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Sun 10th Sept: SL: Salford Red Devils v Warrington Wolves KO 12:45 (Channel 4)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Salford Red Devils
    • Warrington Wolves

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9 minutes ago, The Masked Poster said:

I think it’s harsh to punish a player the same as if he’d deliberately committed a foul. But that’s just me. 

I think it is very harsh when a defender is in the motion of making a tackle and the attacker slips and puts his head into the collision area, but they the defender then concedes a penalty, maybe 10 mins and some even match notices, for something where the defender is completely innocent:-

"As if he'd deliberately commited a foul"

Buts them the rules MP and we have to live with them.

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12 hours ago, corvusxiii said:

No. It's just that laying on is both ugly/tedious and detrimental to the spectacle. Justifying laying on as a fault by the opposing coach is ugly...tedious. 

What really gets me is when one team proficient enough/ gets away with laying on yet I'm wanting to be entertained by a game of rugby league. I struggle watching sometimes but not enough to stop me moaning.

I presume you have contacted the coach of your club and demanded the team desist from said tactics or you will follow/support a club that does, good luck with finding one.

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Stats show Salford with 195 carries and 9 errors, wire with 167 carries and 18 errors. It's a bit of a surprise that we were as close as we were. You can't make double the errors and be so slack with the ball in a game like that. 

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Jolly Gee, Rugby Bloody League eh?

It's a day plus and i'm still buzzing from it!

Astonishing. Whilst yes some tired bodies struggled for quality and the humid atmosphere literally made it a High Noon of slippy hands and dropped balls, the error fest made it into an even more frantic occasion.

Neither side nor fans gave up. To start with the Wire, there is something-albeit not much-missing. There's a need for a shake up, so I am not sure if qualifying for the Play offs would help or hinder.

As for Solly to reach the last six requires a massive Herculean shift. Beat both KR and Le Dracs - erm. As this is Salford it's usually calamity after triumph, hope crushingly smothered.

Let's see. 

Yet again the fate of SRD and KR rests on a field in east Hull.

Who wants a dull or predictable life?

All or nothing.  💪😄✌️

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