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  1. Tonka

    What is left to play for?

    I think people forget that when there were no play offs and teams had little chance of winning the league in days of old, "dead rubber" games were important for: (1) pride (2) getting as high up the league as you can (3) beating rivals (especially when there was only one home and one away fixture). For proof that this works in terms of generating interest from fans, see football. (I know there is still qualification for Europe but this is far fetched for most)
  2. Tonka

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Padge just because he isn't going to name names on an internet board doesn't make it untrue. Honestly your posts are so aggressive.
  3. Tonka

    New league structure revealed

    My views - 8s format. Quite like it in some ways. But don't think it has enhanced the sport. So fine with that. - P&R (1 up 1 down) is good (at least SL isn't closed off) - 5 team play off - good - Loop fixtures. Not keen but no worse than current position and at least there is less chance of repeat fixtures with top 5 play off. What can you do where there are only 12 teams and the clubs say they need the revenue?
  4. Tonka

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I’ve actually remembered since posting this that my wife in fact took the vouchers and used them for her season ticket. I paid for mine myself months later. So I basically got nothing. Still, at least it was free...
  5. Tonka

    Have you ever won anything big?

    Not a “win” as such but a train I was on from London to Manchester with work was delayed by over 2 hours. They sent me vouchers worth twice the value of the ticket (about £600). In what I can only assume was an admin error, I then got another £600 in vouchers about 5 days later. The £1,200 bought my season ticket for the following year. That’s the most “free money” I’ve ever had.
  6. Incidentally, I don’t buy this line from the Times about focusing on 3 core sports. There is cycling, hockey, horse racing and tennis in today’s Times, as well as the “core” of union, football and cricket. The reality is they don’t see RL fans as their readers so they’re prepared to axe the sport irrespective of the relative importance of the occasion in sporting terms. Pisses me off.
  7. I get the Times but certainly don’t rely on it for RL coverage. I get League Express for the weekly round up plus the bbc website, totalrl and social media to pick up the rest. Losing the coverage just makes the sport look bad rather than having much of an impact for current RL fans.
  8. Tonka

    It's Ralph

    I did NOT see this one coming.
  9. Apparently McDermott was so shocked his facial expression actually changed.
  10. Nice to see England so dominant and win by the margin they should. A rare thing indeed.
  11. Tonka

    Keep the 8's

    I don't mind the middle 8s either and I think rugby league can truly say it has a novel product in that respect. But I think there would be more balance if fewer SL clubs were in the Super League play offs; I was happiest when it used to be five.
  12. Tonka

    Two Things to Scrap Right Now!

    I am one of the few fans who isn’t bothered by the use of the video ref. I quite like watching the tries (or no tries) over and over from different angles. Maybe I’m just a nerd. 🤓
  13. Dave T I totally agree with you. Another factor that dilutes the importance of games is playing teams three, four, five times a year (plus Challenge Cup games). There was definitely a feeling of more significance when you had one home shot and one away shot at a given opponent each year.
  14. I still enjoy the game but I recognise the complaint being made. The single biggest impact on the game in my view is having 4 rolling subs, at least 3 of whom are usually forwards. The game is constantly being evened up in the middle and I think that leads to the arm wrestle type tactics being deployed. Whatever happened to tiring out your opposite number? That ebb and flow makes for the best games.