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  1. MattSantos

    Tour de France 2018

    Wonderful photo
  2. I missed my predictions. I would have won it as well...
  3. MattSantos

    Tour de France 2018

    First big day today - The Froome / Geraint dynamic may be interesting to follow if they're both contenders in a week or so.
  4. MattSantos

    Food and drink thread

    Poor service really does make a difference. First time i went to Gaggan, the food was amazing, but the strongest memory is sharing a beer with him as he minced around the place eating an UberEats.
  5. MattSantos

    Park Run

    10k trail practice yesterday - again i couldn't wake up early enough to beat the sun. Enjoyed the rigors of a trail rather than a straight 'run'.
  6. MattSantos

    Food and drink thread

    A gastronomic michelin star bonanza the next few weekends. 1. A masterclass this Saturday at Waku Ghin (2 star Japanese place) followed by a 6 course tasting menu - looking forward to trying A5 waygu beef 2. Bangkok weekend after for Gaggan's new tofu restaurant, 16 course tasting menu, a Sunday lunch at Bo-Lan (1 star) and then Monday lunch at Nahm (1 star). Trying to fit in SuHring (spelling) as well for Sunday night, but we'll see... Lots of gym and vegetables in preparation.
  7. MattSantos

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    Fev to beat London at home - 32 points. Fax to beat Toulouse at home - both on 31 points. Leigh to win - 30 points. --- Fax and Toulouse to win their last game - 33 points. Fev to lose - 32 points Leigh to win - 32 points and finish 5th on points difference. --- Fingers crossed
  8. MattSantos


    Buses and the 'subway' are plentiful and wonderful in Singapore. Cheap as anything and all have delicious aircon. Theres even an express bus in the morning that takes me straight to work which is nice. A great thing is the apps that enhance the bus service, tell it where you are and itll tell you what bus to take and when itll arrive. Brilliant, does this exist in the UK?
  9. MattSantos

    Park Run

    Still sweating as i stand at my desk. Oh to wear shorts to work.
  10. MattSantos

    Park Run

    Going for 5/6 k plod in my dinner hour. It's currently around 36 degrees and i've forgotten my sunglasses.
  11. Toronto by 56 Toulouse by 14 Swinton by 10 Fev by 2. Come on Fev! Dewsbury by 2 Leigh by 28
  12. MattSantos

    Park Run

  13. MattSantos

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    If Baddeil and Skinner knock out another 3 lions number, it'd sell pretty well! I've had 1 hour kip, finishing at 5am was silly.
  14. MattSantos


    82k is lower than what i thought for that level of experience. What about private GPs? What do they make when they 1st qualify?
  15. Charles Thyrwtt or TM Lewin shirts are better than M&S for mine Clive. Non iron = easier to iron if you have standards. If you don't, they're pretty much ok.