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  1. yanto

    2019 kits

    Only minus point for me also. Can't understand why they couldn't have blended those two logos into the kit better. But great effort from Town.
  2. yanto

    2019 kits

    Just ordered it. See if they can deliver to the Netherlands for Christmas.
  3. http://www.rlif.com/article/8334/rugby-league-putting-down-roots-in-south-america
  4. yanto

    2019 kits

    Had the same quality issues with an ISC kit. Compared to the Aussie ones (are they manufactured in Fiji?) the Pakistani kits were of poor quality. Tried to get the kit delivered to an Aussie address so I would get the better quality but I think they sussed we were from Holland by the logo's 😂 and told us we had to go through the European office.
  5. yanto

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Just need the dates and venues confirmed. Thought maybe the Fiji and Samoa games would have been at Campbeltown. Already got a trip to Woolongong and Auckland arranged for October /November next year (60th birthday down under).. Just need the RLIF to release a confirmed schedule and plans can be worked around the fixtures. Wow factor just got better. Ps Maybe we can play the Aussies in a warm-up before the real rugby starts 😂😂
  6. Same as the AB's v Italy.. they won't be known as the All Black reserves.. Or England soccer when they make 11 changes at half time in friendlies.or England Scotland Wales and Ireland playing Union while the top players are on Lions duty. Only RL people have a(nother) chip on their shoulder regarding reserve or second strings being called England. Out side this message board I'm sure the paying public won't give a flying flick which players are pulling on the shirt if it means France getting games. EDITED NEW 🙂 Infact lets bring in a Five Nations..give the French Irish Welsh and Scottish a yearly fixture with "England". But hang on the gates will be low.... the England team will be to strong..ye maybe but look at Italy in the union competition. Because they stuck with the format even when Italy were getting hammered you now have them playing competetive in the Olympic Stadium in front of 40-50,000 crowds. Wales would love it if they beat England ..ANY England...same as the Scots and Irish. Seems to me its only the English supporters who would be against this. BUT is it not in OUR interest to bring the other nations up a level..only regular games would achieve this....not for PROFIT not for ENGLANDS benefit (even though it would also expose fringe players to International football) but for progress and development. We often call the Aussies for not helping development of the PI nations yet England dont do a lot to assist the other home nations on a regular basis. Lets get a programme together and STICK with it.(for once)
  7. This is a Kiwi team who beat Samoa and Scotland and lost to Fiji and Tonga in the world Cup. No great shakes. Going through changes. Then went on to lose to England in Denver and two tests in the UK. In between they shocked the Aussies then wiped our ###### today. Not exactly a great recent record. Stick by my guns... We are a long way off beating the Aussies and if people think this series has made us competitive good on ye all but for me two close games then a big home defeat means we still are a long way from claiming number one spot.
  8. Awesome.. But to get beat 0-34 should ring some alarm bells I think everyone expected more. Even 3-0 in the series would have given us a legit shout to be classed as the best. Today showed we have a long way to go. Anyone thinks any different then we are going down the same blind alley as England soccer fans and thinking we are better than we really are. Reality guys we just got our ###### handed to us on a plate.
  9. So on that sinario your in the "we can beat the Aussies camp". Sorry guys look back less than twelve months and see how bad the Kiwi's performed at the World Cup. One off result v the Aussies then we beat them three times out of four and all of a sudden England are the best. Another false dawn. Today showed we are along way of being number one.
  10. Thread full of excuses... That is the difference why the Aussies have been dominated for forty odd years.. No mercy shown. At 2-0 in the series we should have made sure today was not a dead rubber and hammered home the point we are now a force to be reckoned with. Once again we came up short. Disguise it all you want but we are still a long way off.
  11. yanto

    Rugby History Thread

    https://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/&ved=2ahUKEwi9iIf22creAhVBQBoKHc4yD0gQFjAAegQIBhAD&usg=AOvVaw3TZ61V85nKIVdSOvXq9mvd Sorry if its already been posted but an ongoing project listing every club, player fixtures tables etc etc. A massive project and a lot is incomplete but some great reading for guys who like stats. Example Lancashire Cup.. https://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/competitions/lancashire-cup/summary.html Then click on the game and its all detailed.
  12. yanto

    Royal Navy

    36-20 to the Brits in Wakefield http://www.royalnavyrugbyleague.com/news/great-win-for-rnrl-in-wakefield-2364224.html Next games are wednesday and saturday , both played in Portsmouth
  13. yanto

    George Burgess summoned

    Nothing new. I got a "poke" in the eye at Leigh back in 1982. Wont name the player but it was a dirty, sneaky and a deliberate act. I ended up having five stiches in the white of my eye in a Wigan hospital and four weeks out. Believe me its not nice. Was told by the doctor that performed the op I was very very lucky I hadnt lost the sight. If found guilty a lengthy ban without a doubt.
  14. yanto

    European Superleague

    Backed by money men.. Sound familiar!!