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  1. Super League needs Bradford like TotalRL needs hindle xiii.
  2. Food and drink thread

    I bought 3 raw beetroot as they were 44p at Tesco. Any ideas how to make them the star of a dish? (Healthy options please)
  3. Helpdesk again.... doggy

    Thundershirt. There are firework CD's/downloads that you can use as graded desensitisation. i.e. start small bangs within your control, start asap.
  4. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I'm having a completely rugby league free 2018. Bulls, SL, Cup, internationals, forums, scores. Stepping away from them all. I've just had enough.
  5. diets

    That was my excuse as well.
  6. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Take away tonight.
  7. Job hunting

    I'm still helping my friend find a HR role.
  8. Does anyone want some/all RLW mags from 2002 to present copies? All in binders except this years copies. All in perfect condition. I'm having a clear out. PM me.
  9. Rant thread

    I haven't slept very well all week, I was sick this morning, I haven't heard from anyone since Monday and my anxiety is back to where it was a few months ago.
  10. Name New York

    New York Cheesecakes.
  11. Decline in TRL Messageboard use ?

    Nothing short of 100 Likes for this post will stop me from leaving TRL!
  12. Decline in TRL Messageboard use ?

    I know I post less due to a waning interest in the game. I was seriously considering taking a year off rugby next year. I probably won't though. I keep nosying but feel less inclined to grace you all with my ace-ness.
  13. Cas set to play in World Club Series

    I thought the move to neutral venues a few years ago was to do with under-soil heating?!
  14. Question

    Logan Swann lost 1999 Tri-Nations, 2000 World Cup, 2002 NRL Grand Final and 2004 SL Grand final...