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  2. Three ex-Wires in that Toronto side who will be keen to prove a point. I'm not comfortable with it as we still seem to be prone to the odd wobble or three. I don't really understand betting but I do get the handicap thing, which gives Toronto 20 points start.
  3. I take a bag of Uncle Joe's to every Wire home game that I attend. They even sell them in Tesco opposite the stadium.
  4. That's the biggest number of generalisations I've ever seen in one place. All clubs have some fair minded fans; all clubs have a few idiot fans, etc... why generalise? Meast, you never used to post this bobbins. You used to be positive.
  5. I’ve got an IBM Type 1 balun in my tool bag that I used to use to frighten the new IT guys in my old job.
  6. Don't bother, There's a lot less atmosphere than either Cas or Wakey.
  7. Interestingly this has made me think Assuming professional SL still exists in 125 years which current stadiums will be there? What's the projected lifespan of a new stsdium like the AJ Bell?
  8. What would our team look like with no DR and no loans? Bearing in mind Minns, Day, Davies, Chizz and maybe Fergie are unavailable, ...
  9. Nice to see Peru have kept the football shirt. Surely the finest international soccer strip going?
  10. The date is February 2320. AI robotics have acheived conciousness. All human lifeforms have been 'terminated' except for a few select specimens kept by robots for posterity in a zoo. The global average temperature has risen by 5 degrees. Contact has been made with another civilization 46.4 light years away. Castleford & Wakefield release stadium updates.
  11. I still can’t believe they got planning to build the stadium and retail park there. It’s a busy junction already. I fear the current infrastructure won’t be able to cope with it. Its the same story every year with both Cas and Wakefield. Were we not expecting news on Belle Vue at the end of last year. Meanwhile I’m going to build a rocket and fly to the moon. Watch this space
  12. It doesn't help that the RFL changed their own SL entry standards to let Cas back in , especially when other clubs had spent money to meet those original standards Wheldon Rd is OK , Trailfinders is OK , neither are SL quality
  13. No one knows what they want the sport to look like in the future. Are we going trans Atlantic? Two French teams? 14 teams? Promotion and relegation? Licensing and franchising? Clubs are more bothered about surviving than thriving.
  14. Think we have a few worries about player welfare. Comments which at best display a dangerous level of ignorance from McDermott and St Helens considering playing a player who just last week was ruled over for several months and requiring surgery. Is player welfare just a buzz phrase from our game, when our actions suggest it is secondary to what is in the interests of the individual club?
  15. On reflection, I may have got that a teeny bit wrong.
  16. I understand the arguments for moving it, but on the other hand, it's a very special night to host one of the best sides in the world in your home stadium. And if you can win it, your home town and home ground has one of its greatest nights.
  17. I don't know why there is all this affectionate nostalgia for Pootang/Poutine. Wasn't it his regime that banned the great game in France during WW2?
  18. That Sydney line up is something special. As I said yesterday a backline of: Welsby, Makinson, Naiqama, Bentley, Costello filled me with dread and ran a real risk of being destroyed. I anticipate that this why we are doing everything we can to bring Percival in, with an apparent disregard of his welfare. I don't agree with bringing Percival back given the information we have and it could backfire.
  19. Was just on BBC news and saw this news story if you're interested: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49764402
  20. What defines quality support? Balls. . . . . Uncle Joe's Mint Balls to be precise. Wigan's best. The most loyal, knowledgeable, fair minded, appreciative set of fans in Superleague.
  21. The sports market is completely different in Melbourne to Perth so you can’t really compare the 2. Melbourne is the home of AFL with 9 teams there alone. It is embedded there Perth/WA is a more open market and they have a decent and growing grassroots scene
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