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  1. Challenge cup 2018

    In my experience the development areas tend to get their wishes as to whether they play Saturday or Sundays .
  2. New registration system

    Got to agree that the RFL Staff have been very helpful, but it still taking a lot more time and effort than the old signing on system. I for one am getting a little frustrated at the extra work load being put on volunteers.
  3. New registration system

    At tonight's NCL meeting it seems quite a few clubs are having problems with the system. Frustrating for all the volunteers trying to make things work.
  4. Wigan, leigh and salford. Think he got m.o.m against touring Australian sides when at Wigan not sure of year though.
  5. Boydy talks very fondly of his time with Carlisle, still around Wigan area and certainly was a handful in his playing days..
  6. Widnes St Maries

    Thanks for the info Paul, hope Ronnie is successful in his efforts.
  7. What has happened to the Marie's ? Very good set up and very good side years ago. Felt they were treated very poorly by the NCL , some very good friends and respected people involved with them. Anyone know how Swifty and co are going on ?
  8. New registration system

    The NCL administrator has been very helpful in changing e mail's for us, I am sure it will be something simple. Trouble is players don't want to waste time doing this, was asked numeRous times last night if we are on record and registered to our club why do we need to go through this process ? I am afraid I couldn't answer them, perhaps someone can answer them for me.
  9. New registration system

    Just spent an hour and a half trying to get players signed on via the new system. Some no problems but 3 or 4 won't go through correctly. Will seek help tommorow, but did get slightly annoyed with players asking why can't we just sign a form like we always have done, this is a pain in the a--e!!!!!!! Told them in no uncertain words that it was not my choice.
  10. New registration system

    You would be surprised how many don't and if the do they don't even know it !
  11. New registration system

    A total pain , players not interested or do not have e mails and do not wish to give them out anyway. Think it will create a lot if problems come season start, personally know a lot of admin people who are getting more dissolousioned with what is once again more time pushed on to a thining band of volunteers. Got to say that the NCL administrator has been a great help to me personally as I am struggling with this.
  12. 2018 ncl

    Ince Rose Bridge did play at the Rugby union club and i have to say that it is a superb set up and one of the most picturesque venues i have visited. I feel sure that the boys from Underbank would much sooner play at their home ground rather than on the road though. I also thought that NCL minimum ground standards applied to all divisions not just the premier ?
  13. I agree fully that the victim's are the ones we should have concerns for. But I don't think this should be a subject for cheap laughs .
  14. Live locally and i can tell you he has some serious issues, a likeable lad who really needs help. Does Rugby League not have support for ex players ? Not a laughing matter for Malc or his family ? Or the wider Rugby League family for that matter.