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Great to see that we are allowing in any "ladies" for free on Sunday.  A great initiative.  Lets hope it works out.   I note too that the club have started an Ambassador scheme that will see Shaw Cross play a curtain raiser before the Widnes game.  Again an excellent move forward.   Well done to someone.  

If only we could win a game 🤣

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18 hours ago, spanishknight said:

Will Coolie be coming in drag?.

Let's not have any 

LBGT+QFNYSXMWERUIOPADHJKZCV jokes (think everybody is just about covered in that list) 

Obviously Simon Hall is excluded in that... Because we just simply don't know 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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41 minutes ago, Hugh Jarce said:

What?? I always thought that was Piggy's Mate! :kolobok_yahoo:

Cheeky boy, that's the last time you borrow my sling backs and matching handbag!

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Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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