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  1. hindle xiii

    How is SL different now to 15 years ago?

    As a Bradford fan I can't think of anything worthwhile that occurred in 2004.
  2. hindle xiii

    3 Players

    I could've sworn it was Gary Wheeler...
  3. Because Huddersfield will have been relegated?
  4. hindle xiii

    Change of rules

    There's too much experience and too many fans in each respective club to go down. What I mean is dodgy tries will be awarded and undeserved victories will be scraped. Only big teams who go bust go down.
  5. Bradford would just be accused of stealing fans from Batley and Dewsbury again. If any initiative is to happen those clubs would have more benefits from increasing attendances.
  6. hindle xiii

    Tired and bored

    FWIW I hate you all equally.
  7. Send him to school dressed as Peter Rabbit for World Book Day. That'll learn him.
  8. hindle xiii


    Half that board would be stop and searched if they had hoodies. The rest I imagine would apply marmalade prior to taking a selfie.
  9. hindle xiii

    City breaks

    I did a week of days in Belgium, 2 days too many in Brussels. I went to Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Ostend then Brussels again Saturday and Sunday. Each were ok but Bruges was the best, it had everything without beggars. Antwerp was my second favourite, Ostend is completely different, a Scarborough like concrete overhaul. Ghent just bored me after Antwerp
  10. hindle xiii


    No Youtube video of Streetband? This place has gone stale.
  11. hindle xiii

    Rant thread

    Lent. Or more precisely Shrove Tuesday and Easter Sunday. Does anyone under 30 in the UK know what Lent is? I'm in no way religious but let's stuff our fat faces with sugar and on one day and in a few weeks shovel our faces full of chocolate. What? In between? Give up something? Sod off. Nah we only want the gluttony bit of the olden days festival wot we don't understand. I at least respect those who participate in Ramadan who can manage daylight hours without.
  12. hindle xiii

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Jeremy Hardy was the fifth QI panellist who has passed away; the others being Linda Smith, Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood and Carrie Fisher. (I think)
  13. hindle xiii

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    My current favourite spoonerism is "wag of bank".
  14. hindle xiii

    Cas another halfback down

    Brad Davis.
  15. I was hoping the Bradford game would be called off. Unfortunately I'm not feeling well so I can't make it. I was really looking forward to it as well after taking a break last season.