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  1. If the administrator is appointed by the directors/shareholders rather than 3rd party creditors then the administrator can actually petition the shareholders for the difference between his fees and the realised value of the assets.
  2. Barrow drew with Oldham 22-22
  3. But you're only looking at Bradford in isolation. It's not so much about punishing them it's more about ensuring that other clubs aren't unfairly disadvantaged.
  4. But then you are essentially advocating that any club who gets into difficulty can cease trading today and start afresh tomorrow with no punishment. That can't be allowed to happen, especially in a sporting environment where an unfair advantage can be gained. The RFL have no legal powers to punish previous club owners and anyway, do you really think Marc Green (for example) ever wants to be involved in RL again ?
  5. The 12 point deduction is not entirely illogical. It's the price of maintaining Championship status and receiving £150k central funding and the prospect of having some decent attendances against established clubs. The alternative would be to drop down and get just £70k funding and have poor crowds against clubs that nobody wants to watch. Those 12 points are probably worth >£250k of income.
  6. Yes the maximum is still 5 whether you use loanees, DR or a combination of the two.
  7. You can only have a maximum of 5 loanees though.
  8. No but it makes it more affordable if you're not spewing money on 30+ full time players unnecessarily !
  9. Glad there's going to be a club in Bradford, hope the fans get behind it. I hope both the new owners and the fans have realistic expectations for the foreseeable future and don't fall into the "speculate to accumulate" trap that others have before them. Build the club and give it a solid base and if it is the big club that people say it is then success will come.
  10. Why would the RFL tell the players, it's nothing to do with them, they are ex employees of a defunct company. The RFL don't know if the new owner (if there is one) wishes to re-employ them all or what the terms on offer will be.
  11. Can't help thinking the Chalmers bid is Koukash via the backdoor. Marwan wouldn't circumvent the rules on owning 2 clubs though would he, it's not in his nature to break the rules like that......
  12. It's not a good idea, As I said much earlier in this thread there should have been a cut off date where any Bradford club, new or old, was automatically relegated if things hadn't been sorted by then. It would have given bidders full knowledge of where they were starting from and allowed their replacement time to prepare.
  13. Exactly, it's not simply a matter of appraising the bids and making a decision. Out of each bid there will be points needing further clarification, proof of funding, the legal contracts for the personal guarantees required etc. For all we know the RFL may well have chosen their preferred bidder and are waiting for that bidder to provide the further information or documents.
  14. Not sure what point you're trying to make here ? We will most probably be about 7th or 8th in the league, can't see that being a big attraction for fans. Haven, on paper, should be top 3 and will be referred to as "promotion chasing" all the time in the local press drumming up support. I can see their average attendance significantly increasing compared to last season, where as I'd be pleasantly surprised if ours managed to stay at the same level. Both averaged about 650 last season, I can honestly see ours being 450 this year while theirs rises to 850. People jump on bandwagons round here, but they're quick to get off when the wheels start coming off.
  15. History shows that when clubs round here are doing well then their crowds rise proportionally. If Haven are in the top 2 or 3 and winning games then their crowds will be significantly higher than last season. Sadly I can't see ours being much higher than 450 especially as there'll be very few away fans for a lot of games.