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Hunslet match


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I thought that was demoralising . Again a bigger side punched holes in us over n over , but we looked so slow , sluggish, fragile and easy to control  . Our halfbacks and attacking threat have vanished without trace , while the opposition half runs the show , and our defence is being shredded . The difference again between teams in finishing sets is massive .  I’d be surprised tbh if we win a play off game . We’re running round in circles like we haven’t a clue 


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3 minutes ago, town4me said:

Correct. I'm forgetting all this win % stuff. However unless we see 100% improvement does it really matter. That was bad. 

Faith guys.

Good season so far despite a couple of blips at home. 

Hoping todays performance is the game we don't want in the play offs.

Better out of the way when it's not really that important regarding results. 

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