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In Topic: Frozen Out.

Today, 10:28 AM

This seems to be a drive towards clubs having a reserve team competition.


But it seems illogical to me to keep the U19s but not permit older players to play in it.  You need to have somewhere for the older ones to go.


There needs to be a reserve grade competition replacing the U19 one, with the acceptance that lot of players would of course qualify for U19s as well! (like they used to have)


If you are 18 or over reserve grade is in theory suitable

In Topic: Threads moved

24 August 2015 - 01:49 PM

Fair dos, I can understand why the thread got moved.  Am certainly not jumping up and down about it but I'd have liked to see it stay on the main board.  No big deal though!

In Topic: Threads moved

24 August 2015 - 12:50 PM

I am minded to agree with you.  It feels like a reaction to anyone who might pipe up and say it's not about rugby league.  Well it isn't, directly, but it's a clear rugby league-related talking point for any rugby league fan.

In Topic: Jarryd Hayne in the NFL (merged threads)

24 August 2015 - 09:12 AM

Great to watch. Go on son!

In Topic: Abide with me

14 August 2015 - 12:34 PM

Regardless of its religious content, I like it as a song.  It also reminds me of my granddad and dad (both deceased) who were religious and big rugby league fans.  It reminds of rugby league occasions and the history behind them.  I am not religious, really, although I do have a spirituality - don't ask me to try and quantify or make sense of it - that the song appeals to.  I also think the lyrics evoke a sense of overcoming adversity which, even if you aren't religious, shouldn't take a big leap for you to think about whatever it is you draw strength from and the power of it.  This has a direct relevance to sport, thinking about it.  Being quiet (or singing for a few minutes) gives you a chance to reflect on what some of these concepts mean for you and for others, for example Danny and Lizzie Jones and their family.  If you don't like the lyrics or the song, leaving aside thereligious content, that's just a matter of personal taste.


I would defend anyone's right to sing a song with religious content at a public event or otherwise, just as I would the right to sing one without.  Nobody is being forced to be religious or to believe in god.  More than that, I would encourage and applaud someone like Lizzie for doing it in these circumstances and, if it were "borderline" whether to have a religious song at a sporting event, let the family do it for their sakes.


Good luck Lizzie