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  1. Cook Islands 19 man squad - Sam Mataora (Belconnen), Alex Glenn (Brisbane), Tevin Arona (Canterbury), Aaron Teroi (Central Queensland Capras) Reuben Rennie, Vincent Rennie (Mounties), Uiti Baker, Kayal Iro (Newcastle), Moses McGreal, Paul Ulberg (Norths Devils), Narata Niukore, Brad Takairangi (Parramatta), Dominic Peyroux (St Helens), Troy Dargan, Steven Marsters (South Sydney), Adam Tangata (Wakefield), Anthony Gelling (Warrington), Journe Pua, Brodie Tamarua (Warriors) USA 25 man squad named last week - Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos) Brandon Anderson, Connor Donehue, Alex Foster, Kevin Reed Jr, Jamil Robinson, Tim Stubbs (Brooklyn Kings), Sonny Pettybourne (Burleigh Bears), Edward Pettybourne (Central Queensland Capras), Elijah Ieriko (Cronulla Sharks), Mark Offerdahl (Goondiwindi Boars), Bureta Faraimo (Hull FC), Rory Humphreys (Ipswich Jets), Charlie Jones, Khalial Harris (Jacksonville Axemen), Joe Eichner (Northern Pride), Ryan Burroughs (NOVA Eagles), Andrew Kneisly (Philadelphia Fight), Matt Shipway (Port Macquarie Sharks), Corey Makelim (Sheffield Eagles), Jerome Veve (South Logan Magpies), Justin Branca (Tampa Mayhem), Danny Howard (Wentworthville Magpies), Kristian Freed (West’s Mitchelton), Matt Walsh (White Plains Wombats) The match is apparently being live streamed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AmericasRugbyLeague
  2. 5 in the whole squad. According to the report I read, 2 of the domestic players scored in the Serbia game yesterday.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10282348/toronto-wolfpack-set-to-clinch-deal-for-sonny-bill-williams-this-week/ There's a bit at the end of this article about SBW saying that an England match is planned for June 21/22 and team selection will be limited to 3 players per SL team as there's a full round of SL fixtures that week.
  4. Not fully, but I take your point. It was 5 domestic players in the squad for the qualifiers, I think? Something similar would be good, although I do appreciate the reasons why teams don't include domestic players in the RLWC.
  5. It's good to see some new blood at the tournament and hopefully they can tap in to support from some of the Greek communities in the UK. It would also be good if they keep some of the domestic players in the squad for the RLWC and don't just go for an all heritage team from Sydney.
  6. Agreed. Really enjoyed watching their home games in the 2017 RLWC and I'm sure next week will be another great occasion.
  7. Really good match - well worth getting up at 4.30am for!!! Shame for PNG as they could've won that, but Fiji just held them out. And how good was that try by Edene Gebbie. With the home crowd behind them, next weeks game against GB could be a cracker.
  8. Yeah, Samoa invariably aren't great, but they did beat PNG earlier in the year. PNG have beaten Fiji twice in the last 3 years, both games played in Oz, which is not bad considering they've only ever won 7 internationals played outside PNG. Having said that, Fiji look a bit stronger and have the benefit of having played and won last week.
  9. Teams for Saturday FIJI 1. Siti Moceidreke, 2. Maika Sivo, 3. Taane Milne, 4. Brayden Wiliame, 5. Suliasi Vunivalu, 6. Kevin Naiqama, 7. Brandon Wakeham, 8. Kane Evans, 9. Joe Lovodua, 10. Tui Kamikamica, 11. Viliame Kikau, 12. Petero Benjamin Nakubuwai, 13. D’Rhys Miller Interchange: 14. Lamar Liolevave, 15. Joseph Ratuvakacereivalu, 16. King Vuniyayawa, 17. Penioni Tagituimua, PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1. Alex Johnston, 2. Edene Gebbie, 3. Dan Russell, 4. Justin Olam, 5. Terry Wapi, 6. Kyle Laybutt, 7. Watson Boas, 8. Wellington Albert, 9. Wartovo Puara, 10. Luke Page, 11. Nixon Putt, 12. Rhyse Martin, 13. Moses Meninga Interchange: 14. Edwin Ipape, 15. Stanton Albert, 16. Enock Maki, 17. Stargroth Amean After the win against Samoa, I'd go with Fiji.
  10. Denver was as much ruined by the ineptitude of the organisation charged with running the event. Lets be honest, neither the SL or NRL clubs care too much about the international game if truth be told. The only difference between the two is that currently the NRL has a mid season break for internationals and we don't. The sport as a whole dances to the tune of its two main club competitions. Not sure that will ever change.
  11. Which mid season internationals would NRL players be flying to the other side of the world for?
  12. I appreciate he was at the ground to see GB play, but why is the chief exec of the RFL on stage at the trophy presentation for the Oceania Cup?
  13. Info on the Kiwis expected programme for 2020. matches against Aus, Tonga, Samoa and a trip to PNG:- https://www.nzherald.co.nz/league/news/article.cfm?c_id=79&objectid=12281838 Oddly, thiere's no mention of a game against Fiji who they should be playing assuming Fiji get promoted to the Oceania Cup group with NZ and Tonga.
  14. Fair point. We'll end up with NZ v Tonga in NZ again, and Samoa v PNG in Sydney so the NRL can have its 'Pacific Test' as usual. And to be honest, in Australia all RL is a TV sport. Only a TV sport would schedule a Nines tournament in Perth to kick off at 4pm on a Friday afternoon so it suited the TV audience in Sydney better.
  15. The two matches are a good idea for that weekend, but I wouldn't have them as a double header. Tonga v Samoa could fill a ground on its own, and we should be showing more respect to the Kiwis and Fiji. I'm not sure it's a good look for the Kiwis to be seen to be playing as some sort of sideshow to the Tongans in their own country.
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