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  1. Nay, Ainscough's kick by a country mile......
  2. Update: this weekend's M62 closure postponed due to expected poor weather https://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/news/traffic-and-travel/m62-weekend-closure-cancelled-due-to-poor-weather-forecast-1-9821003
  3. I haven't checked the Op Rules but I'm fairly sure there is a whole range of sanctions from a warning, through fines, Pts deduction to termination of membership of the RFL.
  4. Westbound between J28 and 29 - diverting traffic up M1 onto M621 and back to M62. Might be as well picking up M1 from A1 south of A64 and then M621 in Leeds. Eastbound open.
  5. No club should be having to educate players about drinking and driving!
  6. Not sure it matters. Until the punishment affects them personally I very much doubt there's much chance of them changing their behaviour at and around games. You only have to read some of the postings on here to realise that they think that it's only lads 'having a bit of a laugh' and don't care that most find their actions repulsive.
  7. Oh yes I know that, the Club have already confirmed that they are under investigation. Unfortunately I doubt the culprits will be able to be identified from the video. ...and the fine will certainly be significantly bigger.
  8. ...and still the Bradford events to be considered by the RFL?
  9. Clubs go into these play offs ranked 1 to 5 and keep that ranking throughout.
  10. Not sure how with a score of 218 to 38........ PS I must've missed the late Sheffield scoring spree.
  11. Are the sources of these rumours the same as those that were predicting a 14 team SL in 2019?
  12. Clubs in the CC semis get equal shares of the gate money after taking out 5% for the cup pool and expenses for the staging of the game.
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