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MOM - Leigh


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1. Smeaton - Best game ever in a Rovers shirt

2. Spears - Tackled his heart out and made a couple of breaks

3. Briggs - Adopted a 'jessie-esc' running style lately

But the thing that showed through tonight was they operate as a team, support each other and play for each other.

Once again, big wraps for DP and the rest of the coaching team.

What a lovely feeling it is being a Fev fan at the moment B)

The weak conform, the strong survive.

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1. Smeaton

2. Stu Dickens

3. Welham

Think I have to take some of the credit tonight for Smee's performance.....Reserves Friday night I was telling my mate that he was sound in defence, but was not a threat going forward and shouldn't be playing first team, not realising he was sat directly behind me.......fair play to him for 2 excellent performances since that, and also for not giving a backhander to me, since I've been proven to know nothing ;)

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Good all round support play from everyone . I thought Dane Manning was spakling tonight. It seems that we really can turn to others when we think the main guys are out.

Featherstone Rovers-a Super league club in waiting. It's time to let us in.

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But there were many more contenders, the halfbacks and Tonka in particular.

Anything I post is a personal opinion

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they had a massive pack and we took them on. thought Dickens and Tonks escpecially, ran themselves into the the ground. hearts like lions these lads.

joe mullaney is a god

the only good tiger is a stuffed tiger


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1 Smeaton - played out of his skin

2 Kain - pace of game changed when he came on

3 Tonks - massive effort please keep hime on for longer or let him have more game time at least

Big thanks to rest of the suad and the coaching staff - still pinching kmyself when I read the league table. Keep it going lads.

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1..Smeaton had my doubts about the lad but he stepped up well

2... the legend that is Stuey Dickens captain fantastic nuff said

3... briggsy hope we can hold on to this kid he will only get better

"somebody pinch me I must be dreaming"



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