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  2. The one where I am is great. There are no equivalent places near offering the same value. It does support the local town and helps other businesses by its presence.
  3. So he’s using the Titans for a year to earn more money before coming back for a mega deal ? I say again I don’t know why the Titans would go with that . He has a blinder then goes ? Titans need a long term rebuild , they’ve had enough disruption
  4. Yes, that's true. But players don't like to join wooden spoon teams. If they get Fifita and he helps them to finish higher than they have in recent years, they may be able to attract more talent and also more sponsorship to the club. I agree it is not long term but they may be seeing it as a statement of intent. The continuity for me is in ensuring that Holbrook is given time to build the team in his image as I think he is the right coach for them and he needs the time and trust to build his own team.
  5. Broncos will be able to table him an offer that’ll match the titans next year with Milford and bird off contract
  6. Come on Harry dont be daft thats not what i am saying is it! This has gone on for 117 pages, it goes around in circles every single bloody time Toronto are brought up.. but we dont discuss them as what ifs we discuss them as 2 polar sides that believe their version of events is the one that is going to play out. I am trying to show that actually the huge area of grey is more than likely and we cannot prejudge that. But if you want to go around in circles for another 117 pages go for your life..
  7. Broncos get to keep him for another year but I don’t see why the Titans would go with that . It’s hardly long term rebuilding
  8. OK I thought this was a discussion page wherby people 'suppose' differing scenarios and discuss them, just as you did in the post I answered.
  9. Game has turned right round Roosters not at their best with injury problems but now12-6 up!!!! HALF TIME COWBOYS 12 - 6 ROSTERS Roosters are out of sorts but still in the lead Not convincing though
  10. Ive been watching the 'All or Nothing' series on Amazon Prime with the NFL and one College Team. A series like that on RL, specifically SL and showing positive views of the game (full seating areas, modern facilities) would do more for our the game than anything.
  11. And so they should too, the big problem here is that clubs are signing new players while asking current squad members to take a salary reduction. The players are the biggest asset tgis sport has yet time and time again they get treated badly. Many clubs are just tin pot organisations who are barely able to survive from one season to the next. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/players-union-boss-calls-ban-22324343.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  12. I think there is a place for this and have noticed this is something that Swinton have been pushing at Sale.
  13. OK, I didn't know that. Looks like both the Broncos and the Titans are happy to table a 1 year offer.
  14. I cannot answer those questions because i am not them.. This is the problem.. there are so many ifs and buts and people on both sides of the argument use definitives as if those what ifs will definitely happen. You think the Toronto blueprint will be copied, but you dont know that for sure, they may be happy to carry on.. Equally success in Toronto may be used for Toronto to start ploughing heavily into the junior game (just because they haven't done yet may be part of the plan rather than pure negligence).. therefore the Toronto "blueprint" may not be a bad one.. we are far to worried about what if this and what if that rather than lets have it in our mind but actually there is the other side of the "what if" scenario that could be really good for us and i think at the moment the upside is a lot larger than the potential downside.
  15. At the risk of repeating myself (although why not isn't that we all do here ) - I don't see an issue with cheap tickets and offers, I think we miss the market for the 'Premium' end of the market though. If we are truly a game for all, that doesn't mean just aiming at the less affluent end of the market, we should be aiming at wider segments of the market. If we want to sell tickets for a tenner, then we have cheap seats for them. But we should also be selling Premium seats at a higher price, and more experiences at the top end. Things like horse-racing have decent ranges for pricing. They have the cheap family seats, and they have the premium "treat yourself" experiences too, and they are always popular. I think some clubs do some of this ok, but not brilliantly.
  16. Isn’t it related to his total falling out with his manager , he has to give him a cut and he can get out of his contract with him next year . Either way I don’t see why any club would give a one year deal
  17. On cue Roosters score in the corner Tedesco quick pass to winger who dives over in corner. Friend gone for the rest of game Flanagan converted superbly 6 all then instead of 8-0 Would you. Adam and Eve it?!!!
  18. On that respect, Golf clubs in Scotland even Championship grade venues are very much more cost effective than English clubs to become a member off and are subsequently subscribed to very well, if south of the border was in the same price respects, then I doubt they would be struggling for member's as much, off course there will be exceptions to the rule.
  19. Loads of movement on this wicket, no surprise that the West Indies finally struck. Denly out. 48/2
  20. Roosters not firing anywhere near their best. They are the desperate team here
  21. Penalty against JWH for head high but didn’t catch the head at all Feldt missed the goal from close and easy!
  22. The Cowboys are really pressuring the Roosters. I wonder if they can maintain this for the whole match.
  23. Do we know why he only wants a 1 year deal? It feels like he or his agent may have a (verbal) deal in place already with a team that has cap space from 2022 onwards.
  24. From my expierience of North Americans (company sale) if TWP do acheive as you say and percolate to the top of the Pile, then those other City's Ottawa, NY or any where else will want to emulate them and quite rightly so, they will want meaningful fixtures. I am hoping that Ottawa do venture on this 'local' approach, but if it is not producing the correct results it will not be long I think before the Toronto 'blueprint' is copied. Is it 10 locals in Mr Perez's plan he states he wants in his Ottawa team? Maybe they would be competitive to a certain degree in League one, but the Championship would be a bridge to far for novice players, do you think they would be happy to proceed with the plan if they were on the wrong side of some big scores week in week out?
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