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  1. England WC shirt farce

    Is there an actual shop i can buy stuff in Leeds/Manchester/Fev? Home in a few days and as i dont own a coat, i could do with a hoody!
  2. Kangaroos squad for RLWC named

    Pretty good summary.
  3. Wolves sign Goodwin

    The solution isn't to buy young British players, it's to develop them! If you have a couple of good young players coming up, play them. Otherwise, you'll be saying the same thing in a few years.
  4. Wolves sign Goodwin

    How old was Joel Moon when he signed? 23/24? A world of difference Pomeroy was an equally average/bad signing. You dont deserve success if you sign these type of players.
  5. Wolves sign Goodwin

    Ive watched a lot of NRL, yes. Nothing against Goodwin himself, he's ok. Literally just ok. Average. I would rather have at least 20 players in the same position Simply, I don't understand how paying relatively high wages and a fee for a winger / occasional centre (did they pay a fee..!?) is the best way to build a championship winning squad. The best teams just don't do this
  6. Wolves sign Goodwin

    Able to play wing or centre is versatile? Please don't tell me they plan to play him at 1.
  7. I can't be bothered reading 35 pages, but Jukes's comments really annoyed me; particularly about mental health. The teams know that if they finish bottom, they're out. Nothing has changed, has it? It's a pathetic response and points me to why they got relegated, maybe his poor leadership?
  8. Wolves sign Goodwin

    What's he being paid? Anyone know?
  9. Wolves sign Goodwin

    He's 31/32/33? He'll be on fairly big wages. Maybe we have different opinions on what makes a good signing, but an overseas player with his best days behind him isn't my definition. I don't mind signing experienced players to push a young squad around the park or influence a culture if needed, but he's a centre/winger! Screams bang average to me.
  10. Wolves sign Goodwin

    Slight below NRL average. Not many brilliant centres around at the moment, but he'd have to be very cheap to be a decent signing.
  11. Wolves sign Goodwin

    I think this is a terrible signing. He's very average.
  12. Food and drink thread

    Sirocco lounge - meh. Pretentious. Average Gaggan - Wonderful food experience. Sat at the chef's table so had Gaggan with us for the evening. A lot of misdirection with plating, smells etc. A few highlights were a chocolate ball filled with chilli and curry, a prawn stuffed with sorbet that tasted like Tom Yum, Goat Brains. Every course seemed to have a place, it was refreshing or lingered on your palette for ages. Amazing - including the price!! Nahm - Always a winner. Proper spicy or refreshing as good Thai food should be. Washed down with brilliant cocktails. Great service Street food - Less and less of it kicking about. The government have really cracked down which is a shame
  13. NFL 2017/18 season

    Kansas with 3 points to win at the death. Best team in the NFL right now.
  14. NFL 2017/18 season

    He's getting a lot of praise recently, deserved. Wonder how Cutler would have done. I bet he's regretting the Dolphins. Really open season - can't pick a favourite at all - Washington taking Kansas to OT at their own paddock.
  15. Food and drink thread

    Bangkok in a few hours. Sirocco Sky Lounge tonight at the hotel (some sky bar jazzy nonsense) Gaggan tomorrow Nahm for Sunday dinner Suspect Gaggan will be amazing, but could be surpassed by street food and beer which is always a winner