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  1. Interesting angle
  2. Oh I or two of the others look like they're on an attacking strike
  3. Here's one of Rick Stone looking fired up: And one of him upset: Here's an angry one: One of him when the team loses: And on his birthday:
  4. Surely you'd want to give the Wolfpack more of a crack if you were him, unless it's just about money.
  5. I thought Nigel Wright was brilliant. I'd have loved him to stay injury free.
  6. Yeah I really enjoyed that
  7. Yeah that's how I feel about it
  8. Percival got swatted by Inglis a couple of times in the WCC in 2015. He has quite a lot of mitigation: - Everyone at Saints got swatted and they lost 39-0 - Inglis is a beast, and swats everyone - Percival was only 20 But ever since then I've worried about him against truly world class centres
  9. With the whole Wolfpack thing I just come back to - If not now, when? - If not this, what? If expansion is ever to work, which by and large we as a sport believe should happen and want to see
  10. BURGESS TWINS DATING RACHEL RILEY Now there's a headline...
  11. As an aside, re the petition there is no prospect whatsoever of the BBC showing the game. The RFL will have entered into an agreement with the PPV provider to show on an exclusive basis here and the BBC could expect to face legal proceedings, as could the RFL, if it were shown on terrestrial. Just thought I'd flag it...!
  12. Yeah I can see those points. I actually agree they carry weight: there are a lot for whom streaming is a no go. But I do think it's viable for the RFL to try new ways of generating income and I don't like the flavour of entitlement to free games.
  13. I'd happily pay £3.49 for this. There is no God-given right to free television and why shouldn't RL look at other income streams where they won't get big crowd income? I cannot understand the attitude that unless it's free you won't watch. What's it worth to you? Zero? Really?! What about 20p? A quid? £3.49?
  14. I like the changes. Cap has equalized league to an extent but has probably kept pay a bit low and we're seeing talent drain. I can't see a better way forward at the moment than to give some more spending power but without lifting the cap entirely.
  15. Bruce McGuire