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  1. Get thi sen to me Nanas. She puts some rate snap on. Thad be more than welcome. Everybody else is..
  2. 113k Seem to be in a decent routine at the moment of rowing and weights. Back doing well but my left leg isnt. I half think ill never 'run' again. Ah well.
  3. 114. Eating well. Training well.
  4. Aye. Hoping this is a tester before taking it to new markets. New stadium in Perth would be good.
  5. Its a Fitness First. The Virgin gym i was in earlier this year had much better standards
  6. People in my gym. 1 idiot always takes the locker right above the ironing board and then takes his time mincing about so the ironing board can't be used. I had a word today and hopefully this is resolved. 1 idiot left a wet jumper hung up over the benches. Unresolved. If i see it again, I'm putting it in the bin. Multiple idiots leave their towels and kit on the benches rather than put them in the wash a literal toss away. They also leave weights about etc. Trying to resolve on a 1 by 1 basis. Sub human ####.
  7. 114. Chocolate. German brunch this Saturday.
  8. Ah, the Eastern Oriental hotel. One of my favourite trips away.
  9. Where in Malaysia are you going? Just had a nipper so limited travel this year i suspect, though i expect i'll be back in the UK at Christmas. Would like to try and get a few weekends away in Thailand & Bali in, but see what happens.
  10. 1st day back in the gym today. Decent session of some intervals and i tried a ski-erg which was awkward and hard.
  11. Started my new job today. Newborn 3 weeks old. One hour commute home. Knackered
  12. Go back to work tomorrow, so with the inlaws here, we booked a nice michelin lunch for 13:30 whilst they look after the newborn. Struggling with the wee man so called them at 12:30 to ask when is the latest we can arrive as we were running late. She said 14:00. In a taxi and get a call at 13:55 asking where we were as the kitchen is now closed. Sigh
  13. Agreed. Likely to be included in the QLD camp, they do that well. Good to see different opinions.
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