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Featherstone pre season week 2

Keep The Faith

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12 hours ago, ramsfandan said:

Yes better than Gilmore 1 tackle he would fold him in half he's one of best tacklers I've seen play for us in 25 year of watching rams... Let's see put your money where your mouth is big lad 50 on who comes higher in league?

Lol, didn't take long for you to lose the banter once someone pointed out the inherent weakness in your team

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Finally got it on phone....don't really know what to make of that. Usual Fev performance, whether trial game or competitive. They scored 5 of their tries through fundamentally shocking tackling, that really has to be worked on and quickly. We also need to get forwards making the breaks Fev's did. Plus side...Hall worked his harris off, Wardy was Wardy, JackBlag tried hard. Halves didn't click as well today but that happens. 36-16 was probably a fair score for the performances of both sides, if we play like it next week we'll hit a similar score. If we compete and tackle better we've got a sniff.

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On 10/03/2021 at 15:13, DOGFATHER said:

Prior to Saturday, I would have 100% agreed with you. However, my thoughts were purely based upon his try scoring record in L1, as I cannot think of anyone on our books that would have anywhere near the try scoring rate he has achieved, even if they'd dropped down a division.

Although, I thought Hooley had a great game against Dewsbury. If Hall plays this week, he is going to have to be pretty special to take his place. 

I'm looking forward to seeing him play. 😉

Did you think he was pretty special then

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5 hours ago, bromleybulldog said:

No Manning and Brown again? Are they injured?

Manning is injured. I had heard Brown was likely to play today, so not sure why he didn't. 

I didn't think it was a bad performance overall. We played okay in final 20 minutes of both halves.

We looked poor in the middle, but we had the two mentioned above, as well as Gledhill and Bowman missing from the forwards, all of whom would likely be  the 17 ideally, so not really too surprising hat we struggled to hold them, especially Ferguson down the middle. 

Hall looks a brilliant acquisition, it will be interesting to see where he plays.

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1 minute ago, Batley Bob said:

Did you think he was pretty special then

Yes i did very, 😉 he looks a real class act doesn't he.

Although, I thought Hooley had a decent game again and would be unlucky not be in the starting 17, the question is where? Lol 😉

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