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Red Bull Rugby League?

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We would somehow turn it into a farce 


LAPORTE wolves 


Rhino soorts Rhinos 







The list is endless

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I have had dealings with Red Bull in the past.  They were kind enough to send reps (the Red Bull car and girls) and give out free Red Bull at my local team on two occasions.  I got talking to one of their main guys in charge and asked him why they are not sponsoring any RL teams and if it is something they would ever consider (not so much my team, I was talking more about pro teams) and their answer was simple.  They want to be associated with extreme sports.  RL is not considered "extreme" enough, therefore not something they really want to be involved with.  Fair enough I suppose.

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They have to see a benefit or profit don’t they?

The football teams work as a system which harvests young talent which are eventually sold. At the top of that system, Leipzig are not good enough to win trophies. They tick along fine with two clubs earning Champions League money though and being Champions of Austria. 

The motorsport / extreme side of things certainly appears more a status and sponsorship tactic. It’s also a sport which has closed outcomes - ie you spend the most, you normally win. Team sports don’t really lend themselves to that. 

You could genuinely see them buying one of the non NSW/QL NRL teams if they wanted to create an impact in Australia. Then the likelyhood is a UK team would be support of that. I don’t if Red Bull is a thing in Oz? 

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I've actually worked with Red Bull for the last 5-6 years. They are very much about the adrenaline nature of sport, which is the area they really invest in. Most other activities i've always felt are generally around exposing the brand to a certain market than any real interest in the sport per se. For instance in Asia they invest heavily in street culture and dance culture, which is i guess where they see their key consumer in that region.

One of the guys who owns half the company is a real speed freak, and loves fast cars and fast planes. In Salzburg where a lot of their operations are based he has his own hangar at the airport here he keeps all his racing cars and planes. A lot of their work ties in with his passions. Car racing, Planes, adrenaline sports, ski sports etc

I'd be very very surprised if they ever took any interest in RL to be honest. We are also small potatoes for them. The only way i'd see them getting involved is if there was a market, Australia for instance, where the game is very strong and doesn't currently have Red bull in the market place. Though assume Red Bull probably have a pretty strong presence there already.

I do think RL would be a good fit for them though, we'd just need to be much bigger as a sport to genuinely interest them.
Would be great to see though.

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