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  1. Yeah, I sat down to watch the first half instead of getting on with some work. Very enjoyable. Looking forward to some of the pre-SL games they've dug out.
  2. I believe one of Cumbria's AM transmitters in Whitehaven was shut last year, so that might be why it's moving online only.
  3. Channel 5 have regionalionised ads and also use the same system Sky have which can target ads to you based on your own preferences - Sky AdSmart. The ads are stored in your Sky box and played out in the breaks of whatever your watching. That's probably why you're seeing a RLWC ad. The RLWC ads were playing out on various northern radio stations yesterday as well.
  4. I take your point on in game ads, but there's a lot more the AFL could do. Making room for ads in games is one of the few things the NRL could do. Of course Fox in Oz make a big sell of showing NRL and AFL games with no ads - it's their point of difference from the free to air networks. And it's with Fox that the AFL have just announced an increased TV deal. And yet when the NRL signed a deal with Fox earlier in the year, no value was mentioned, with a possible reduction. And yet, NRL consistently outrates AFL on Fox most weeks of the year. Maybe the man at the top of the NRL isn't all
  5. To be fair, the NRL have always accomodated TV. Every match in the NRL is in a seperate time slot so every game can be shown live on TV. Most weeks of the year there is only one game in the crowd popular Sunday afternoon slot. A Friday 6pm kick off was brought in at the insistance of Fox with little regard as to whether it's good for supporters. And then there's night time Grand Finals and 22 minute half time breaks during Origin games so more ads can be shown. And Channel 9 do show ads during normal matches.
  6. I always liked the old green and white striped Warrington away shirt from 1993/4 ish, so that new away shirt is good. Shame the stripes don't go to the top of the shirt though. I'm never keen on too much yellow, but the home shirt is decent as well.
  7. NZ were competitive in finals matches over a 6 year period. Agreed. To be fair though, NSW did win a series in 2014, and the series in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were decided on the last match. As for your comment 'when it mattered, the international game was more competitive' - why was that period in time the one that mattered? Because it's the one period where NZ were matching Aus in finals wins, and Qld were in the middle of their record run? That's being a bit selective isn't it? The crowd figures for games between NZ and Aus, and TV ratings for the old mid season matches suggest there
  8. After the 2008 RLWC Final up to the end of 2014, the Kiwis won 3 games - 2 of those coming at the the end of 2014 (presumably why you picked that year out). Between the start of 2009 and September 2014 they won one out of 13 games (one draw). Hardly 'getting beaten regularly'. From 2000 to 2019 the Kiwis beat the Aussies in just 9 games - that's 20% of all games between the two. From 2010 to 2019 it improved slightly as the Kiwis won 23% of games with the Aussies. Against all nations, since 2000, the Aussies have won 85% of the games they've played in. Depressingly, since 2000, GB/E
  9. The Anazc tests in May 2016 and 2017 were actually the biggest rating games of the year for Channel 9 outside of finals games and Origin. It's the end of season matches that see low ratings.
  10. Indeed. According to the always reliable Wikipedia, in 2018, 82,389 people in NZ identified as Tongans of which 75% lived in the Auckland region. Also, there's over 180,000 Samoans in NZ as well, so a succesful Samoan team has even bigger potential in NZ.
  11. True. And even then, the crowd for last years game against GB was a bit flaky. Even the 2017 RLWC QF against Lebanon in Christchurch only drew about 8000, so they're not the guaranteed sell out some suggest they are.
  12. Finance. The Tongan RL have always relied on the NZ and Aussie RL's to stage their games for them. It's highly unlikely that a game staged in Tonga would make money so until such time as the Tongans can organise their own games, or the IRL have enough money to help out, it's not going to happen. And the last I heard, the old Tongan RL body were taking the IRL to a court of arbitration over their expulsion, so it's all a bit messy really.
  13. When I read it I did think it was probably more speculation than informed insight, but who knows. If the story about Sky is true, then it may well be as you were. If Sky offer more for exclusivity, the clubs will go with the money.
  14. There was a line in this months Forty 20 about Channel 4 looking at a secondary rights package of 10 SL games a season and a weekly magazine programme.
  15. When QLD were winning 8 series in a row, NSW were still competitive and all but 3 of those series went to a decider. We, sadly, went 10 years from 1978 to 1988 without beating the Aussies once. And by the time next years RLWC rolls round, it will have been 15 years since we've beaten the Aussies in a single game. I'm 47 and I wasn't even born the last time GB or England beat the Aussies in a test series, or the last time we won the RLWC. Origin going 8 years with one side winning each series pales into comparison when you look at our record. Hope springs eternal that 2021 will be the year
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