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Posted 20 August 2010 - 12:35 PM

QUOTE (getdownmonkeyman @ Aug 20 2010, 10:58 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Does anybody know the reasoning behing leaving Brentford? From memory crowds, and success seemed pretty good there.

In a nutshell, the rent paid to Brentford FC was causing the club to slowly bleed to death. In addition the club had to compensate the residents in the cramped streets around Griffin Park every time SKY turned up with their equipment because of the inconvienience.
The deal from Harlequins RU was a three year rent free tenure at The Stoop on the proviso that the club adopted the name and colours of the Union team.(this did not extend to a share of matchday catering) If the club proved to be successful at the end of the three years the Union club would consider merging with the League club if it proved to be a financially viable entity in its own right that would not drain funds from the Union club.
In 2008 The Union club board declined the option to purchase the League club. Since then the League club has paid a "commercial rent" for the use of the Stoop. This is also one undisclosed reason why only one or two stads are ever open - cost reduction as the whole ground does not have to be stewarded. In addition to the request from SKY to concentrate the spectators.

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Being an outsider, it is easiest to see what is wrong with the sport. It's a fantastic sport that has been undersold and under-marketed  because people who run it probably want to keep it the way it is



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#62 Blind side johnny

Blind side johnny
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Posted 21 August 2010 - 11:17 AM

IMO it's time for the RFL to ask Quins - what are your intentions ?
To remain in Super League and apply for a licence post 2012 relocated / renamed or not
To follow Gateshead's example and voluntarily drop to the Championship
To fold as economically unviable
The RFL also in view of David Hughes reputed 7 milion loss on his involvement in the club over the years need to be assured that if either of the first two options are chosen then sufficient funding is in place to ensure a competitive club. The essential due diligence process not followed with Leighton Samuels.
The current uncertainty surrounding the club - and it does not look good - is damaging for Rugby League as a sport.
If the first option is taken then where and with whom are the club playing and as what?.
If it is option 2 or option 3, then Widnes need to have the time to put together a competitive side to compete in Super League 2011.This of course may still not save the Calder clubs come 2012 but that's a different thread.
It will also allow the RFL the opportunity to manage the media fallout to a degree if they have prior knowledge.
Some points you may wish to use or add to in your RLE opinion piece next week Mr Sadler ?

That's a reasonable suggestion, provided that the same was asked of all of the other SL clubs too. How many could provide satisfactory answers must be equally questionable.

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