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  1. Les Tonks Sidestep

    2019 captain?

    and ever so slightly pessimistic......
  2. Les Tonks Sidestep

    2019 Squad

    But that's where we're currently at, and I would have used Josh H as an example if TPH hadn't already beaten me to it. If 1st team contracts have been given out following the trials then those players are clearly judged good enough to be in there. Also I've no idea who these players supposedly signed are so who's to say that they haven't been attached to pro clubs previously?
  3. Les Tonks Sidestep

    2019 Squad

    Guess the positions that those rumoured to have been signed on 1st team contracts following the reserves trial (can) play may well have a bearing too.
  4. Les Tonks Sidestep

    The New Coach, what are our hopes and expectations?

    Hopes: 2019 CC and Championship GF winners. 2020 win CC for the second consecutive year, finish top of SL and win the GF at a canter............. Expectations: we'll do OK, finishing well clear of the relegation spots and likely outside the top 5 but probably not that far off.
  5. Well Toulouse didn't appear to be scared of 'the consequences' when they chose not to enter the 2018 competition.
  6. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Jarrod S

    £655k in 2017
  7. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Jarrod S

    1st team squad spend was just short of £720k in 2018. Budget for 2019 is ca£420k.
  8. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Let's have a 'Who do you want our next coach to be' thread!!

    By my reckoning it's 5: he got 10 games (8 for biting + 2 for a high tackle) and has missed 3 so far. Add on 2 friendlies and that leaves 5 still to sit out [always assuming that the Yorkshire Cup game(s) don't (as expected) count].
  9. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Average lifetime of 1yr 10mths or 1yr 6mths ignoring DP's reign..........
  10. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    They're no longer amongst your picks to be battling it out at the bottom then? Despite what DB was saying it seemed obvious they were never in as much of a pickle as was made out. If he isn't back hogging the limelight before the end of the season I'd be gobsmacked....
  11. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    He's still the major (only?) shareholder so I doubt it. The comment at the end of his statement: "....while I take a back seat...." would also suggest otherwise, as would the fact that the Club owe his company over £1m.
  12. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Beaumont leaves Leigh

    £969k at the end of 2016, which will almost certainly have increased since then. Latest accounts (to the end of 2017) are 2 months overdue - they will make interesting reading...........
  13. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    If he does own all or part of YCK, or even if members of his family do, it's all being done somewhat murkily since Companies House shows there to be only one director, one person of influence and one shareholder: John Flatman. You can own shares in 2 clubs but can only be a person of influence ie be a director, ceo or own more than a certain % of shares or voting rights (not sure if it's 25 or 30%) in one
  14. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Jarrod S

    What about turning assets with potential value into assets with real value?
  15. Les Tonks Sidestep

    Let's have a 'Who do you want our next coach to be' thread!!

    Nah, that's only when his team loses......