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  1. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    I'll be getting the app. Wonder how much it is for the year.
  2. Weather is getting better - an absolute scorcher at the golf on Saturday. Inevitable storms in the afternoon will soon go and it'll be back to a full day of awesomeness! Wooooo
  3. Why are they no posts on this thread?
  4. NRL coming back to Sky Sports A new service, so why would it be on SKY too?
  5. Hummel

    I wear a lot of hummel already. Euro-Hipster
  6. The TV Thread

    Any good food programmes recently? Hairy Bikers, Stein, River Cottage - that sort of jazz. I no longer subscribe to a TV service so download all material; happy with this arrangement, but with living away as well, i have absolutely no idea what's on. Ta
  7. NFL 2017/18 season

    Can't beat good coaching
  8. NFL 2017/18 season

    They're always dodgy 1st up - it's a marathon not a sprint. Defence has been really good as of late and they have Gronk. Massive favourites. Big news now is that Brady has hurt his hand, not enough keep him out out, but the Jacksonville defence certainly will get to him. Bortles is utter garbage though, so they won't score enough points.
  9. NFL 2017/18 season

    A fragility? Do they? Interestingly, they're perfectly placed as the team everyone loves to hate as the other 3 have never won a league. You have to fancy a New England - Minnesota final.Minnesota playing it at home makes it a 50/50 game. Day off booked - the wife took me to Bangkok to watch it last year. Aiming for a similar weekend.
  10. NFL 2017/18 season

    Jesus Wept. Good weekend that. Patriots for 2 on the trot. Sigh
  11. NFL 2017/18 season

    Aye Eagles might surprise a few, depends on whether they run well and dont turn i over. Which Foles will turn up? Minnesota v New Orleans is an absolute belter of a game. Unless Pittsburgh fire in attack and play man coverage v Brady (and rough him up a bit!) it's a Minnesota v New England in final at Minnesota. Woof!!
  12. Shop

    Cheers, will it be available online?
  13. I need some new training kit and as usual i havent the foggiest on where to look. Google directs me to a few, but is there a genuineky decent place to buy shorts and vests in all sizes, not s or 66xxl? I know this has been done to death so apologies
  14. Shop

    No shorts? No vests? No training kit? Anything in the pipeline?
  15. Food and drink thread

    Me Mam's recipe an all. Tinned Corned Beef of course. She used Oxtail Soup i think. Fresh corned beef ash with Yorkshires 1 day old corned beef ash with mash potato. 2 day old corned beef ash goes in a toastie.