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  1. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Cleans and rowing intervals.
  2. MattSantos

    NFL season 2018/19

    Aye, but the Rams had a face mask penalty not called as well.. 2 amazing games. 2 utterly incredible games. 1 wonderful commentator; Romo is an absolute joy.
  3. MattSantos

    NFL season 2018/19

    Up at 4am to watch on Gamepass. Fancy NOrleans and Kansas though the gameplan for Rams or NE could win it. So close.. cannae wait
  4. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Check out Petes plan. None weight bearing and it will never lie to you. Get to know your rower and you may fall in love.
  5. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Awkward. I was tired
  6. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Too complicated for a normal person. I would just concentrate on intervals at a desired pace. Youll learn your stroke pattern as you go. If you do want to row more than usual, Petes plan through google decent apparently.
  7. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    50 min gentle cycle to town with the sea on my left, around the bay, past the snazzy gardens and then by Marina Bay Sands into the gym. Took about 50 mins 10 sets. 3 clean and presses wi 40k then 800m on the rower. Did all 10 sets in 38:45. Cycle home. Knackered in a good way. Time for pool.
  8. MattSantos

    where was prince philip going?

    I won the 2018 dead pool. No prize. Thats all i've got.
  9. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Quick session on the rower today: 2,000 m, 4 mins rest then 1,000 m 7 mins and 2 secs for 2k, then 3 mins 38 secs for the 1k
  10. MattSantos

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    No halves. No consistency I dont like Cleary as much as everyone else. Wouldnt be surprised if they were top 4, nor would i if they didnt make the 8... All depends on the new coach. Great squad though Cant wait to see Ponga at 6. Top 8 this year and push on next year i reckon. As usual, Brisbane, Melbourne, Souths and Roosters will be good. Dragons a should also be challenging. Teams that wont make the 8 is hard to say, but probably Manly, Parra, Gold Coast only. Cant wait
  11. MattSantos

    Greg Inglis announces retirement date

    A wonderful player, but never been the best in his position for more than 18 months in my view.
  12. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    116k Day off today as i had a job interview so spent the time prepping (playing red dead 2 really...)
  13. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Personally, it's all habit. I go in my dinner time at work and it just becomes something i do. If i exercise well, i eat well. If i go on the drink or work from home, i tend not to go and then eat poorly as a result. Also, i have tended to train too intensely for a month or so and then have 2 weeks off because im carrying niggles. Starting to 'grease the groove' and take it steady now im old (37)...
  14. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Intervals done. 5*4 mins at 90/95% ish with 2 mins rest. Enjoyed that.
  15. MattSantos

    Fitness Thread

    Rowing intervals later today with sore legs from yesterday. Bit iof a tender hammy and tight back so good warm up needed.