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  1. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Last time Catalans had a home cup tie was against Featherstone. The crowd was 1,320.
  2. RIP Roy Haggerty

    RIP to a great player and great character. He may be gone but his stories live on...
  3. Sunday

    A pretty honest and fair assessment from Leon in his post match interview. Said we are a niaive and immature team, not in terms of age but in terms of how we play the game in that we try to score off every set. Said we struggle with the basics of ball retention and building pressure and invite teams back into the game. Think that sums us up pretty well to be honest.
  4. Our new position in the EU

    Who has said otherwise ? It will be 20-30 years before anyone can meaningfully assess if Brexit has been a good or bad thing. You could be right and we have made a terrible mistake. But you could also be completely wrong and we are a thriving nation. You’d hate that wouldn’t you ?
  5. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    I brought this up on the Cheating thread a couple of weeks ago. I mean for gods sake a try was referred in the Hull v Leeds game for apparently obstructing the invisible man. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    It’s quite the reverse in my experience. Brexit is being used a convenient scapegoat for many things that are nothing to do with it. I’m sure there are many things that you can blame on Brexit but it has become the default position of people like you to simply blame every negative event on it. Anyway, regarding Nissan, the unions seem to believe them over the plant’s future so unfortunately you’ll have to look elsewhere for a doomsday scenario to keep you happy.
  7. Our new position in the EU

    Nissan have made it clear that this is a temporary measure while the plant is revamped and that they expect production volumes to recover in the next 18-24 months once the new models are launched. Although they are cutting jobs now they are continuing to invest in the plant for the future. There is also the issue of the proposed formal merger with Renault which will also create uncertainty regarding the group’s manufacturing base. Blame Brexit if you like but that ignores all of the facts.
  8. Our new position in the EU

    They have. A new battery manufacturing plant recently opened as they move towards building more electric hybrid vehicles. Even Nissan have said it’s nothing to do with Brexit and is something they’ve been planning for 3 years as they phase out their old models and retool the factory to build their next generation vehicles. The diesel issue is affecting all manufacturers, JLR recently announced 1,000 job losses due to the plummeting sales of diesel cars.
  9. Amateur RL in Allerdale

    How many schools in Allerdale play RL ?
  10. Westerman leaving TWP

    Karl Pratt, that is all.
  11. Gift card giveaway

    At the place I’m currently working their firewall blocks this site saying it is a phishing site.
  12. Watches

    3 x TAG Heuer (including the Connected smartwatch which I wear for work) 1 x Omega Seamaster 1 x Tudor (made by Rolex but without the bling) 1 x Breitling 1 x Longines 1 x TW Steel 1 x Jorg Gray 2 x Movado 1 x Glashutte Plus several cheaper watches from Seiko, Citizen, Skagen etc i have a serious watch fetish ! Must have about 25 in total. I can highly recommend based in Blackburn, they provide a fantastic service including sourcing specific watches and their prices are very reasonable, I’ve used them on several occasions.
  13. Is Billy Slater a diving cheat?

    It's just another for his repertoire, he's got away with feet first sliding tackles in goal for years.
  14. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    It's looking that way isn't it
  15. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Beating Bradford is all well and good but these are the bread and butter games that decide league positions. Played 3 league games away, lost all 3. That's mid table form.