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  1. Sky have actually shown 19 of Canberra's 24 matches this year. Next most shown are Souths who have been on 14 times. The Warriors are the least shown only being picked on 3 occasions.
  2. By November, 7am in the UK will be 8pm in NZ. Not really sure the Kiwis would be wanting to kick off any later than that. The 4am kick off is because the GB v NZ game is part of a triple header with Tonga v Australia kicking off a couple of hours later.
  3. Bernard Cribbins was at the 1999 final between London and Leeds. It was the last one at the old Wembley, so they brought back the so called community singing. I distinctly remember Bernard singing 'On Ilkley Moor Baht'at' and 'Maybe its Because I'm a Londoner'. Ah, them were the days...
  4. St George Illawarra are currently running at an average of 10,419. Just above the Titans, Cronulla have an average of 11,881 and Brad Fittlers old team Penrith are at 12,216. When the Titans started, they were averaging over 20,000 for a couple of years, which is higher than the likes of the Dragons, Sharks, Panthers or most of the Sydney clubs have ever achieved. Since 2011 the Titans have only made the top 8 once. That must surely have an affect on attendances, and is an interesting comparison with some of the much more illustrious Sydney teams.
  5. Presumably it was the directors putting their hands in their pockets or, as often happened, getting sponsorship from local companies. I seem to recall Royce Simmons, when he was coaching Hull, ran a series of marathons (5 in 5 days or something like that?) to try and raise money for new signings. Those were the days of the transfer list, where you'd get teams lose a few matches and the board would announce that certain players had been placed on the transfer list, usually with wildly over optimistic transfer fees attached to them. A really bad defeat would lead to the entire team being put on the transfer list.
  6. Exactly. No one as yet has suggested who would pay for Origin to come to the UK, and as one of the NRL's big money earners of the year, it's unlikely they'd take it anywhere they weren't guaranteed for it be a financial success.
  7. They got a good deal for Perth because the WA Government paid near $2billion on the new stadium, and they are staging anything and everything to make sure the stadium is used as often as possible to try and recoup the investment. Origin drew a record crowd, attracted many thousands of visitors to the city and a made a lot of money as a result.
  8. Just to correct you slightly, Western Reds entered in 1995 with Auckland, NQ Cowboys and the South Queensland Crushers. Adelaide were simply a product of a need for the new Aussie Super League to have 10 teams, after attempts to get various ARL clubs to join them had failed. The Super League breakaway plan was already being formalised when the 1995 season got under way, with news of the first signings by SL breaking just 3 weeks later.
  9. You need to convince the SL clubs to have any sort of international window. Given they now run they're own show, and the previous comments from certain quarters about preferring club matches to internationals, that could be an even harder sell.
  10. I emailed Sky and they said they don't have the rights to the Pacific Tests this year. Might be something to do with them being part of the new Oceania Cup. Presumably they aren't bothered about obtaining the rights either. WatchNRL have said they won't be streaming any of the games on their app either. Very disappointing.
  11. It's a pity it doesn't look like any of Saturday's internationals will actually be shown on Sky or via the WatchNRL app.
  12. The SARL Facebook page mentioned a stream would be announced nearer the day, but I've not seen anything yet. Given the game is in Sydney and is a World Cup qualifier, you'd think it would be streamed somewhere though. Hopefully.
  13. Next Friday, 21st June, 7pm at Wentworthville in Sydney. South Africa squad:- http://rlif.com/article/8646/south-africa-name-squad-for-rlwc-qualifier-v-cook-islands
  14. The new Oceania Cup (providing the RL authorities stick with it) should go a long way to start providing the Pacific nations with regular meaningful fixtures. It's just a pity it starts with one game in June and then gets put on the back burner til October.
  15. Martin Taupau, Jason Taumololo, Sio Siua Taukeiaho, Manu Ma'u and David Fusitua are all New Zealanders by birth (all from Auckland). Very few RL players actually come from Tonga or Samoa, so while there are a lot of guys with Island heritage, strictly speaking it's NZ that's producing these players.
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