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  1. Do not try to reason someone out of an opinion that they didn't reason themself into.
  2. He was officially accredited by the RFL for the event so thought he was able to attend. When he got there he was told by Liverpool FC that he wasn’t allowed in and his accreditation was cancelled by them. Whatever the rights and wrongs of Liverpool v The Sun, there is an issue here of a host stadium overruling our governing body as to who can and can’t report on a flagship event. If people are ok with that then fine.
  3. I think what we will get in the end is a renovation of Derwent Park, with Borough Park still being demolished and the land being used to build a stand alone business park for Sellafield, NHS etc. Its papering over the cracks but short term populism always wins over long term strategy.
  4. Borough Park was always meant to be a temporary home for Town. Believe it or not DP took 8 years to build due to the lack of building materials after the war, you had to have a special licence to construct anything that wasn't deemed to be essential to the repair or replacement of war damage. Funding was also an issue until the RFL lent Town £13,000 (about £450,000 today) to construct the grandstand.
  5. I think BP's safety certificate expires at the end of next month.
  6. Definitely the best ball handling forward I've seen in a Town shirt. His offload game was unrivalled.
  7. With specific responsibility for economic matters.....
  8. Quite but the £1.8m only puts a team on the field. What about the cost of the necessary infrastructure to underpin it ?
  9. The bottom line though Dave is that they only matter if they result in an influx of cash into the game. So far that hasn’t happened. Cash is the only thing that matters, the rest is peripheral. Maybe it will eventually lead to that, none of us knows, but so far it hasn’t.
  10. Cloughie to Larry Lloyd in a dressing room argument "you're the fella who won 2 England caps on the same day - your first and your ###### last......."
  11. Same with the Gorleys, not a sniff of a cap when at Town but once at Widnes and Saints they were soon picked. I remember a former GB coach telling me that Town players were overlooked as a snub against TM who had upset most of the RFL officials of the time, don’t know how true that was but the international squads were picked by a RFL selection committee in those days not by the coach.
  12. Ian Wright & John Risman were a great combination. Wrighty was an explosive attacker and Rizzo was the most rock solid defender you’ll ever see on a rugby field. It was a memorable game if Rizzo missed a tackle ! on the subject of KK I know for a fact he’s applied for the Town job a couple of times and not even got an interview.
  13. I think the last time we played at Hunslet on the telly it was when Jarrad Stack lamped their hooker with a hell of a right hook.
  14. It suggests he is only on a part-time contract with Town if he’s got time to do that job as well.
  15. Is being live streamed on the OuRLeague app.
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