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  1. I have today taken ownership of a second hand pressure cooker. I don't think it has been used for many years. It was my late Grandma's. It is a Prestige. Everything looks ok, the bottom of the pan is a little mottled in colour but no sign of defects or serious discolouration. The lid has the rubber gasket and the knob in the middle and the turny one at the base of the handle. Is there something I should check beyond aesthetics? I ask because pressure cookers scare the bejeesus out of me.
  2. Ashton Sims looks like Chris Hemsworth, so maybe Thor.
  3. I have Barrie McDermott, Paul Sculthorpe, Keith Senior, Stevo, Robbie Hunter Paul, Darren Lockyer and Iestyn Harris. I haven't read them all but pm me and you can take whatever you want of those.
  4. I can write some offensive posts for you to moderate if you like.
  5. I hoped this year would be the breakthrough year for male mental health (hence my avatar homage to 'It's OK to talk'). I sincerely hope the phrase "man up" is consigned to the scrap heap.
  6. 3 best attack but 3 worst defence. Hopefully this young home grown side will keep improving and entertaining the fans. We're short of a couple of forwards - a Ben Harrison and an Olivier Elima type - but there's a good attitude amongst the players. I'm fully confident this will all come crashing down and the bubble will burst soon enough!
  7. Mikolaj Oledzki is only fit to play for some team at the bottom of the Championship. Get rid I say. In all seriousness 3 of the 4 loanees have done well for Bradford, Hallas hasn't played much due to injury.
  8. Rumour has it Ferres is cheating on Greggs with KFC.
  9. From time to time when I'm just being, like tonight, I have an urge to hold a rugby ball. Just to have that tactile childhood memory.
  10. Confession time. When I used to work over on the dark side of the Pennines I would buy a vindaloo pie from Greenhalgh's in Westhoughton. Then eat it with a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle.
  11. Someone I was stood near to at yesterday's game mentioned it too. (I think he was also a player sponsor) He said it may be the last 5 games of the season. And that Bradford get a Boxing Day fixture.
  12. I still say I'm a Bradford Bulls fan.
  13. Does anyone know what variety the supermarket 'baking potato' is? Ta.