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  1. Yeah I did think that but I rarely post a negative thread. I love the sport.
  2. I'm in the minority here I think...!
  3. Different sport, but I think this is just wild: Plenty of relevance for rugby league fans I'd have thought - imagine trying that !!!!
  4. I guess my point is a bit more nuanced. That Nathan Ross try is great, I love it. Look at this one currently on the BBC, however, described as a "sumptuous" flying try. I'm not even sure he needed to dive: I wonder if my issue is really with the way these things are presented on modern media - everything is the best thing you'll ever see and defies human ability...
  5. Ha! There you go I'm an ungrateful ######...!
  6. Where the winger leaps into the corner seem to be all the rage. They took off (no pun intended) after the rule changed and touching the corner flag is no longer deemed in touch. Am I alone in thinking that although you do get some spectacular ones people get a bit over-excited about them? I know you need to be athletic to get a leap in and you need to place the ball down accurately, but I'd kind of expect that to be in a Super League standard winger's skill set. I'm not knocking them, I just don't get wildly excited just because someone has leaped to touch it down unless it's something exceptional.
  7. Bring back Silk Cut, the Regal Trophy, Central Park and Norweb.
  8. Mick Cassidy was a great club player, gave 100% and played above his weight. But surely not in Wigan's best 17 of all time, even if you count his utility value off the bench.
  9. I actually have some sympathy for clubs saying "no" to Toronto. On the one hand you could argue it is protectionist, self-serving and damaging. On the other it can look weak to simply bring in a team that isn't established and, if the experiment (which it is) fails, get egg on your face which also damages the sport. The votes against it are probably a blend of the two unless you are cynical and believe the clubs are only self-interested (incidentally, the directors and chairmen of clubs are paid to be self-interested, not altruistic, and would arguably be acting in dereliction of their duties not to think about their own club first). It's a tricky one this, but I do think the heat should be taken out of the debate and some logical thought given to the pros and cons of Toronto in SL. I think you can make the case for their inclusion or exclusion.
  10. I feel it's a bit early to be talking/worrying about a Can/US take over of rugby league. Introducing Toronto to Super League I am ambivalent about at this stage. They are a small sports team relying on imports and a single source money, which will be readily apparent to anyone within and without the sport. If it takes off, and they grow and become viable - fantastic. Playing in SL so soon has great potential for failure. Does that mean they shouldn't try? I don't bloody know I'm only a fan.
  11. Just want to congratulate Rob on a fantastic career. A real gem of a player who provided some thrilling moments. A few too many of them against Wigan for my liking but there we are...I particularly enjoyed it when he took Saints apart in the Grand Final in 2011; two of the best runs/tries seen in a Grand Final.
  12. I'd say Widdop 6 Gale 7 from what I've seen this year. And I'm a Wigan fan. Just think Widdop is the better organiser.
  13. ...whatever he was doing, the fact that it didn't work isn't lost on me!
  14. Oh I see, I thought he was getting Wakey fans to cheer louder...
  15. I thought Fifita was just firing up the crowd to try and get them over the finish line