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  1. I was being sarcastic. No one parks cash above certain thresholds. No one. A bank would cease the relationship as it's more hassle than it's worth. For those who have little, it's protected as per CASS regulations as i mentioned.
  2. What happens if a player is injured during a national camp - are the clubs compensated?
  3. If a client has a yard if cash, in theory it should be locked up as part of client money regulations - these have been in place and very severely enforced for a number of years. The client that has a yard of cash parked is an idiot and would deserve to lose it though :0 The tests are essentially a test of a banks liquidity against their assets. The reserves aren't cash, they're in a variety of assets, the more liquid the better; AAA bonds for example rather than nonsense that is cheap to fund.
  4. Agreed. Thought he played well. Particularly first half
  5. Its basics under pressure.
  6. Burgess not scoring.. huge moment
  7. We never seem to have a plan in their 20. Patience and we could do alright here. Cant concede again though
  8. Need to take those. Love it when we run straight
  9. Been whistling the Embrace song from the Sydney win on YouTube all day. Yeaman to Raynor....
  10. I hope so. I'm travelling back for the final...
  11. Trump for the win. Work is going mental - market volatility in Asia is akin to what Brexit caused - London opens shortly.