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The metric system

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The fallacy of metrication being a more accurate system is just that.

A couple of French mathematicians measured out a distance between the South coast of France and Paris and made it fit to the requirements of that countries dictator Napolean!

Simply because he was obsessed with the number ten. That is fact the system does not fit totally accurately.

The Kilometre is very flawed and was fitted to requirements in its origins, rather than the other way round.

Sorry for not conforming with modernity but something that served this country adequetly and much of the rest of the world for well in excess of 1500 years and still does in yankeeland, does deserve a little better than being ridiculed in favour of what is a popularity system and European AKA modern...............................tosh.

When a gallon was such we had reasonable petrol rises and in many other spheres also, metrication was an aberation to consumers and always will be.

And; I do not have any answer to the starters question. :P

..................and don't get him going on scrummaging!!

:P :P

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I'm in my early fifties and went through all the learning of how add, subtract, etc in the imperial system before going to secondary and using metric from then on.

Kind of a waste of time but at least I'll be able to handle time travel when it's introduced!

All measurements relating to time travel are going to be imperial. It's far easier to remember that you have to get your DeLorean going 88 miles per hour than 141.622272 kilometres per hour.

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