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20/07/13 - Northern Rail Bowl Final: London Skolars v North Wales Crusaders KO 2.30pm (Premier Sports)

Who will win the Northern Rail Bowl final?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the Northern Rail Bowl final?

    • London Skolars by 13 points or more
    • London Skolars by 7-12 points
    • London Skolars by 1-6 points
    • North Wales Crusaders by 1-6 points
    • North Wales Crusaders by 7-12 points
    • North Wales Crusaders by 13 points or more

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For Clive, John, the backroom staff, the squad and the 300 fans travelling to Halifax.....

" We heard Crusaders were on the warpath. We were eager to join forces"
"If it is victory you seek, your welcome to join us"
But you bring only this handful supporters, ...against Skolars? I see I was wrong to expect Crusaders commitment to at least match our own"

"You, there, What is your profession?"
"I'm a potter, Sir."
"And you, Cestrian, what is your profession?"
"Hair stylist, Sir"
"And you?"
"Sheep farmer"


"You see old friend, I brought more supporters than you did."
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Looking forward to this so much.


Father is driving, which is excellent news, let's hope the bar is well stocked! Got a first-timer coming along with us, who has decided to give the game ago despite his advancing years, so here's hoping for a close game.. in the second match!


Knowing first-hand how much hard work Jamie Thomas and his team have done, I'm hoping this will be the first step in vindicating their hard work. Something special and genuine and real is building here in North Wales, and without the likes of Jamie and Clive Griffiths, all we would have is memories of Super League, rather than long-term aspirations.

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pretty upset by the refereeing today felt that the cru lads chirped a lot at the ref and he responded. also video ref stuff went against the skolars. good game tho and cru are a good side. looking forward to them at New River 23rd Aug. chance for TV revenge!

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The referee seemed to be poor, not biased. With bad decisions affecting both sides. If a player had spilled the ball under his own posts, the ref would of called a knock on. On the plus side, all the players and fans were top notch. Best of all we WON!

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