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  1. Derwent

    New Stadium for Workington

    Been reading the Reds forum and someone on there claims to "have it on good authority" that Town have just been paid £175,000 by the council for the lease on part of the land next to Tesco. Hope he's right !
  2. Donny v Town is a dead rubber, both guaranteed 3rd and 4th respectively. Not sure why they have chosen this game as the live stream. Speaking as a Town fan I don’t care what the result is as long as we have a clean bill of health for the repeat fixture next week. This is just a fixture to get out of the way for both teams as a pre-amble to next week.
  3. Derwent


    Yes, next week’s game is a dead rubber as league positions won’t switch even if we win. Two consecutive away games there now.
  4. When I was in my late teens/early 20s I had an original mark 1 Ford Escort RS Mexico. They go for between 35 and 40 grand now.
  5. Derwent

    Hull & Barrow league 2018

    Last table I can find for Barrow league is after 12 games
  6. Derwent

    Please Tell Me this isn't True.

    Nah not even Hock can give 15 penalties away....
  7. Wait until they find out that not a single Toronto player has made the nominations for player or young player of the year in the championship awards. Oh, and Rowley wasn't nominated for coach of the year either.
  8. A very lethargic performance by Town, looks like back to back games against Bulls and York took their toll. Well done to Thunder on a deserved victory.
  9. Derwent

    Newcastle away

    Have to say that was poor right from the off today. We looked lethargic in the warm up and it carried on from there. Some of their tries were really soft and Leon will not be happy with that. We have one player in the team who simply can’t defend and he was exposed several times today. But it’s done now and we have to regroup and look forward.
  10. Derwent

    Newcastle away

    They are running us ragged with their pace here. 28-16 to Thunder now.
  11. Or, as Blair quite rightly said this morning, you can hope that something/someone credible comes along to fill the vacuum between hard left and hard right, which is what probably 90% of the population want.
  12. Derwent

    Rant thread

    Gus Hedges was ahead of his time. Just thought I'd run that up the flagpole and see who salutes it.
  13. Derwent

    Newcastle away

    They have a lot of pace in their backs with Tee, Young and Agoro so we need to close them down and stop them getting space on the edges. I'm sure Leon will be working on it this week in training.
  14. Derwent

    Denver test is dead

    I'd have thought on a risky project like this he would have set up a separate company to dump all of the risk into and protect his main company at the same time. If the new company goes bust then it doesn't impact on his existing one.
  15. They're actually scared of being in power as it will mean their theories and ideologies actually being tested in the real world.