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  1. They should do. Maybe. I am hoping so. Finland was no measure and they were decent against Belgium. Assuming Belgium beath Finland and Denmark beat Russia (two requirements), then there would be three teams on three points.
  2. Wales and Italy are both through and should aim to finish the match as fresh and non-injured as possible. It might not be a classic.
  3. Good luck, mate! We are cheering your dot on!
  4. I posted my thoughts to my Father-in-law during the game, as a goal might have happened and the story would transform. The England players clearly looked better. A 1-0 victory would have made sense, been talked about as how it was clearly inevitable and been a mark of the real quality. The Scotland team clearly looked more direct. A 1-0 victory would have made sense, been talked about as how it was clearly inevitable and mark of how terrible England were. Actually, 0-0 was fair. Were points scored like in a rugby league game, it might have been 32-18 to England. But, the na
  5. As someone who has not really watched football for a couple of years, I noticed that they both had a lovely touch. I had not realised they were being touted as a new Gazza and the suggestion is clearly silly. It is not even clear that Gascoigne contributed more to England that Bryan Robson.
  6. Indeed. I think the England team see this as a group game, rather than an old rivalary. Consider that none of the players will remember Scotland having being good in their life times. The idea that Scotland are rivals and Wales are plucky underdogs will not make sense to anyone under thirty.
  7. England needed a draw, Scotland could really have done with a win. It showed.
  8. I could throw Scotland into the list. It is boring for us, but rather fun for North Macedonia, Slovakia, Finland and Scotland. Of course, teh real reason is to ensure as many of the major economies as possible do qualify.
  9. Abingdon has two football clubs. Town are the original and then a second were founded, called "United" with disregard for what words mean.
  10. I am older than most people alive today, and it has been going on since I can remember.
  11. I am in favour of it being larger. We accept most of the teams in the Premier League have very little chance of winning it, Super League also. It is essentially an issue of having two tiers, one with San Marino and one with Italy. That means that qualifying will have to be broad and the next round (first round of the finals) essentially has to get you to the actual good teams who will have played other good teams to qualify. Besides, Denmark in 1992 certainly did not deserve to be there.
  12. When odd-jobbing, I once drew the line when a landlord wanted the window painted shut just for a sake of saving a couple of hours off the paint job
  13. 78.5kg. Holding surprisingly steady.
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