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  1. I think we can take it as an indicator that the idea occasionally floated that Trump has reinvigorated and inspired much of the USA is far fetched. It does suggest that there is little evidence that the Republicans will do well in the mid-terms. Wiltshire Rhino, Trump getting elected in does not need much explanation other than things get twisted once they reach Europe. - Clinton was the least popular candidate ever, other than Trump, in the history of measuring these things. Imagine a less popular version of Diane Abbott. The young Democrat women I knew hated her. - The Republicans were by far the most popular party, winning majorities in the elections taking place at the same time as the Presidential election. In this context, it is remarkable that Trump still manged to lose the popular vote. The Republican party has an elite who regard their grassroots as trash and the grassroots know this. Trump won the nominee race by insulting the Republican party elite, but that is an internal party matter. In the Presidential race, he was an utter liability.
  2. It is understandable, but it is a terrible way to campaign against him.
  3. Laughing at someone's weight does not seem a great way to campaign for your own cause. Particularly in the USA.
  4. Conspiracy Theories

    I am not sure that is right. She mentioned her brother is and she has spoken up for God botherers, but has not said she is one. I think I am the most vocal of them.
  5. True! Even at 6'3", 240lb is pretty bloody big, we are talking over 17 stone. As he has not had a manual job and does not exercise, it is fair to assume that there is little muscle - so they are not great claims.
  6. If policy was going to be decided on whether he was 6'2" or 6'3", I would certainly want a calibrated scale!
  7. Another part of Project Fear was the idea that we would have to leave the free market.
  8. I seem to recall my height on my US license is the one I told them when they asked me. There are plenty of things worth attacking him over, this is not one.
  9. .....which tends to suggest that perhaps nothing unpredictable has happened. If we are surprised at anything, it is that the Government is less prepared that we would have expected. That feeds into the narrative that the Government are letting a wonderful opportunity slip through their fingers. As things have largely gone as would be foreseen, why would there be a mass of people ready to change their vote. We see on this board, the only person who has changed their mind is John M, who went to supporting Leave. As it is now official Tory policy, he will not be the only one. Bowes has perhaps wavered, but he is rare in that he was very clear on the specific Brexit he was after (which was the one on offer from the Leave campaign). Bowes can suspect he will get a bait and switch, but few will be as specific in what they favour and I suspect he would still vote Leave. Mich Gledhill would still vote Leave, I imagine. And still suspect it was a vote for the northern working class against a privileged elite. Saintslass would still vote Leave, I suspect Johnoco and MIAG would too. Because, nothing has changed.
  10. While I know you are joking, I managed that. I took up yoga, became an inch taller and was no longer overweight according to BMI.
  11. Conspiracy Theories

    How about dividing life into thirds. Young middle age old assuming life is 81 years, that means young: O-27 middle age: 28-55 old: 56+ I hope this helps
  12. The Culture Wars

    Yes. We heard enough about her hair-do at the time.
  13. Trump has not been this popular with the polls since May last year. It helps that the complaints against him are a little more petty.
  14. League Restructure 2019

    Surely your not accusing someone of not arguing honestly, Dave!
  15. Conspiracy Theories

    I have been to Slough a few times. I do not feel the need to go back. And that would be a lot cheaper.