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Costigan deal confirmed

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#21 stevereed100

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 07:47 PM

It's only my opinion but to me Neils "hatred" of Hull only ever gets a mention when Hull fans want to vent their upset that Rovers are stealing their limelight. How they must long for a Chairman / Owner that is actually a true supporter of the club.

I love the fact that we have local rivals whether or not we are the top team. In over 50 years of support ing Rovers we have had many years as the junior side in Hull but that makes the good years all the better.

I am proud to support the club when we lose and just as proud when we win. You cannot 'beat the feeling of winning at Wembley, of winning the league in the early 80s or of that day in Warrington when we qualified to join the Super League. None of which Hull have managed.

#22 Old Frightful

Old Frightful
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Posted 26 July 2013 - 06:21 AM

Steve, I only mentioned Hudgell's feelings against Hull FC because it was relevant to Dimmest Star's post.


And, again it's only my opinion, but the financial troubles at Hull KR are because your chairman has run Rovers as a fan rather than as a businessman.


And I agree, you cannot beat the feeling of winning the league in the early 80's. "None of which Hull have managed"? :huh: 


I think you should check your record books.

         SL Steve Prescott Man of Steel 2016 - Danny Houghton                 SL Top Gun 2016 - Marc Sneyd (83% goal success)

         SL Hit Man 2016 - Danny Houghton (1,289 tackles)                        SL Club of the Year 2016 - Hull FC

         SL Coach of the Year 2016 - Lee Radford                                        RL Challenge Cup Winners 2016 - Hull FC


                                                                      All in all, not a bad year, I suppose...

#23 stevereed100

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 08:39 AM

Know I overstretched there, Hull did manage a League win but needed a bit of cover for slipping in my personal moment, sitting in the stand to the left of Roger Millard when he raised the Cup at Wembley. Perhaps you will feel this warm glow this year!

#24 DeadShotKeen

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 11:43 AM

Neil Hudgell will stand down when and only when there is someone equally capable of taking over. He has stated this over and again and that he will not do anything that is not in the best interests of the club.


The thing with Neil is that he is a fan who became chairman not a chairman who became a fan like Pearson & Koukash and I mean that as no criticism of those two. But unlike them he can never walk away it's a lifelong passion, a part of him, so he is never ever just going to leave the club in the lurch. That's why he sometimes wears his heart on his sleeve but there is no doubt his outburst earlier this season was a calculated attempt to attract new investment. He & fellow investor Rob Crossland had concluded that the decade of year on year growth they have presided over had levelled off and they couldn't take the club further on their own.


New investors are now on board and the financing of the club for 2014 and beyond now secure. The new investors wanted Neil Hudgell to stay on as chairman and Rob Crossland as vice chairman, and with the financial burden now shared 4 ways Neil & Rob were delighted to agree. Discussions continue over historical debt (the debts secured by Hudgell & Crossland) but Neil says they are getting close on that too. Negotiations are still ongoing with other potential investors which may or may not come to fruition.


The golf stand at the north end of our ground was often derided but at least it was a half decent facility with a view not needing binoculors. This year it has been a building site pending the opening of our new £8m North Stand. It 'should' have been open for the start of this season thus increasing the capacity of MS3CP significantly but instead ....the capacity was decreased.


If you were NH or RC putting the fruits of everything you have ever achieved in your whole life into Hull Kingston Rovers that would be deflating and others don't give a fig about Hull KR and why should you but us Rovers fans really, really do. There's no way we're ever going to go away.


There's about 8,000 people for whom Hull Kingston Rovers is the most important thing in their lives. Another 150,000 who say 'Rovers' when asked 'Rovers or Hull?'


This magnificent city of Kings Town Upon Hull...obviously with 2 wonderful Rugby League clubs one has to be inferior and IMO it happens to be the club recently known as Hull FC but formerly Hull Sharks and before that HUll RLFC.


But would I want this barcoded set of underachievers to disappeasr off the face of the Rugby League planet? Too right I WOULD.


As they would us.


Rugby League in its biggest stronghold ...Kings Town Upon Hull.



Very good post but if all of this is true why hasn't Hudgell (along with the likes of Davy, O'Connor & Hughes) been campaigning for a franchised league (or at the very least a continuation of licensing) to secure and maximise his investment? The recent meetings would have been the perfect platform. This is the biggest disappointment for me. The turkeys seem to have voted for Christmas.


Essentially all of their good work has been undone by the dreaded return of P&R, which threatens those 4 clubs much more than those above them they're (forlornly) trying to catch up with and those below who are used to cutting their cloth according to it anyway.


And don't forget I'm a formerly passionate Rovers fan who has bailed due purely to hatred of the mooted structure. Am I alone? Who knows? But it's these middling clubs making great strides to push on both on and off the field that have most to lose with the reintroduction of uncertainty around their income streams. Basically, I don't think you can count on 8K fans as Rovers inevitably hover not too far from the drop zone in the next few years. A lot of those fans I'm sure - like me - came back into the fold due to the new dawn of licensing and the leveling of the playing field it promised and which the RFL then cowardly and incompetently took from us.

Edited by DeadShotKeen, 26 July 2013 - 11:47 AM.

#25 Ullman

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 01:16 PM

In fact in contrast to your nasty (but enlightening) little post i would suggest KR deserve a fair bit of credit all round, managing to upgrade the stadium to a very nice RL ground, get a very decent Academy set up running from nothing since 07 and achieving a substantial reduction in reliance in overseas players all while getting a competitive side on the park on on an unlevel playing field ..(this season will be 5 top 8's from 7 i believe)... in fact they are without doubt the ideal inspiration for any promoted club to follow..

The RFL's assessors didn't see it that way. Hull KR's Academy was one of the four who received the lowest rating of 'weak' in the 2013 accreditation.


In case you missed it, here's a link to the document that Derwent posted in the relevant thread http://media.therfl....tation 2013.pdf

"I own up. I am a serial risk taker. I live in a flood zone, cycle without a helmet, drink alcohol and on Sunday I had bacon for breakfast."

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