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  1. There is a political pendulum that swings either side of reality. Science is the study of reality and at the moment is seen as left wing, as politics is to the right of it. There was a time when the left wing were in the ascendancy and science was suspected of being bourgeois. The other way of measuring it is is by the most suggestible in our society. They believe in conspiracies and at the moment are on the right. When the left are in ascendancy, they will swing that way and Cookey will have a thread pointing it out to everyone.
  2. Would this not also reflect that younger people are more likely to have a degree?
  3. I think they will have to wait for next year to recruit for Super League and I do not think it will be straight forward. That said, I hope they manage it, if they can make a success of it, it would be huge for rugby league.
  4. My limited experience does not really cover areas where it was an issue. My impression is that the bigger problem is that rugby league people have a very set idea of how things should be done and for whom.
  5. Do not bother engaging. You can refute his point and he will just repeat it and claim you did not answer. The most effective marketing work is hugely overlaps with community work. The least effective is putting up billboards, radio ads and novelty acts at half time. People only cite the ineffective bits when they argue that marketing is ineffective.
  6. Toronto have a few years in which to get to the top. They have money, but not much time. If someone becomes available, they have to snap them up asap.
  7. I agree. I thought the 3x8 system was stupid at the time.
  8. Great photo! I left in 2007, so you missed this vintage.
  9. Haha!!!! Sorry, there was an old Oxford Cavaliers article from ten years ago on my Facebook feed and I am back in the mindset again.
  10. Teams have gone directly into Super League in the past. Les Catalans were the most recent. I do not have the answer on why it was not done this time, but the reasons were probably skepticism as the the viability of the club and Nigel Wood would have to risk alienating his voting base by taking a place from a lower Super League club and reducing the chance of a Championship club entering Super League. Putting them into the amateur league would make no sense as there is not promotion and relegation from those leagues. I have explained to you that Hemel and Coventry were not automatically promoted from the amateur leagues. You can check this on Wikipedia. You are quite right, Toronto and Toulouse are playing semi-pro clubs. Well done. This is very simple stuff, you can find this out for yourself and if you will bother me, at least make the effort to write clearly.
  11. They were entered into Championship 1 after applying. They were entered into Championship 1 after applying. We do not have promotion to Championship 1. That is why they were placed there. They could also have been placed in the Championship or Super League. But they were not. They did not have to play up the system, they had to show a viable plan that fitted in with what the RFL wanted. Just like Coventry and Hemel, who were entered into Championship 1 after applying.
  12. The one thing Labour can do is promise everything. They will lose, so make hay. Triple lock the pension! Be outraged at the war on pensioners! Defense, secure the funding for nuclear for the jobs it will bring, but demand that the army are properly funded to fight terrorism. Just ask the army whether they have the equipment they need! We need better immigration control? What does than mean? It means better! No tax rises for anyone earning less than 70,000 a year! The hard working middle class need a break! And a better deal on Brexit! At the very least access to the free market and no payments to leave!
  13. You think they won the NCL? They did not.
  14. TBF, my point was not to support Corbyn, but to justify why I doubted there was any saviour waiting in the wings.