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  1. I disagree. It's proper leadership and business acumen.
  2. And played his last ever rep game? World Cup implications? Potential he's not playing joy mixed with sadness that he won't be playing...
  3. Its the website, its pish. Give them a call, much easier
  4. I think so RS.. daft isn't it
  5. Panic over. 90 mins on hold to book on the phone. Despite the nice wee Sheila telling me 1 set of tickets and confirming another the 4 times, yes 4 times!!, i've booked 1 QF, 2 Semis and 1 Final. Lovely stuff.
  6. Jesus Wept. Buying ticets is hard work.. after signing up to both Tiketek in Aus and NZ i've managed to buy Melbourne QF and Auckland Semi. Using the same CC etc etc, it wont let me buy any Brisbane game, 1st it said something about my region and now that my CC details are wrong. Why isn't this easy?
  7. My cycle commute by the sea is becoming stale.
  8. See you there.
  9. Buying QF, 2 Semis and Final today.. Not loads of sections open, is this because the teams aren't determined yet and 'fan areas' will open up later? Ergo, should i buy today or wait...?
  10. Not bought tickets yet - is there anything available on where England fans will be etc?
  11. Decisions have been made and signed off. Melbourne for the QF. Brisbane for 2 days cricket and the 1st semi. Auckland for 2nd semi Back to Brisbane for the final. Moist.
  12. Itd be ruddy lovely, a proper sport almost
  13. Paid for it, couldnt watch it as i was geo blocked... interesting that theyll take payment from a foreign isp and card but not tell me i couldnt watch it; appreciate it was probs in terms & conditions but exceptionally disappointing. Very annoyed.
  14. Ive given up. Off to pub
  15. thanks missus, but not looking good either