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  1. I agree fully that the victim's are the ones we should have concerns for. But I don't think this should be a subject for cheap laughs .
  2. Live locally and i can tell you he has some serious issues, a likeable lad who really needs help. Does Rugby League not have support for ex players ? Not a laughing matter for Malc or his family ? Or the wider Rugby League family for that matter.
  3. England WC shirt farce

    Really like the grey polo, and the blue warm up t shirts that Engand are wearing, Tried usual outlets but can't source them. Anyone know if there available or does the shambles continue . Travel in tew week so cutting it fine for time.
  4. England WC shirt farce

    The Aussie gear puts Englands to shame, better design, quality and much more class about it. Whoever approved that England design wants bloody sacking.
  5. Ncl final 2017

    Probably played from being 7 or 8 years old so already played 20 years or so. I honestly believe that this is one of the reasons for the decline in our game. Players have had enough when they should be in their prime and that is no disrespect meant to any players. Enjoy your retirement mate.
  6. Sorry gents it is Celtic rooster, stand corrected.
  7. Celtic crusaders your man, a real font of knowledge on the amateur rugby scene.
  8. Ncl final 2017

    Why what's happening with Garrod ? great player and nice lad as well.
  9. England WC shirt farce

    Just been in to Down under leisure in WIgan. They have all the Australian worl cup kit and leisureware available but nothing of England on display. Enquired when it would be in stock and the guys reply was we don't know and can't get a reply from manufacturers. Bloody shambles, can get some nice England Rugby union gear if I want though !
  10. I remember John Woods as a superb player who could win a game with a touch of brilliance . In today's game would be an superstar ( if he would stay in before a game ! )
  11. Are You Going To The World Cup?

    Large group going to Brisbane 18th November to watch first semi final, then gold coast for a 5 day chill out back to Brisbane for final. Some of our party leave Brisbane at 5 am to watch second semin in Auckland the following day, then 3 days in Auckland back to Gold Coastt then final in Brrisbane. Fingers crossed I get to see England play. y
  12. After looking at the NCL results today and talking to a very well respected committee member of a long established member club, I Fear that our game is on a very swift downward spiral. I don't know the answers but i do honestly believe that it started when the RFL and NCL pushed the summer dream to us all. I know this has all been said before and probably should not be refurbished again but somebody in the RFl organisation needs to look at the serious situation before its to late. Finally the new systems being implemented by the RFL and NCL are driving older administrators away from the game but we have no young blood willing to step in, as much as technology is the future without young people who are willing to take up the vital roles at each club it is a total failure.
  13. Elland ARLFC

    Can't comment on Drig big Cliff but I know the problems Celtic rooster mentions does happen at lots of clubs..