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  1. Rumoured that they've been trying to offload him for a while.
  2. Not for what the OP is wanting: real ale, and whilst I said that it does sell hand pulled Theakstons I wouldn't really recommend it.
  3. Not noticed that as I won't be there. So means 17.42/44 train then, gets in 17.50, so 10 mins to get into position!
  4. If you really want some real ale I'd be tempted to get the train to Pontefract (Monkhill). After coming out off the platform cross the car park diagonally left, go down the steps and turn right. Walk past the Railway to the Hope and Anchor at the end of the road. You can either stay there until game time (train to Fev at about 18.42 from Monkhill) or walk into town to sample the others. From the Tap and Barrel it's a couple of mins, and from the Robin Hood about 5mins, walk out of town down the dual carriageway to Tanshelf station for the train at 18.44.
  5. Not much in the way of 'real ale' pubs nearby. The Bradley Arms which normally has 2 or 3 real ales on, is a good 20-30mins walk - walk away from the centre of Fev towards Cas (you can hop on a bus from just outside the station if one's due, opposite side of the road if you're coming from Wakefield direction) but it has been closed for a while and may still be so I'd check before venturing. Just outside the station is Last Orders which I think does (or did the last time I was in) sell hand pulled beer (John Smith's!!) and about 100yds away is the Featherstone Hotel which had Black Sheep on the last time I was in. There are also the White House (Sam Smith's), The Junction and The Travellers (not sure what the last 2 sell) - head through the centre and out towards Pontefract, all 3 are on the main road, A645. Pontefract itself has a few more that do real ale (Robin Hood, Tap and Barrel, Blue Bell and a Wetherspoons close to the centre and close to Monkhill Station is the Hope and Anchor) but you would need to extend or break your journey. The Rovers clubhouse also sells hand pulled Theakstones
  6. Apart from the question of why we'd not play at our own ground.....if the teams are put in alphabetically, and assuming the balls came out in the same order, surely we (ball 5) would have been drawn away at Dewsbury (ball 3) and Cas (ball 1) would be at home to Leeds (ball 10).
  7. If my calculator works correctly the Council will 'make' £630700 from this deal (I get the repayments as £21k per month), although taking inflation into account it will almost certainly be a loss in real terms. Not really sure how it can be defended, especially given all the cutbacks going on at the moment, and I'd love to see the minutes of the Finance meeting where this was approved.
  8. You've honestly never heard of ASUS, one of the world's top PC manufacturers? I know Wakefield's still in the dark ages when it comes to technology but.......
  9. Confirmation of what a fantastic deal it is(n't) for the council tax payers of the district https://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/news/wakefield-council-papers-reveal-trinity-paid-significantly-above-market-value-for-belle-vue-ground-1-9703559
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