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  1. The GB Tour documentary was, to give it it's full title, "League Of Their Own 2: Warriors Down Under". The show airing this weekend on Sky is about Wigan's trip to play the Roosters in Sydney.
  2. An interview with Mark Aston remembering the match https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/11963074/super-league-at-25-sheffields-mark-aston-recalls-unforgettable-paris-saint-germain-match Seem to remember reading somewhere that the original fixture list had PSG playing Oldham, but they changed it to Sheffield presumably so it was two big cities playing against each other. I wasn't in Paris on the opening night, but I was at Boundary Park the following day to see Oldham play Wigan. There was Stevo attempting to introduce the players onto the pitch (but failing badly) and the worlds worst Tina Turner impersonator.
  3. Sky Sports Arena are having a full day of RL programmes this Sunday, including the previously broadcast documentaries about Eddie Hemmings, Stevo and Jamie Peacock as well as Warriors Down Under and We Play League. The highlight is 'Super league Rewind' on Sunday night at 7pm, which is showing the first game of Super League from March 1996 between Paris St Germain and Sheffield Eagles. It's a 2 and a half hour show, so I'm assuming its a re-broadcast of Sky's full coverage as was shown on the night. Hopefully Sky can dig out a few more classic games while there's no live action on. The full day of programmes is on Sky Sports Arena from 6am Sunday morning, and from 10.30am everything is also showing on SS Mix. However, the Warriors Down Under and We Play League re runs after 10.30pm are only on SS Arena. The PSG v Sheffield match is also being shown on SS Main Event.
  4. New York are staging a press conference in Liverpool (no idea why it's there) to announce their entry into the 2021 Challenge Cup, with various exhibition matches being staged as well, with a view to entering L1 in 2022.
  5. I went to watch the old Manchester Storm a couple of times when they played at the Manchester Arena. It was very well presented and made for a good night out. They were getting big crowds at the time - something like 10000 or so. I must admit, I found it difficult to follow with the speed of the game and what seemed to be the near constant interchange of players.
  6. https://www.barb.co.uk/viewing-data/four-screen-dashboard/ For the week commencing Feb 17th, the most watched show was the Elite Ice Hockey which got 32,900 viewers. The Bull Riding was the 2nd most watched show with 17,800 viewers. The 15th most watched show (Boxing) only got 6,800 viewers, but that week Rugby AM wasn't anywhere on the list. For the first 3 weeks, Rugby AM did make the top 15, ranging between 9,900 in week one and 15,600 in week 3.
  7. Steve Mascords article in League Weekly this week mentions it. It's him and the ex player Jimmy Smith who are behind it.
  8. Catalans play Toronto in Perpignan on Easter Saturday, so its unlikely they'd want to play a game in St Helens 2 days later.
  9. We Play League Episode 1 is showing Thursday night at 10pm after the Wigan v Wires game on SS Arena and Main Event Episode 2 is Friday night at 10.15pm after Saints v Salford only on SS Arena.
  10. If Atlantis broadcast on DAB they have to have a Digital Sound Programme Licence from Ofcom and so have to abide by Ofcom regulations - if it was a web only operation there would be no regulations to abide by.
  11. Fair enough, it's just I thought they would've took him over to do some pre season promo work and meets the fans, given the Wolfpacks season is due to start in a few weeks time.
  12. That's a DAB only station playing music from the 1960's. Putting aside the fact that the audience will be miniscule, it's an interesting audience to target (unless the main aim is to push the cannabis oil). Something our Canadian friends can answer, but has SBW been over to Toronto and been introduced to the Wolfpack fans and the Canadian media yet? I would've expected it to be one of the first things they'd do in the off season, but I've not seen anything about it.
  13. Who's talking the sport down? I was simply commenting on the fact that the list of players in that article could hardly be described as "some of the biggest names in world sport" as Mr Wilby refers to.
  14. Interesting. SBW signing for the Wolfpack means NY has, according to Mr Wilby, "confidence that we can legitimately have a crack at some of the biggest names in world sport". This apparently includes Benji Marshall, Todd Carney and Jamayne Isaako. Putting aside the fact that Benji will be 36 before NY even enter League 1, some of the names mentioned are hardly "some of the biggest names in world sport".
  15. Yeah, there was nothing strategic about the coming of Super League to Bridgend. It was like a lot of RL development, being basically down to the whims of individuals (in this case, Leighton Samuels). Even before the club was taken over and moved to Wrexham there were plans to move to Newport.
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