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  1. On a personal note I did not think summer rugby would ever work, I think I am being proved right. I am not asking for a return to winter because that will never happen. Should the NCL consider regionilse the lower divisions ? I personally think something needs doing soon . At present a lot of clubs are struggling both financially and commitment wise. A good honest assessment without any RFL spin is needed now ! ,
  2. chisholm

    Playing Conditions

    It does give guidelines, which is what I asked for in my original post. So commonsense should be used now.
  3. chisholm

    Playing Conditions

    The RFL have at last used some commonsense with regards to playing surfaces and issued guidelines through the leagues.
  4. chisholm

    Today's game 30/6/2018

    My post is in no way a dig at Dockers, great club with a good history and good people who care about our sport. Just being honest and saying our game is struggling to get player's commitment due to loads of other things to do. I don't want to bring up the old debate, but I along with many others did forecast that summer RL at amateur level would not work. Sorry to sound negative but I honestly believe it may take years to recover from this what I consider an awful decision.
  5. chisholm

    Today's game 30/6/2018

    Was told Dockers travelled to st judes with 14 players. Well done to all the player's who committed to their club cause ,but are we not papering over the real problem. Open age rugby league is really struggling.
  6. chisholm

    Regional leagues 2018

    Good stuff, ours is also looked after a very helpful and capable volunteer. Unfortunately our pitch is superb for draining in winter but we pay the price in these conditions. Like most clubs we are on a water meter and it is financially impossible to utilise a sprinkler type system.
  7. chisholm

    Regional leagues 2018

    I very concerned about the state of pitches and the temperature this weekend, the league committee's should use a bit of commonsense and think about player welfare. After all these players are amateur and need to work Monday's. Hopefully only bumps and scrapes nothing more serious, sorry to say fingers crossed.
  8. Genuine Questions folks, what is the criteria for player welfare in these weather conditions ? I understand that fluid intake and water breaks must be a priority, but what happens about pitch conditions ? I would imagine that most pitches are rock solid and all our players are lads who have to work for a living, if this was frost i am sure most games would be off. Not been in this situation before does anyone know what responsibility we as clubs hold ?
  9. chisholm

    Regional leagues 2018

    I am involved with an NCL club and I can tell you most clubs seem to be struggling for numbers and committment ,it is very rare for most clubs to have the same team two week running. Think most club coaches and administrators will tell you this. There are a few exceptions and well done to them.
  10. chisholm

    Where to stay in Wigan

    Sorry to say wigan has nothing to offer,, it becoming a ghost town !
  11. Big thank you to the players coaches and committee of Thornhill Trojans. Nice people to socialize with and very respectful to our players and official's. A superb day for all concerned, looking forward to return fixture from all at Ince Rose Bridge. Thanks again.
  12. chisholm

    Is the NCL recovering

    Can only speak from what I have seen, summer crowds are awful and not geting better. On the playing front think we have all accepted that rugby is now Second to stag party's, weddings, holidays,festivals , etc. If your lucky enough to have a winning side with a good mix of ages amongst your squad you will do well. Come Ibiza or magaluf time in summer if you have a young squad your season could well be decided.
  13. chisholm

    Free sports TV coverage

    Nightmare is an understatement, he was awful.
  14. I personally think that the constant rule changes or the interpretation of them is ruining our game. Far to many stoppages and our game is no longer the free flowing spectacle it was. The Ra Ra boys will be loving this. Also the referees or should I say some of them, think they are bigger stars than the players especially on TV games.
  15. chisholm

    oulton v milford

    Young refs are preached to much about the technical aspects about the rules. The first rule of any game should be player protection, unfortunately it happens every week in the NCL. To many young men who don't have a feel for the game and player welfare I'm afraid.