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  1. As ever, I am initially skeptical. That Perez's Toronto looks like the real deal does not make the task easier. We do not know who is behind this at at present there is nothing to suggest it is more than a pipe dream or idle speculation.
  2. I agree. I am "no fan of" the Tory Government, but this seems a good occasion to be discrete.
  3. Saintslass may be dodging answering, but it seems Theresa May will: If this happens, Game Caller and Saintslass would indeed be vindicated.
  4. Regarding Trump, he is not handling the media well as he is very thin skinned. The Russian story was not a new one, had he stated the allegations are serious, but not proven, he will personally ensure a full investigation is made. Then the story would have died. Instead he took it personally and insisted it could not possibly be true and the story blew up. Had he acknowledged there were fewer than for Obama, but insisted he was deeply humbled and thankful that so many did turn up, there would be no story. Then he could also acknowledge that more people had watched on TV than ever before. Insisting there there were more there has the opposite effect.
  5. My two bedroom apartment costs more than some of them.
  6. A very reasonable point. Thank you. Which major party, if any, would you consider likely to bring the country away from being based on the financial services sector and to be less centralized around London?
  7. Your recollection of the Blair period contradicts what I hear from my family who worked in the NHS. I have heard from them (and they are not politically minded) tha tafter 1997, the NHS was able to recover from severe underfunding.
  8. Am I to take it from that, you were not concerned for the NHS under Cameron?
  9. Hello Saintslass, I wonder if you missed this, I would be interested in your input.
  10. Quite. The effects were terrible. However, the election of 1984 was not a myth. And, yes, the Soviet Union rather destroyed itself, but the way it turned out only seems inevitable in hindsight.
  11. Which is rather evading the question really.
  12. This shows the Brexit debate had little to do with economics. People who are pleased with Leave are happy that it is not damaging the economy very badly, whereas those who want Remain are upset that we are leaving and that they are having to pay for that fact as well. It reminds me of all the nonsense arguments about the monarchy, where the deciding factor is really whether you identify with the monarchy as representing the country you feel you belong to. If they represent patriotism to you, people tend to be monarchist, otherwise not. But it is disguised in nonsense arguments about money.
  13. It still seems ridiculous to protest in London. To whom are they protesting exactly?
  14. They are not en masse against Obamacare. However, the ACA did not tackle many of the core reasons for why healthcare is wildly expensive in the USA. I suspect another aspect is that retirees have access to some free healthcare. This means that wanting free health care when of working ages sounds like demanding a free bus pass and a pension would to our ears.
  15. There are comparisons between Reagan and Trump. Both were primarily successful as celebrities. However, Reagan was a popular candidate with the Republicans and Americans in general. Trump managed to lose the popular vote to a remarkably unpopular Democratic candidate even after eight years of Democrat Presidency and with Republicans doing well in other elections. Reagan had also previously been the Governor of California. Reagan was also a very good speaker. He was aware of appearances and had a strong sense of dignity, whereas Trump is as think skinned and petulant as a child. More ridiculous people have gone on to be great successful national leaders. May is a pragmatist. Thatcher believed in the nation, but the nation meant her people, not the people of Britain who were instead the enemy for the most part. Thatchers believed whatever she felt to be right to be clearly right, so she could take some surprising views and was not a classic dogmatist. All very different characters in my book too.