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  1. MattSantos


    I played Jimmy Michie (spelling) once. Corner Pocket in Fev.
  2. MattSantos

    Golden Point

    I wonder if golden point is a nod to North America. They hate draws in the NFL
  3. MattSantos

    Rant thread

    Video conferencing old lad. Messed up the quote - cant be bothered to fix properly
  4. MattSantos

    Rant thread

    16 hours sleep. Boom. Still feel like ######.
  5. MattSantos

    Rant thread

    C*ck P&ss Partridge
  6. MattSantos

    Rant thread

    I'm in Chennai with work and i've still got an ear infection. Annoyed I was in the office for 05:30 today (08:00 Singapore time) to ensure i can show folk what is needed to be done at this hour. Tier 1 critical tasks. No one turned up till past 6. Annoyed.
  7. MattSantos

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Knew there was something i was missing. Waiheke it is..
  8. MattSantos

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Tonga and Fiji for my holibobs next year then. Missus will be happy.
  9. MattSantos

    Park Run

    Good to see you at it. Crack on old lad x
  10. 2 simple rules. Dont be a knob and be a good egg. Why is it so hard.
  11. MattSantos

    Park Run

    5k in under 30 mins today which was nice given its my first run in months. Must keep on top of it.
  12. MattSantos

    Dear Diary

    Emirates Business Class is better than Singapore Airlines.
  13. MattSantos

    Glasgow for the day.....What to do

    Aye. West End is your best bet and check oit Oran Mor for a play etc. Go to Cail Bruich or Number 16 for your tea. Trust me. Used to live next to the botanics so anything i can help with, pm me.
  14. MattSantos

    Health update.

    That game would have cheered you up! My tinnitus is becoming really depressing. A week now, hoping the 'infection' i have clears up soon!!
  15. Makinson for the Golden Boot?