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  1. If Atlantis broadcast on DAB they have to have a Digital Sound Programme Licence from Ofcom and so have to abide by Ofcom regulations - if it was a web only operation there would be no regulations to abide by.
  2. Fair enough, it's just I thought they would've took him over to do some pre season promo work and meets the fans, given the Wolfpacks season is due to start in a few weeks time.
  3. That's a DAB only station playing music from the 1960's. Putting aside the fact that the audience will be miniscule, it's an interesting audience to target (unless the main aim is to push the cannabis oil). Something our Canadian friends can answer, but has SBW been over to Toronto and been introduced to the Wolfpack fans and the Canadian media yet? I would've expected it to be one of the first things they'd do in the off season, but I've not seen anything about it.
  4. Who's talking the sport down? I was simply commenting on the fact that the list of players in that article could hardly be described as "some of the biggest names in world sport" as Mr Wilby refers to.
  5. Interesting. SBW signing for the Wolfpack means NY has, according to Mr Wilby, "confidence that we can legitimately have a crack at some of the biggest names in world sport". This apparently includes Benji Marshall, Todd Carney and Jamayne Isaako. Putting aside the fact that Benji will be 36 before NY even enter League 1, some of the names mentioned are hardly "some of the biggest names in world sport".
  6. Yeah, there was nothing strategic about the coming of Super League to Bridgend. It was like a lot of RL development, being basically down to the whims of individuals (in this case, Leighton Samuels). Even before the club was taken over and moved to Wrexham there were plans to move to Newport.
  7. Officially known as Cardiff City - Blue Dragons was just the nickname. . They lost 26-21 in front of 9247 at Ninian Park. As far as gates went, that was as good as it got. There followed 3 games of crowds over 3000, but after that the gates were anywhere between 500 and 1600. They did get 6484 for a Challenge Cup tie against Widnes. They finished 8th in the old Second Division. 2nd season crowds didn't get over 2000 (biggest crowd that year was 1800 against Fulham). Again they finished 8th. 3rd season saw gates fall even further. Only 3 matches got a gate over 1000 including a CC tie against Hull and they finished 11th. Then came the move to Bridgend which was a disaster. Crowds were terrible and in 84/85 they only won one match all year.
  8. Signed by the Cowboys https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/24/cowboys-sign-valentine-holmes-on-six-year-deal/
  9. So no past or present NRL or SL players will be involved, so calling it a 'World 9s' kind of confuses it with the actual World 9s that have just taken place. Probably more like the old York 9's or the Cabramatta 9's with a mix of club and international teams? The quote in the article from the Channel 9 website is a bit optimistic claiming the Samoa tournament "could be a breakthrough for league on the world stage". Still, nice to see a tournament of some description being taken to Samoa.
  10. Well done to PNG. Great day for them with the mens and womens teams winning. More reasons to look forward to 2021. There must be something about GB tours which don't involve matches in Oz. 1996 didn't work out too well, and at least this time we didn't have to send half the team home because we were short of money. One thing I'll be grateful for, is at least I won't have to listen to the inane comments of Jon Wilkin and Robbie Paul first thing on a Saturday morning any more. The pair of them trying to make out that Ash Handley travelling half way round the world for nothing was a positive for the lad was embarrassing. Even Jonathan Davies managed to sound knowledgeable alongside that pair.
  11. Only caught the last 20 mins, but it looks like a good match. The commentators, like the crowd, are very enthusiastic and certainly seem to enjoy the big hits!!!
  12. England are due to play on the same weekend as Origin and the Pacific test matches. Saints v Wire was down for Thursday 25th, so its been moved to the Sunday to allow players returning from international duty more time to recover. https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/sport/18039157.warrington-wolves-st-helens-clash-moved/
  13. I don't think it's part of any great strategy that Origin is so important to the Aussies, it's just the way things have turned out. You only have to go back to 1992 when the 3 match Aus v GB series pulled in full houses and huge TV audiences alongside the Origin series (the Brisbane test drew a bigger gate than the Brisbane Origin). We then switched to summer, which meant we only toured at the end of year meaning Origin had the mid year spot to itself. And the Origin monster grew while internationals for a multitude of reasons slipped back. As for the Aussies pushing Origin, well it generates a lot of money and gives RL in Aus huge exposure. The 3 Origin matches usually pull in 3 of the 5 biggest TV audiences of the year in Aus. International RL needs to run alongside that, not be seen as some sort of competitor. The real problem is club RL. The Richardson plan recognises that to make room for internationals you need to cut back on the club games. The problem is, it's the league matches that generate the big money deals and clubs are reluctant to give ground, despite the fact that fewer games could give better quality matches, bigger gates, and bigger TV audiences. It's the same problem in both the NRL and SL. You could cut Origin from the calendar tomorrow, but the NRL would probably still only have the one weekend for Internationals, and we'd still have a programme of league and cup matches that stretch from January to October without a break.
  14. Cook Islands 19 man squad - Sam Mataora (Belconnen), Alex Glenn (Brisbane), Tevin Arona (Canterbury), Aaron Teroi (Central Queensland Capras) Reuben Rennie, Vincent Rennie (Mounties), Uiti Baker, Kayal Iro (Newcastle), Moses McGreal, Paul Ulberg (Norths Devils), Narata Niukore, Brad Takairangi (Parramatta), Dominic Peyroux (St Helens), Troy Dargan, Steven Marsters (South Sydney), Adam Tangata (Wakefield), Anthony Gelling (Warrington), Journe Pua, Brodie Tamarua (Warriors) USA 25 man squad named last week - Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos) Brandon Anderson, Connor Donehue, Alex Foster, Kevin Reed Jr, Jamil Robinson, Tim Stubbs (Brooklyn Kings), Sonny Pettybourne (Burleigh Bears), Edward Pettybourne (Central Queensland Capras), Elijah Ieriko (Cronulla Sharks), Mark Offerdahl (Goondiwindi Boars), Bureta Faraimo (Hull FC), Rory Humphreys (Ipswich Jets), Charlie Jones, Khalial Harris (Jacksonville Axemen), Joe Eichner (Northern Pride), Ryan Burroughs (NOVA Eagles), Andrew Kneisly (Philadelphia Fight), Matt Shipway (Port Macquarie Sharks), Corey Makelim (Sheffield Eagles), Jerome Veve (South Logan Magpies), Justin Branca (Tampa Mayhem), Danny Howard (Wentworthville Magpies), Kristian Freed (West’s Mitchelton), Matt Walsh (White Plains Wombats) The match is apparently being live streamed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AmericasRugbyLeague
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