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  1. Where are we getting the players from? As per my other post, we're not moving on without them. We're doing f all!
  2. How many times have we played France recently? How many times have Ireland, Scotland and Wales played? What have the NZRL done to promote the game in New Zealand? Genuine questions.
  3. Singapore. 32 degrees again today. Probably a storm later. Again.
  4. 32 degrees and thunder here. Same every day. I'd love some proper cold; wearing a jacket would do.
  5. Your ideal GB tour 2019

    Last month she went to the PNG game, 2 days of cricket, Aus v Fiji, the Tonga game and then the final. She really enjoyed it. Put games in go-to destinations at good times and you'll get fans. It's not hard.
  6. Your ideal GB tour 2019

    When do i tell the wife that we're going again.... thats the biggest question.
  7. Rant thread

    Singtel. F*&cking Singtel. To cancel my TV subscription (i only subscribed to watch Setanta which they replaced with a channel dedicated to people playing Playstation) i have to take my set up box and remote to a dedicated store... of which there are only 3. It'll be a 30 min cab, a 4 hour queue and i'll end up shouting at someone. Sunday is ruined
  8. How can England not regress now?

    This. For every country. If it doesnt happen i reckon im gone
  9. Argh... the smallest of margins. I hate rugby league
  10. Tougher than Origin?

    This a million times. Were so much better than them, we really are. Im off to get proper proper pis-ed
  11. Tonga - What now for them?

    Auckland airport this morning.. wearing a toronto tshirt, spoke to af least 5 groups of tongans about the semi. Couldnt wipe the smile off my face
  12. NRL looking at the womens game

    Regional conferences and an nfl style llayoffs would be nice. Seperate from the nrl too..
  13. Im fed up of this poo.. lets keep the score down..! F#$k off! I dont think we played well in 1st game and yet after travelling half way around world it was close. Its a pathetic attitude.