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Uninteresting Trivial Facts

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Just taken the last of my month's medicaments :)

I can have a drink in three days.

After yesterday's exertions, which included helping two builders lift a cross beam into a roof, I am a bit pooped this morning.

Off to Toulouse then, to take my godson for what seems to be unending visits to the hospickle. He is a bit of a leveller. And then the inevitable trip to Ikea on the way home.

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BD92? :D

:rolleyes: no just a function thats returned at last

Whilst I do not suffer fools gladly, I will always gladly make fools suffer

A man is getting along on the road of wisdom when he realises that his opinion is just an opinion

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About 12-18 months ago I was bemoaning the fact that some of my colleagues weren't up to scratch and need a bit of "coaching", well.

Of the 8 underlings/colleagueswho required the coaching, there are curently 5 with grievances lodged against them by the under underlings who are evidently not happy at being managed by well "coached" strongly supported managers.

Oh happy days, busy but happy.

And so the future begins...

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:D :D :D :D :D Wooooo I achieved my target today its taking me 18 months to do it but I'm so proud of myself. :D :D :D :D

Would that be 2 kids?


Even as a Wire I am sorry but Westwood is nowhere near as skillful as Super Sam or Ellis.
Wazza's main industrys are service industries, call centres, warehouses and the public sector nowadays. All three are under threat from the Tory cuts.
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