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Netherlands international fixtures

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6 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

Great! Hopefully they might get them on YouTube or some other means of streaming. I know some other smaller nations have put their games on such platforms. Was it Turkey streamed some games on their Facebook relatively recently? 

The last three games played by the Dutch ,Germany at home (during the covid lockdown ) and Turkey and Czech in the European "D" play offs were all live streamed.

The later two thanks to the Turkey RL.

The thing is countries running on a shoestring (and in fact players paying their way) find it difficult sometimes to fund live streaming.

On another note its interesting that the Germany game will be played at the British School Netherlands in Voorschoten. 

Out going coach Kane Krlic started work at the school last year and I believe some kind of sponsorship/partnership was struck.

Die in the wool Union playing school, so great work to all involved in getting them onside and hosting a fixture. 



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3 hours ago, dealwithit said:

Can someone explain how NL were promoted from euro D to B? What happened to C?

2021 Group C originally consisted of: Norway, Germany and Ukraine. Norway and Germany declared they were unable to play, due to covid, so Ukraine were promoted to Group B, and Group C effectively did not happen at all. 

I am not sure if they were "promoted to group B", but I can see them playing vs Norway and Germany as part of the next phase of WC 2025 qualifying. Winner proceeds, other two eliminated. 

Spain is interesting as they have been inactive for so long. Luckily it is a home match and they should be able to muster enough players.

Sweden also, have not been active for a while. Skane Stags have been their sole team for a while now, so I assume they will alnost entirely make up the national team. Hoepfully that may then kickstart somw activity in Sweden. 


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