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  1. Ethan Ryan against Batley.
  2. Don't get your top knot in a twist.
  3. I thought it may be Olivia Coleman, so I was along the right lines. Maybe Whittaker opened Coleman's post on Broadchurch and didn't pass the message on?
  4. Thanks John. Can I have a free RLW binder for the inconvenience?
  5. I feel I've been very fortunate in this aspect of life, the only advice I can offer is that the people you know can be a massive asset to finding a job. (selfish mode: my friend however is really struggling and I'm doing what I can to help. So if anyone can assist a HR graduate based in West Yorkshire then please PM me.)
  6. When you spend years helping someone and the one time you ask them for help they don't.
  7. We'll definitely lose.
  8. I turned a (metaphorical/emotional) corner at the weekend. I feel much better for it.
  9. I put a piece of sellotape around my finger to remind me of the note(s) I have written on my hand. I'm quite forgetful otherwise.
  10. I have a big bag of weed if anyone is interested? I have been pulling them out of the garden for hours.
  11. If Hull KR don't put 70+ past us on Saturday it'll be more embarrassing than their Cup final dicking.
  12. I'm listening to The Carpenters now, before Whitney Houston came along and made sure any strong singing voice has that up down warbling note thing.
  13. I put too much garlic in my homemade houmous.
  14. Peanut butter and marmite. I grew up with it and thought it was as normal as cheese and pickle or smoked salmon and caviar.