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  1. I was Team Acaster last series. The series before I thought Liza Tarbuck was a revelation. It's something I've watched and enjoyed and looked forward to since the beginning. You can predict now who will end up on the show because they must share agents, it's the Mock the Week crew, and other series like the new Hypothetical, etc. I had heard a name (1 half of a previous contestant double act) and I think that was in November for the next series.
  2. Because all of the line up was a surprise (to me at least) and it isn't following the mainly stand-up comics personnel I had to make myself give them a chance and it's just as good as usual.
  3. Halifax have had an extra day's rest and had easier opposition. Or something like that would have mattered if it was from a Halifax point of view.
  4. I for one won't get carried away ... we could never beat St Helens in a final.
  5. @Lounge Room Lizard it was said during the game it was 8 or 9 full time and 8 or 9 part time out there today.
  6. I'm happy in a way because for the first time in a while I give a .
  7. Free tickets are one thing. Just don't steal fans from Halifax NS, or TWP will 25 years of moaning to put up with.
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