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  1. The quicker Toronto play these games at home, the better.
  2. Toulouse by 22 London by 18 Toronto by 18 Fev by 20 Leigh by 24 Rochdale by 8
  3. The new NHS thread

    I've just checked and she's a scan tomorrow; suspect it'll be a week for the results.
  4. 32 degrees and actual mega thunder today.
  5. Food and drink thread

    Fish katsu curry for me dinner. Much lighter than the chicken.
  6. The new NHS thread

    My mother tore her medial knee ligaments pretty badly on a plane on her way out to Asia. This was over 8 weeks ago. On her return to England, mid/late March, she went to A&E and still still hasn't had an MRI as they're too busy. My Dad has had to take time off work to help her around the house. Is this actually normal? If that happened to me, i would be in and out within 3 hours, results and everything.
  7. Lions tour 2019

    Id go to this.
  8. Watches

    My best watch is a Panerai Radiomir Black Seal. Its a little bit bashed around but i like that given its militiary origins.
  9. Watches

    I like the dw watches, i hate the purists, theyre idiots. Hublot watches for example are hideous. I also have the nato straps, theyre good value. Will check out the Seiko thing as i was really thinking about one. A mate who i had some tea with tonight had a lovely Omega DeVille. I like the vintage Rancheros though for Omegas or the big lads from the 70s with the tachmeter or whatever it is. The Maurice Lacroix moon watches are lovely btw.
  10. Watches

    Im already 2 'expensive' watches in. Too late. The Grand Seikos look a good buy, quality movement at a fair price
  11. Watches

    I love a snazzy time piece! What do you wear? Whats the dream? I bought a Polar M430 t'other day and im enjoying him. I fancy going vintage at some point but theres just too much choice. Dream watch is a Ressence Type 3 or Patek Nautilus. A colleague lets me hold his and it gives me the horn
  12. Video Games

    Football Manager was an absolute joy - a wonderful game. Around the same time as Championship Manager Italia (early 90s?) there was a rugby management game where you started off as Huddersfield (or 4 other clubs); i would love to know what it was and play it again. Never had a console growing up so never played those games. The wife randomly bought me a PS4 one day and the only game ive ever played for more than 30 mins is GTA5. Love it. Keep intending to sort out my man cave, set up the PS4 again. This week. Maybe.
  13. London by 10 Toulouse by 14 Fev by 12 Toronto by 18 Fax by 14 Leigh by 24
  14. RLWC 2021 Venues

    I thought Anfield was great