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  1. Looking at the survey, taken as a whole sport is more boring than interesting. Who'd've thunk it?
  2. Cheers That's why all the facts are relevant, not just some of them. A best case for DG would be if, before playing any games, he went to JD and said, "I've got this clause, can I play" and JD said, "I'll check with the club and confirm" and then JD comes back and gives it the ok. But that doesn't seem to be what happened here - I'd reserve my judgment til I heard everyone's side and saw the agreement.
  3. Yes to both questions, they are both potential factors. Hence the need for a full factual look at what authority Duffy had or could be deemed to have, which should then be read against the contract wording. If it is clear all considered that DG knew that JD had no authority to give permission, then he wouldn't win. If the clause says he needs sign off by a particular person this will work against DG but won't necessarily determine matters. If JD had the authority, it could be said that the club waived the requirement for sign off by the relevant person or varied that requirement in the agreement.
  4. Lawyer here. Haven't seen the exact wording of the agreement - always important. Also the texts cited by Josh don't tell the whole story. Not least because there were 3 matches and the texts could only be referring to 1. But certainly they give the impression Duffy was aware of 1 match, and even if it is not stated as such I think it is a fair inference this amounts to "permission" or a waiver of the right to rely on the breach as it appears it was known he would play before he did. Whether DG is entitled to rely on any such permission or waiver by Duffy is a matter of fact and you'd need to hear evidence on whether this was the role Duffy played and whether DG was entitled to believe that Duffy was so empowered. But Duffy is the coach and if DG told him about each match before it was played, on balance I'd side with DG (marginally). But the contract wording or some of the factual evidence might blow that out of the water.
  5. Northern & Pariochal

    Sorry but a lot of people are coming across as thin-skinned. You ignore 95% of the video and pick up on one phrase you don't like. The reality is that you can market on lots of different levels. Imagine a Welsh rugby union video about ex coal miners playing in the valleys. Fine. Nothing to stop you also marketing the game internationally as well. I am sick of being afraid of admitting that the game IS played overwhelmingly in the north of this country and we have a strong heritage to be proud of. Where we look weak is when we try and portray ourselves as international and get told we're Micky Mouse, all the teams are made up of Aussies, only 3 teams can win a World Cup, you can't even get 16 teams for proper pools - all the usual criticism. We get picked apart for pretending to be bigger than we are. We need to stop worrying about the "inconsistency" in the JJB comments. We're northern and parochial. We've also got some great international teams and some really exciting new developments with the US/Canada interest. We should be shouting about both. A lot needs sorting and the RFL aren't great but so much energy is wasted on this debate about our true identity, it drives me mad. I'd say it's 70% on this and 30% on the game itself, which can't be right.
  6. Catalans signing?

    Quite I'd love to shout that on the terraces here, "He loves the chocolate that fella!"
  7. Catalans signing?

    What does "likes the chocolate" mean??!!!??? I can only imagine.... I think Wigan will use Powell. I saw a picture of him on pre season and he looks massive, like an out and out hooker
  8. Couldn't break the skin off a rice pudding
  9. Sargison back to SL

    Maybe he'll surprise us all... (I' m trying to think of the positives yeah)
  10. Post-World Cup blues!

    I feel empty inside. Not to worry. Work Christmas party tonight. I can just eat ###### food, drink ###### wine, speak to the people I spend 80% of my waking life with some more and then photograph my ###### cheeks on the photocopier. Classic. I'd probably miss the early kick off tomorrow anyway to be fair.
  11. 2018 Kits

    I've found the only 3 people out there actively coveting that Widnes kit...
  12. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    Not sure how good/ the England team in question was but I have distinct recollection of his poor positioning leading directly to tries against on more than one occasion. I've formed my opinion on his passing from having watched him for the last 10 years - he's much more comfortable sticking hold of it. I'd fully concede I don't see him week in week out, so you may be better placed than me, but I'm rarely impressed by his handling. Sometimes he does ok, other times not great. Rarely very good or excellent from what I've seen.
  13. Should the 4N return?

    An often-overlooked feature of the Tri and 4N was that it was supposed to improve the quality of GB/England but we routinely under-performed. Had we matched Australia regularly and won a tournament or two, it might have detracted from SOO. But if anything it cemented the idea that we were inferior. Such a shame, but it's hard to want it back when we fared so badly last time. I think tours and world cups are the way.
  14. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    Atkins has really struggled positionally in defence for England And he can't pass for toffee
  15. I've watched the game for 25 years. Main difference for me was coaching. We have had more regular internationals with the Tri and Four Nations but limited progress was ever made. But England today were competitive in areas they normally get dominated, which is due to Bennett. So more games? Absolutely, but with the right coach.