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  2. I am aren't I The serious point is how many results would be altered if there was no cheating. Free kick goals resulting from phantom fouls.etc However apart from wanting Spurs to win , I'd be happy Everton winning the league.
  3. Can every club in the RFL prove that their plans for 2021 are sound? I am saying that he has stated this, in response to the speculation on how can they operate followed by hypothetical costings for aircraft etc.
  4. It’s not irrelevant. It will need to be proven that they do actually have this contingency plan should it arise.
  5. Expect more bids for loans when the furlough scheme ends.
  6. You trawled back for that . You’re a right laugh .
  7. Perez has stated clearly that they have a contingency for operating for a full season based in the UK if necessary. Whether anyone believes that or not is irrelevant.
  8. Maybe, but you are actually guessing just as much as anyone else aren't you? Unusually for SL none of the chairmen seem yet to have leaked the "real" story to the press, so clearly they are keeping all of the cards close to their chests. My personal view (i.e. guess) is that they don't really want TWP in , especially under current circumstances, but want to avoid being painted with the flat-earthers brush, so are going through a due diligence process of sorts with the real intention of saying "No". After this then they can say "We did the best that we could but the other lot let us down."
  9. I was watching without sound, mainly cos I was watching something on TV at the same time but also cos I watched about 5 mins with sound on and heard the commentator talk maybe only once every minute and there was no noise from the pitch so didn't see the point.
  10. So by your logic, Everton now top of the EPL are just king of cheaters. How many of their goals have come from cheating. Who knows, who cares ? No point caring if Everton or anyone else is top.
  11. But who's going to take over a sports club in the current economic situation with no clear timeframe as to when there'll be revenue from crowds returning
  12. BIG signing to be announced tomorrow at noon.
  13. I can categorically assure you that Mr Hudgell is going nowhere until a suitable new owner is in place. In his own words 'I am not going to leave the club in the lurch'. And why would he? He's a lifelong fan and the only significant debt the club has is to Neil Hudgell himself.
  14. "The CFL, I'll say it again, is a league that's been on life support for a number of years" Richard Powers, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management
  15. Can you give specific examples of performance leaving a lot to be desired? Can you give specific examples of the lack of professionalism and skills?
  16. The cost of chartering a transatlantic flight would be prohibitive. A small private jet has the range but only carries a few people. To carry around 25 people, even via a tech stop in Iceland, would need a plane that would burn a huge amount of fuel. A 737 size plane alone burns about 1.8 tonnes an hour when lightly loaded.
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  18. I don't like dates, no risk from me. Bring humbugs though...
  19. Commentator giving Barrie Mac a run for his money.
  20. Lokking at the title of the thread, there was I thinking this would be an erudite discussion of the historical inaccuracies portrayed in the Phillipa Gregory inspired mini-series The White Queen and The White Princess.....
  21. Full time! The Netherlands hold on to win 20-18 and win the Griffin Cup for the fourth year in a row! Really enjoyed that, always love watching games with smaller nations in them.
  22. Many think sports teams will get a waiver on that soon if there own a charter no quarantine will be needed.
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