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  1. chisholm

    Any games on today?

    Excellent game at Ince Rose Bridge today, with the home side coming out on top against their fiercest rivals Wigan St Pats. A superb advert for the game in WIgan. Nice to see George Williams and Paul Sculthorpe at the game supporting their old community clubs.
  2. chisholm

    BBC Website

    That is my point amateurs are expected to do this but full time club's don't.
  3. chisholm

    BBC Website

    Correct but you need a person to take responsibility for this that is my point.
  4. chisholm

    BBC Website

    NCL clubs can get fined if a volunteer makes a mistake, or simply don't have someone with the skills to submit information etc. I can sympathise with the semi pro clubs as it is very difficult to get volunteers to submit to the time required to keep things up to date. The BBC and other organisations can only work with information supplied and occasionally this is wrong.
  5. chisholm

    NCL Rugby AM

    In regards to funding, is it true that the NCL travel grant has been withdrawn by the RFL ?
  6. chisholm

    Three Good Years

    Thanks Geoff, look forward to it.
  7. chisholm

    Three Good Years

    Hope it is look forward to it on my next holiday flight.
  8. chisholm

    New NCL Teams

    All basically true except the part about the fine. If finance was an issue why go on and pay more out for transport for the remainder of the season than simply pay the fine ????
  9. chisholm

    New NCL Teams

    T Thanks Celtic, just wanted to clarify the situation.
  10. chisholm

    New NCL Teams

    Sorry Celtic,on this occasion your wrong it was nothing to do with the fine. It was a last minute turn around by all involved at the club with a wish to complete all fixtures and they did ! Then rebuild as they are doing now. Think your contact at the NCL is believing the management propoganda.
  11. chisholm

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    I am sure that we played away at London Colonial in the Barla cup but I am sure it was later than that. If I remember right we played in a small athletics arena and went back to a pub cellar that was used as a club house. We won but not sure by what score and I am sure it we were made to play Sunday. Rose Bridge being my club, sorry to be a buy vague but only going off memory. If anyone will no more info it be Celtic Rooster he has most games logged.
  12. chisholm

    Hunslet P

    Very hypothetical question how do people think HCP would compete against the great West Hull sides of the late 90s ? The game has changed a lot since then so just a bit of discussion material.
  13. chisholm

    Open age player review

    Absolutely correct Snoopdog, but we are still starting them even younger than ever. Can only comment on Rugby as I have no knowledge of other sports.
  14. Watching rugby am last night during the break was the test at Liverpool advertised as a Saturday fixture ? I thought it had been switched to Sunday, apologies in advance if I was mistaken.
  15. chisholm

    Open age player review

    Every player may get it but I can guarantee that no more than 30% will reply. That is being very optimistic as well. Player's are not interested in surveys or giving commitment to rugby in general.