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  1. £40million development? Reported everywhere else as £135million. 13,300 capacity? The planning application is for 10,000.
  2. Fair enough, but it's looking increasingly like it's all been set up for a while. All this 'bleating' about how difficult it would be to start from scratch, yet in less than a week there's a top coach, a supposedly top CEO, players signed up and loans arranged, Provident (supposedly) back on board as sponsors........
  3. Looks as though at least one of The RFL's prerequisites required of new owners has been ignored: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/bradford-bulls/rfl-defend-decisions-over-new-bradford-club-as-preferred-bidders-get-set-to-unveil-coach-1-8343876 "Although the new owners have not provided a financial bond as a guarantee to the RFL, the governing body was satisfied with their “comprehensive” three-year business plan"
  4. Although assuming that The RFL don't change the rules for their iconic favourites, they can only play 5 at a time...... Also there are rumours around that although they are only getting £150k central funding, the rent on Odsal has been reduced to a 'peppercorn' and their landlords will pick up the maintenance costs for the next 3 years meaning that, in effect, they are receiving greater funding than they would have had they not gone belly up.
  5. Add in being a bit of a penalty machine and I really can't understand why we'd re-sign him? Although he did seem to be one of those players who are for some reason 'un-droppable' no matter how badly they play.
  6. Apparently putting 4 flagpoles up soon..........maybe they'll be able to be reuse them as goalposts to reduce costs?
  7. Possibly disturbing is the report elsewhere from someone claiming to have some knowledge of what has been going on is that the reason for the delay between Friday's announcement and yesterday's press release was the lack of funds to satisfy a reported demand for money upfront by hmrc. They also claimed that this shortfall has been loaned by the RFL with Chalmer's house as security. One can only hope there is no truth in that.......
  8. According to The Guardian 'The Rugby Football League, which approved Chalmers and Lowe’s bid last Friday, have now switched their focus to securing the old club’s intellectual property rights from the administrator who liquidated the club earlier this month." Why The RFL and not the new owners?
  9. Although David Thorne appears to be broadly in agreement with him.... http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/bradford-bulls/bradford-saga-rfl-under-fire-over-handling-of-bidding-process-1-8337510
  10. Could always be of similar value to those offered by Sheffield last season.....
  11. Guess you've not seen this info then (some taken from a post on RLfans): 01/01/2009 Director Vinnie Weir demonstrated the concerns of a growing anti-Chalmers faction when he told the Sunday Star-Times he would demand a full financial statement at that meeting from Chalmers after claims the NZ league was more than $1m in debt. 06/2009 Harvest Pro, a Silverdale-based company, run by two directors – Zane Cleaver and former NZ Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers – was contracted to do a pre-harvest survey. The company produced an inventory and it is understood that on the basis of that report and advice from a company in Whangarei, The Council (now Auckland Council) decided to proceed to harvest even though the trees were still relatively young. 05/01/2013 Former Kiwis coach Graham Lowe is involved in a bid by racehorse owner Marwan Koukash to take control of financially troubled Super League club Salford. Lowe has flown over from New Zealand at the request of Koukash, who has spent the last week negotiating to buy the City Reds. He is also working closely with former New Zealand Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers and Ed Farish, a former finance officer of Australia's National Rugby League. Both are associates of Rugby Football League chief executive Nigel Wood, who has helped broker talks with both long-serving Salford chairman John Wilkinson and Salford City Stadium owners Peel Holdings and Salford Council. 02/05/2014 Harvest Pro ceased trading last year, owing more than $25 million to creditors, although the joint venture was not listed as one of the 150 unsecured creditors. 31/01/2015 New Zealand league legend Graham Lowe's former recruitment company has been put into liquidation owing the Inland Revenue almost $1 million.The 10-staff business that Lowie Recruitment Ltd operated is still running and was sold to another firm before the insolvency, liquidators said yesterday. Although the business - still trading as Lowie Recruitment - continues to use Lowe's nickname, the former Manly, Queensland and Kiwis coach is no longer involved in it, a staff member told the Weekend Herald. The business is now run as a division of Pounamu International, a company co-directed by former New Zealand Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers. .
  12. 2013, Sheffield Eagles coach Mark Aston says: “We don’t have any such dual-registration agreement with a Super League club and we won’t as long as I am here,” he told News & Star Sport. “Do we really need dual-registration players? I won’t sell my soul to anyone.” Maybe AC could ask his mate Mark how much he got for his soul, or has he left the Eagles?
  13. We are Bradford, we are the special ones......
  14. So only 12 short for the 17 needed on match day then.......
  15. If it can be done by Gloucester, Coventry, Hemel, London Skolars and Oxford it can surely be done in Bradford! If it really can't, then maybe the City doesn't deserve a pro RL club.