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  1. His brother Paul played for Sheffield I think. Hitro still lives in West Cumbria.
  2. He was indeed, was a cornerstone of the great Town team that Peter Walsh built. Garry is now the manager of the new sports centre in Workington.
  3. Eppie Gibson

    RIP to a Town legend
  4. Old RL paper

    Actually, and I'm sure Mr Sadler will correct me if I am wrong, its original name was Rugby League Weekend. It then became Super League Week and finally Total Rugby League.
  5. Yes Malcolm was from Great Broughton.
  6. Yes, it was Malcolm Thomason.
  7. When Cameron Bell was coach they brought several unknown overseas players here who went on to become stars and internationals. Dean Bell, Clayton Friend, Hitro Okesene, Steve Georgeallis, Richard Henare, Brad Hepi, Tane Menihera to name but a few. Their ex-chairman Alan Tucker wrote a great book about their short history....
  8. I caught an interview on 5Live Drive show yesterday with the owner of an agency that supplies the NHS with nurses. If ever there is a racket that is it. He openly admitted to inducing nurses to quit their permanant NHS jobs so he can take them on and hire them back to the NHS at a cost of more than treble what they were costing as employees.
  9. Leigh vs Toronto: Where to Watch

    They've left the club altogether, must have been really naughty.
  10. Conspiracy Theories

    Or, more importantly, oil.
  11. Carillion - gone?

    Anyhow, it seems the government owned RBS had a hand in putting the final nails in Carillion's coffin according to reports that they withdrew a supplier payment facility at the same time that Santander withdrew their Invoice Discounting facility.
  12. Carillion - gone?

    Different one, I was talking about Sir Robert & Sons.
  13. Carillion - gone?

    That's just a fact of life in the construction and contracting industry though, its not unique to Carillion. The client squeezes the Tier 1 contractor, who then applies the squeeze down the chain to the Tier 2s and their supply chain. It's gone on for years. I remember years ago having some dealings with McAlpine and being shocked when I found out they only paid their bills twice a year in March and September, if you invoiced them in April or October you were going to wait 6 months to be paid. Plus a lot of things are done via the Application for Payment/Payment Certificate system which the T1 or client can manipulate the timing of the issuing, as without that you can't invoice. It happened recently in the North East when Owen Pugh went bust. They had a very strong order book but simply ran out of cash due to delays in payments.
  14. Carillion - gone?

    Back when the nuclear industry was publicly owned and the workers were in the civil service pension scheme the employees were making a pension contribution of just 3% to receive a final salary pension that was a 40th scheme (versus 60th or 80th schemes in the private sector), and they could retire at 55. Someone earning £50k a year with 35 years service was getting a pension of £43,750 per year, plus it is index linked so rises exponentially with inflation. If they got 40 years in they effectively retired on the same pension as their salary.
  15. Carillion - gone?

    You will not get a surplus for a few decades until the last recipients of final salary pensions have died. It is, by and large, companies that at some point had final salary schemes that have the largest deficits as they were seriously underfunded.