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  1. Ok, radio commentary said he'd taken them off while they found out what the rules were
  2. Prior to this year the salary cap in C1 was £250k. It changed this year to the full £1.8m, the same as SL. Which club do you think that was brought in for ? That's not Toronto's fault, but it certainly gave them an advantage.
  3. I'm not saying they should be, they used the salary cap rules to their advantage and good luck to them.
  4. Did you object to this when Toronto were easily able to outspend the other C1 clubs by several multiples this year ? Or is it only unfair when it is the other way around ?
  5. That's not down to rules though is it ? Nobody prevents clubs B & C doing the same.
  6. As long as they're applied equally and fairly then how is that a problem ?
  7. Having read through this thread there are only a very few posts doing that. The vast majority aren't actually anti-Catalans but are anti special rules for them as some would like. If they're not good enough then they go down, whether that's a good or bad thing is irrelevant, it's the system we operate under. It does, and should, apply to all clubs. Simple as that. As for crowing about clubs in crisis, it happens all the time but people tend to forget it when it's not their own pet club. I remember many people practically wetting themselves with excitement on here ten years ago when it looked like Wigan might go down.
  8. Most people, including a lot of Leigh fans, will say well done to Catalans and that that's how things should be decided, on the pitch. That's how sport should work.
  9. Hooter has gone. 20-20 after extra time. Sudden death now until somebody scores.
  10. 3 minutes of extra time left and still no score. Both teams are rubbish at drop goals they've had at least 6 goes each.
  11. First ten minutes of extra time has been scoreless at Haven, closest effort was Haven hitting the post with a drop goal attempt.
  12. Confirmed as golden point extra time, ten minutes each way.