To a certain extent, there is agreement. When things get tricky, she might need those extra MP's.
  13. So, you believe that Toronto should have been put directly into Super League? Understandable, but we do not have the franchising system that you seem to prefer.
  14. It would be nice if Toronto had Canadian players, but it is not essential. It will only be essential of you are looking for reasons to complain. Still. That has not changed in the last ten pages when Parksider said it was vital as Leneghan might have once said something about Toulouse.
  15. I do not think it could be reintroduced now and I know of no campaign for it to be reintroduced.