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  1. I believe he's now a reformed character..........
  2. 'Full contact' so should really be obvious to spot!
  3. The good old days.......
  4. While we're on nostalgia, from The Victor Book for Boys 1971:
  5. Match Thread: Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 4th March 2018

    His self-imposed exile not lasted long then.......?
  6. The Match Review Panel meet on a Thursday to review the previous weekend's (Championship) games so we should hear later today if he's been charged. Unless things have changed, it will be next Tuesday before the verdict on any charge is published.
  7. I'm changing my championship predictions

    I'll wait till they've played a few more games away from home.
  8. Match Thread: Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 4th March 2018

    What's happening (and has been for a while) over there very much reminds me of the period shortly before and after the end of the Powell era.
  9. Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Hard to believe that many still see him as a mega rich, messiah figure......
  10. Absolutely appalling.

    Those normally appear with 'no charge' as the decision following the review, but there's nothing in this case.
  11. Absolutely appalling.

    Found the Halifax one I think - Fleming banned for 1 game for dangerous contact on Robinson
  12. Absolutely appalling.

    And didn't Hepi get sin-bin sufficient after his slap on Cooper in the Toulouse game? Speaking of the disciplinary, anyone know what happened to the 'on reports' from the Halifax and Toulouse games? There's been nothing on the RFL website's disciplinary summary pages that I've seen.
  13. 11 Mar: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    While I agree that players need to show discipline and restraint all have a breaking point and, as history shows, they reach it much more easily when they aren't given protection.
  14. 11 Mar: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    You've misread - they certainly weren't bullied as they stood up for themselves. The return fixture will need a stronger ref otherwise it could end up as a bloodbath.
  15. 11 Mar: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    That's actually across the border in Rotherham