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  1. Derwent

    New kit

    Best shirt we’ve had for years. Simple but effective. Good stuff.
  2. Altogether now.... 🎵 you can check out any time you like...but you can never leave 🎵
  3. General Hindsight has never lost a war.
  4. Do you actually believe that anyone can sort this out ? All an election would do is shift the problem to someone else. Corbyn must be sh*tting himself.
  5. Derwent

    Town agree sponsorship deal with Myers & Bowman.

    Penky has signed a new contract with Town. If Leigh want him then they will need to pay a big transfer fee. Seeing as they are pretty much bankrupt then that isn't going to happen. Oh, by the way, the last time Town had a 6 figure annual sponsorship deal was Russell Office Systems in the early 90's.
  6. The problem is that this really is an unsolveable puzzle. You'd struggle to find any 2 people who want the same thing out of Brexit, whether hard Brexiter, soft Brexiter, Remainer who has accepted Brexit or Remainer who is still hoping it won't happen. No matter what May negotiates it is not going to appease a large swathe of the population due to the huge disparity in what people actually want. So, although she has been mocked on here for the "national interest" mantra, it is essentially all she can do. Faced with the situation she is in all she can do is say "I can't get a deal that satisfies everyone, all I can do is use my judgement to get the best deal for the nation as a whole". The perfect deal that suits everyone doesn't exist, it is impossible to achieve. As Barry on Auf Weidersehen pet once put it "that's democracy Denis, everybody gets what nobody wants..."
  7. Just to show there's nowt as queer as folk (as my nana used to say), Sky have just released the result of a poll done earlier today... Who would you most trust to lead the country through Brexit ? Theresa May 31% Jeremy Corbyn 25% Jacob Rees-Mogg 18% Boris Johnson 17% Dominic Raab 10%
  8. Friday 21st December is being touted as the most likely date for the commons vote. Failing that, it will be on Christmas Eve (seriously).
  9. No sponsor yet for the Challenge Cup. Ladbrokes decided not to renew their sponsorship and the replacement sponsors that were lined up pulled out of the deal last week.
  10. Derwent


    He means Gillam has gone to Rochdale not Moore.
  11. Is this the same IMF who predicted our economy would tank after the Brexit vote ? That would be our economy that is currently hugely outperforming the Eurozone growth rate ?
  12. Has anyone asked Merseyside Police if we're ok for that weekend ? 🤐
  13. Derwent

    Rant thread

    Just tell them what you want, what you really really want....
  14. Derwent

    Those nice tories

    I didn't say that the people were meaningless or how they were treated was either. But your original post implied that they died as a result of being deported, that people who had voted Tory were somehow responsible for their deaths. I don't think that's true.
  15. Derwent

    Those nice tories

    Were their deaths a direct consequence of being deported ? Would they still be alive if they had remained in the UK ? Unless the answer to either of those is yes then it is just a meaningless statistic.