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  1. Tickets for the 3 games at Warrington and the Final booked. I booked the Final yesterday via the RFL England Supporter club link, but I didn't realise I had to create another account on the RLWC site to get the tickets today. All done anyway and saved a bit with the bundle. Roll on October 2021.
  2. RL is one of the biggest drivers of subscriptions to Fox in NSW and Queensland, so it obviously gets big money put into it. As for your last paragraph, I'm not sure the phrases 'funny content' and 'Fletch and Hindy' really belong in the same sentence. There's one 'joke' about Hindy never having won a Grand Final, and that gets repeated week in, week out.....
  3. Freesats still going - my mum has it - but SS Mix isn't on it. It's a subscription channel, so it won't ever be on Freeview or Freesat. The problem with SS Mix is now it's still in the entertainment pack, but it's listed in with the sport channels, so it's unlikely anyone without a sports sub will happen to stumble on it. Since they turned SS Arena into SS NFL, they use SS Mix as an overflow.
  4. Whatever his value on or off the pitch, it certainly worked well for Fox. Record streaming figures for SBW's return (although I suspect it would've done well anyway given it was a GF rematch):- https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-raiders-vs-roosters-grand-final-rematch-audience-numbers-round-17-sonny-bill-williams-nrl-return/news-story/1be6e792f2b5a4a08208a97c82cf3a40
  5. This is an article which shows the breakdown between the linear and streaming platforms for the top games from rounds 11 to 14. The figures for the AFL are also given:- https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2020/08/21/record-audiences-for-afl-and-nrl-drive-subscription-boom-for-fox-sports-and-kayo/
  6. Only the names are different. There are a multitude of issues behind RL's problems with expansion, but the self interest of the existing clubs is always a consistent theme.
  7. I'll quote the book 'Tries in the Valleys - A History of RL in Wales' for this. It appears that the RL Council accepted the clubs application for membership of SL, but at the beginning of September, the RFL Board of Directors refused a final endorsement of the teams place in SL. A £1million guarantee of support was deemed 'insufficient'. A couple of days later, a meeting of the clubs decided to place the South Wales team in the First Division for 1997 (2nd tier), but the club decided that it would not be financially viable and the 3 weeks later the club was closed altogether. Maurice Lindsay and Rodney Walker were apparently 'desperate' to get the team in SL, but the clubs weren't happy about having another team in SL and having to share the money out.... In the same book, Mike Nicholas states that they had financial backing for SL from Paul Thompson of Sanderson electronics, but when the decision to not give them a place in SL came, Thompson became involved with Sheffield Eagles. That meant that Gary Hetherington was able to leave Sheffield and go and be part of the team that 'saved' Leeds. On that, Mike Nicholas says in the book "Talk about politics and the kiss of death!"
  8. The company that provides the outfits for the pundits on Fox League gets a credit at the end of some of the games each week. I'm not sure any company would want to take credit for what Phil Clarke turns up in.
  9. Apparently they'll keep them in Toronto. Steve Mascord spoke with the man himself on his latest podcast:- https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=713411 I'm still not convinced, but what do I know....
  10. All the games can be watched via the Watch NRL app. Fox Sports Australia run that app and presumably contracts with overseas broadcasters are signed on the basis that they only show a limited number of games so as to encourage people subscribe to Watch NRL. Obviously the lockdown and lack of SL has led to Sky showing all the NRL games, but it was only ever going to be for a limited period.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Clarkson Geoff Clarkson played for Wakefield, Bradford, Leigh, Warrington, Leeds, York, Bramley, Hull KR, Oldham, Featherstone and played Union as well. Not all top flight, but not a bad tally either way.
  12. That's Global 13 of which Jason Harborow is the Managing Director. It's mentioned in the TRL article earlier in the thread about Harborow joining the NYC project.
  13. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/culture-company-boss-jason-harborow-3496143 The 'controversial chief executive' of the Liverpool Culture Company, as the Liverpool Echo described him. The whole NYC project is an odd one. It's as if there's something else going on, with the possibility of running a RL team just part of it.
  14. The man who was Operations Director at the disastrous 2000 RLWC which near bankrupted the RFL. An interesting appointment.
  15. Saw this on Facebook, and just checked the game back and it was there with about 29:50 left in the first half. Sat amongst the cardboard cutout crowd was someone who was presumably checking his eyesight again.....
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