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  1. Bring back Silk Cut, the Regal Trophy, Central Park and Norweb.
  2. Mick Cassidy was a great club player, gave 100% and played above his weight. But surely not in Wigan's best 17 of all time, even if you count his utility value off the bench.
  3. I actually have some sympathy for clubs saying "no" to Toronto. On the one hand you could argue it is protectionist, self-serving and damaging. On the other it can look weak to simply bring in a team that isn't established and, if the experiment (which it is) fails, get egg on your face which also damages the sport. The votes against it are probably a blend of the two unless you are cynical and believe the clubs are only self-interested (incidentally, the directors and chairmen of clubs are paid to be self-interested, not altruistic, and would arguably be acting in dereliction of their duties not to think about their own club first). It's a tricky one this, but I do think the heat should be taken out of the debate and some logical thought given to the pros and cons of Toronto in SL. I think you can make the case for their inclusion or exclusion.
  4. I feel it's a bit early to be talking/worrying about a Can/US take over of rugby league. Introducing Toronto to Super League I am ambivalent about at this stage. They are a small sports team relying on imports and a single source money, which will be readily apparent to anyone within and without the sport. If it takes off, and they grow and become viable - fantastic. Playing in SL so soon has great potential for failure. Does that mean they shouldn't try? I don't bloody know I'm only a fan.
  5. Just want to congratulate Rob on a fantastic career. A real gem of a player who provided some thrilling moments. A few too many of them against Wigan for my liking but there we are...I particularly enjoyed it when he took Saints apart in the Grand Final in 2011; two of the best runs/tries seen in a Grand Final.
  6. I'd say Widdop 6 Gale 7 from what I've seen this year. And I'm a Wigan fan. Just think Widdop is the better organiser.
  7. ...whatever he was doing, the fact that it didn't work isn't lost on me!
  8. Oh I see, I thought he was getting Wakey fans to cheer louder...
  9. I thought Fifita was just firing up the crowd to try and get them over the finish line
  10. I just think it was over-rated
  11. Kayakman: I admire how much you've thrown yourself at your new hobby. You've posted 524 posts. I've done 746 and I joined in 2004....
  12. I always thought one of the most over-rated tackles was this: Tallis is twice his size and once you've got the momentum it's pretty hard to stop
  13. I've never seen him play but I think it's really funny that he quite happily declares himself the best of all time...I'm sure there's an argument he is but there is a degree of subjectivity to these things. Usually with people (half-jokingly) exclude themselves from the running and opt for "best I ever played against". But he's straight in there...go on Alex son!
  14. Watch from about 3 minutes in - absolute gold.
  15. Something else you have to remember is that Cas were placing a valuation on DS of £500k. They also sought exemplary damages, which is very hard to get. This is a high valuation for a RL player. So their valuation evidence may not have been accepted i.e. the quantum of their claim was not certain.