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  1. chisholm

    Is the NCL recovering

    Can only speak from what I have seen, summer crowds are awful and not geting better. On the playing front think we have all accepted that rugby is now Second to stag party's, weddings, holidays,festivals , etc. If your lucky enough to have a winning side with a good mix of ages amongst your squad you will do well. Come Ibiza or magaluf time in summer if you have a young squad your season could well be decided.
  2. chisholm

    Free sports TV coverage

    Nightmare is an understatement, he was awful.
  3. I personally think that the constant rule changes or the interpretation of them is ruining our game. Far to many stoppages and our game is no longer the free flowing spectacle it was. The Ra Ra boys will be loving this. Also the referees or should I say some of them, think they are bigger stars than the players especially on TV games.
  4. chisholm

    oulton v milford

    Young refs are preached to much about the technical aspects about the rules. The first rule of any game should be player protection, unfortunately it happens every week in the NCL. To many young men who don't have a feel for the game and player welfare I'm afraid.
  5. chisholm

    Free sports TV coverage

    Got to agree,great for our game gives us the exposure needed. Just a quick question to any qualified officials would the game been abandoned had it not been in tv ? This us no way a dig at today's officials just an honest question.
  6. chisholm

    Blackbrook ARLFC

    The Sumer rugby messiah, did he survive ?
  7. chisholm

    Conference TV Coverage

    Lot of snow in Wigan this morning but seems to be melting already, should be fine for weekend.
  8. I always pass comment be positive or negative and only my personal opinions and not that of my club. I am sure that when I attend NCL meetings I do and always will speak on behalf of my club. Don't think anything anything wrong on a forum expressing personal views. Ps don't matter to me if you top of premier or not even in league its a bloody forum !!!!
  9. A bit harsh on NCL, we all moan when we don't get information and we now we winging when we do. Don't think that any Cumbrian teams would have been forced to play without agreement of both clubs. I second impartial observer on his comments.
  10. Ince Rose Bridge V Royal Navy ( Friendly ) Game off. Navy players unable to travel due weather conditions.
  11. chisholm

    Challenge cup 2018

    In my experience the development areas tend to get their wishes as to whether they play Saturday or Sundays .
  12. chisholm

    New registration system

    Got to agree that the RFL Staff have been very helpful, but it still taking a lot more time and effort than the old signing on system. I for one am getting a little frustrated at the extra work load being put on volunteers.
  13. chisholm

    New registration system

    At tonight's NCL meeting it seems quite a few clubs are having problems with the system. Frustrating for all the volunteers trying to make things work.
  14. Wigan, leigh and salford. Think he got m.o.m against touring Australian sides when at Wigan not sure of year though.
  15. Boydy talks very fondly of his time with Carlisle, still around Wigan area and certainly was a handful in his playing days..