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  1. Bluetooth/streaming systems

    I have a Sonos system, it's pretty good.
  2. 2018 Kits

    Haven haven’t released their shirt yet, that one earlier in the thread is just a heritage shirt designed by one of their supporters groups to raise money for the club.
  3. Ike southward trophy

    Yes, I think Norman Turley was the player coach of that team ?
  4. Harry Leslie Smith

    I don't disagree that the law should be changed and that HMRC should be given the requisite resources to tackle the problem. But you can't judge people on what should happen, at least not in the legal sense.
  5. Harry Leslie Smith

    That's not what I am saying. All that people can do is comply with the law at that time. The principle of right and wrong doesn't matter - it is only what the law says which matters at the time. Is it wrong ? Yes. Is it illegal ? No. You can't prosecute anyone for being in the wrong, you can only prosecute for doing something illegal.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    I think for this issue you need to replace buyer and seller with payer and payee.
  7. Harry Leslie Smith

    Tax evasion is wrong. Tax avoidance is a matter of law. Schemes allowed by current legislation can’t be wrong no matter how distasteful they may be.
  8. Harry Leslie Smith

    I don't believe in idealistic rhetoric, I believe in pragmatic realism ie dealing with what actually exists rather than what should or could exist.
  9. Our new position in the EU

    There is also research that shows the anchor effect almost always works in the sellers favour.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    First rule of negotiation - who offers first loses.
  11. The Paradise Papers

    1. No embezzlement won’t do, as that’s not what the law says it is. You call it what you wish though. 2. Not very many are. Go to any run down estate and everyone knows where to go to buy their cheap fags etc. They quite happily avoid the tax and duty so they can save a few quid. 3. I didn’t associate anyone with anyone. I simply pointed out that people at all levels of society cheat the system. It isn’t the “rich v poor” issue that you like to make out.
  12. The Paradise Papers

    Stealing is illegal, what they are doing is not. Many people cheat the system every day, from the millionaires who avoid tax to the people who buy knock off fags and booze to the people who claim benefits they shouldn’t to the people who pay tradesmen in cash to lose the vat off the bill.
  13. The Paradise Papers

    Why should I have one ? It’s not for me to judge them. I wouldn’t do what they do but that doesn’t mean I should automatically condemn them for it, nor does it mean I condone it. If they want to do it, and it’s legal, then it’s a matter for them alone. Just like many other things in life.