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  1. Our League

    ...............at least not till the Yanks arrive....
  2. New shirt

    I'd have thought wrong blue (too dark) for either........
  3. Marwan bids for Gold Coast Titans

    Clearly he's got a few Bob more than me but, I can never understand why he never makes The Times' Rich List that starts with folk valued at ca£130m if memory serves..........
  4. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Full criteria here http://media.therfl.co.uk/docs/FACILITYSTANDARDS2016 final PDF.pdf
  5. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Minimum standing, seating requirements are (supposedly): SL 5000, 2000, Championship 3000, 750, C1 1000, 500.
  6. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Just been looking and found where I'd read it: rumour on Dewsbury forum, although it was posted after Wakefield confirmed they were staying at BV.
  7. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Think I've read somewhere that they are moving their training base to Dewsbury
  8. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    So which team will have earned promotion over and above Leigh (should Salford be unable to compete in SL next season), who were comfortably the best of the teams to miss out on SL status through the current system of the Qualifying 8s, based on performance on the pitch?
  9. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Rumour only. There are absolutely no reports of any meetings of the Championship clubs to support that - although that doesn't mean that their weren't some (unofficial) discussions. As for the whiff of something not quite right, does anyone really believe that had any potential 'new' owners stipulated that they would only take over/start anew IF the Club started the 2017 season in C1 The RFL would have vetoed their bid and let Bradford disappear altogether?
  10. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    ...although most, apparently, prefer to drink beer and eat than actually watch the game.......
  11. Cain Southernwood goes to Hunslet

    Don't think Briggs has actually signed for anyone yet, there hasn't been any announcement from anyone. Listening to Duffy after the 'fax game it sounded as though he'd like him to stay at Fev. I'm pretty sure I've also seen somewhere that he's considering retirement as an option but can't remember where or find the link again.
  12. Toronto mk2 + mk3

    That's small fry....... http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/rugby-league-world-cup/world-cup-promoter-tips-american-teams-playing-in-england-to-be-a-passing-fad-20171009-gyxezn.html
  13. Hardaker - It was always going to happen

    He was 'collard' after the game against Leeds on 8th September. I'm not sure but they may well also test for metabolites which would give a potential longer window. My understanding of this case though is that it is an in-competition test which covers the period from 12hrs before the start to the end of an event and also that 'cocaine' is only a banned substance in-competition and attracts no WADA sanction out of competition, although clubs/governing bodies may choose to hand out their own punishments a la Ben Barba.
  14. Zak Hardaker suspended for positive drugs test

    He was I believe fined by his club. As to the connection with possible upcoming bans for people taking WADA banned substances there isn't one really. In only a handful of sports is alcohol a banned drug that will get you suspended; shooting and archery being 2 of those,
  15. 2018 Squad.

    Oooh, pots 'n' kettles........