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3 hours ago, JM2010 said:

I meant first teams of the community clubs playing against the league one reserve teams

I understood what you meant perfectly,  And by asking that question, you clearly haven't been paying attention to what has happened thus when these teams play in amateur leagues.  It has happened in the past.  They're either too strong and dominate or they're too flaky and ruin it for everybody else.  Strangely, more likely the latter.

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On 8/27/2018 at 5:01 PM, JM2010 said:

Is there anyway Hemel, West Wales, Coventry and London Skolars could run second teams in a southern league with a few strong ambitious community clubs?

West Wales ran their 1st team in Conference League South and weren't anything better than mid table. Coventry ran their second team in Conference League South and struggled, conceding some hammerings and walkovers on multiple occasions. Hemel Reserves finished bottom of London Premier this year, and Skolars Reserves finished bottom of London Merit League. 

If there is going to be a revamped Southern league, it needs to be driven by strong expansion clubs supported with travel costs, rather than treated as an afterthought by League 1 clubs IMO. 

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5 hours ago, bbfaz said:

We need to get away from this idea first and foremost.  Reserve teams further down the pyramid have consistently done no favours for anybody.  If you're in a league like the London League, reserves should be in the entry league with new teams and teams that don't have their act together.  Unfortunately, reserve teams are treated as such.  I think Skolars A had one or two decent seasons, Hemel had one brilliant one in the East and then complained it was too easy.  How can you expect teams that can't be consistent 

If you want a league with a "few strong ambitious community clubs", you need those clubs to be first teams and there needs to be some element of funding.  Even if it's just coach travel to away grounds, it's an unimaginatively massive footprint.  Even if you said "no Wales, no South West", it's still massive.

Doesn’t happen often ;) but I 100% agree with you! Well said!

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