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  1. Its not a patch on Singapore. Its death by a 1000 small little cuts
  2. MattSantos


    Aye, the service needs to be done local; this may be the clincher. We shall see. Just had a quick look at Eterna and a 1960 kontiki looked blooming lovely!!
  3. Im watching Falling Down wi Michael Douglas to get some tips
  4. MattSantos


    Off to Japan on Friday. Ive pencilled in a morning around Ginza to have a peek. Will be seriously looking at the Grand Seiko snowflake & hi-beat. Nervous
  5. This morning, whilst I'm stood on the bus, the woman in the seat next to me shoves me out of the way so that she can scan her card and wait by the exit to be 1st off the bus. I was getting off too and asked her why she felt the need to bash me and my wife with her bag just so that she could get off 1st. Pathetic. Same bus a few month back, getting on through the chaotic queue, a man pushed in from of everyone to make sure he got a seat, leaving middle aged women to stand. I called him out on it and had an 'argument' on the same bus as he couldn't take it that i called him rude and selfish. 2 public showings and now I'm questioning whether i should bother or to not; made me wonder, does anybody else question rude people?
  6. MattSantos

    Food and drink thread

    A lovely young man has just popped by my desk and dropped off my Amazon delivery - Simon Rogan's new cookbook. Now where can i get some rosehip!?
  7. Youth Hosteling with Barry and Terry Cooking in Prison with Nigel Wood Inner City Sumo, again with Nigel Wood
  8. MattSantos

    Are we in a recession?

    We used to shop in a decent Morrisons (good steaks) and spend 00s just buying stuff we fancied. Switching to Waitrose, we were excited about what we were buying; planning meals meant we were buying jazzier items but overall less volume, less waste etc. Nicer car park as well
  9. MattSantos

    NRL Women's League - Round 2

    Woof, they're great numbers!
  10. This. 100% this. Its all utter pathetic, self serving, embarrassing nonsense unless this is addressed. I'm tired of it. The sport is being run by children.
  11. MattSantos

    New league structure revealed

    ooh ooh ooh, when it's announced, can we have a new thread? Parky, Scotchy1 et al are moist in anticipation
  12. For the enthusiast, im watching the f1 from my desk; some Porsche type affairs are bombing around. The sound is incredible.
  13. MattSantos

    Widdop set to miss Kiwi series with shoulder injury

    Hows that lad at Saints been playing? Richardson? Is he a 6 or 7?
  14. Pictures people, pictures!
  15. MattSantos

    Are we in a recession?

    Moving back to the UK next year - the wife was horrified when she saw the news... "where are we going to shop if they close that AND Waitrose..."