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  1. Tonka

    2019 kits

    Melange lovers
  2. Tonka

    2021 World Cup Format

    Sorry I meant 2 from pot 3, a typo
  3. Tonka

    2021 World Cup Format

    So it’s 1 from pot 1, 1 from pot 2 and 3 from pot 3 in each group? Seems a pretty good way to do it although it’s slightly skewed isn’t it? (as opposed to random draw)
  4. Tonka

    2021 World Cup Format

    What’s a pot? Am I being thick here?
  5. Tonka

    Schofield: Let’s now bring on Australia

    It’s a bit ###### how for 20 plus years they’ve been miles better than us and we’ve played pretty regularly now all of a sudden we’re half decent and they can’t be arsed.
  6. Tonka

    Schofield: Let’s now bring on Australia

    I am ALL FOR winding opponents up a bit, so long as it’s in good humour and not nasty (which this isn’t). Bored to death of the “one game at a time” style sound bites that are all too prevalent.
  7. I prefer to see them sneak in on a low budget and build from the bottom. We’ve had many big splashes - Paris, London (last time), Gateshead, Crusaders and they’ve all faded. I think London need to build and build over many years until their results get them near the top of SL. Anything less and they’re just also rans attracting a limited following.
  8. I am more nostalgic for GB. But what I want I can't have, which is that the four home nations play under their own flag usually and we play as GB occasisonally, like they do in union, but with meaningful numbers from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
  9. Tonka

    Leeds New Signing

    He is a bit of a game breaker, on his day. He busts a lot of tackles. So long as he is fit and committed he should go well.
  10. Tonka

    What is left to play for?

    I think people forget that when there were no play offs and teams had little chance of winning the league in days of old, "dead rubber" games were important for: (1) pride (2) getting as high up the league as you can (3) beating rivals (especially when there was only one home and one away fixture). For proof that this works in terms of generating interest from fans, see football. (I know there is still qualification for Europe but this is far fetched for most)
  11. Tonka

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Padge just because he isn't going to name names on an internet board doesn't make it untrue. Honestly your posts are so aggressive.
  12. Tonka

    New league structure revealed

    My views - 8s format. Quite like it in some ways. But don't think it has enhanced the sport. So fine with that. - P&R (1 up 1 down) is good (at least SL isn't closed off) - 5 team play off - good - Loop fixtures. Not keen but no worse than current position and at least there is less chance of repeat fixtures with top 5 play off. What can you do where there are only 12 teams and the clubs say they need the revenue?
  13. Tonka

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I’ve actually remembered since posting this that my wife in fact took the vouchers and used them for her season ticket. I paid for mine myself months later. So I basically got nothing. Still, at least it was free...
  14. Tonka

    Have you ever won anything big?

    Not a “win” as such but a train I was on from London to Manchester with work was delayed by over 2 hours. They sent me vouchers worth twice the value of the ticket (about £600). In what I can only assume was an admin error, I then got another £600 in vouchers about 5 days later. The £1,200 bought my season ticket for the following year. That’s the most “free money” I’ve ever had.