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  1. yanto


    Wasn't in hindsight either. Got some strange looks when I'm screaming "take the fo****g two" at the TV. 😂 😂
  2. yanto


    Streamed the game from my phone via Chromecast over here in the Netherlands in the local bar. Great to have Town being shown in the same company as Joss Verstappen ,AJAX and the Spurs game 😉 Picture quality was great but had problem with the sound and the camera from the score board didnt show Derwent Park at its best with a few locals asking where the crowd was. (Town End terrace was empty ). Cracking game but still confused why, in a match that was always going to be close, we didnt take the points on offer in the first two minutes...Two 90 m tries from Town attacking were hard to take but thought the game was a great advert for League 1. Enjoyed it but to be honest I think York just about deserved the win.
  3. Cast it from my phone to a TV in the local bar with chrome cast. Picture quailty was great but had problems with the sound. Great to see one of my old clubs in action over here in the Netherlands. Great advert for League one. Struggle to understand why Town didnt take the two points on offer in the first two minutes ? In a game that was always going to be close every point should have been taken. Gotta feel for the boys when they get undone by two full length tries when attacking. Lack of concentration ?? Still ....enjoyed it on a sunday afternoon when we had Formula One,Ajax, Spurs and Workington showing on the screens .
  4. 38-22 to the Netherlands after trailing 16-18 at half time. Germans rested six or seven of their heritage players, that won in Czech, giving a run to a full side from their domestic competition. Decent game and the bigger Dutch forwards took control in the second half.
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-45332185 Looks like the council want to retrict the use of Anfield as a venue for other sports and even concerts are being looked at. "Liverpool wanted to host rugby league, rugby union and other sports on dates outside the regular football calendar." I guess with Liverpool playing away the Kiwi game could be classed as " Outside the regular football calendar". Think that should knock Anfield off the potential World Cup venue list.
  6. yanto

    Watch Rugby League

    But I PAY for the RFL official stream... people seem to be getting the wrong end of the crack here... IF a leach like Mobdro can give me a great FREE service Why is the official stream that I PAY FOR not able to do better or at least as good? Not a great incentive to pay when a free stream does as good if not better job of giving me what I want.
  7. never under estimate a west cumbria side 🙂 Bradford 🙂 Who are they 🙂 York wont fancy a trip to derwent park next week
  8. yanto

    Watch Rugby League

    By the way maybe I should explain ..live.rugby-league.com is an official stream available out side the SKY footprint/contract that shows a paid per veiw subscription. So if we pay a contract in Europe we expect a coverage for all the games that are covered by that contract. To date the live.rugby-league.com service has failed to deliver what we in europe (or world wide) have paid for. Sorry Bradford Bulls on Facebook for FREE give a better service.
  9. yanto

    Watch Rugby League

    So I pay the RFL to give me a service that Mobdro supplies for free with an office staff less that the official RFL stream can deliver . Not sure I get your point. Mobdro is FREE with no office staff . The RFL Legal stream is paid for with how many office staff ?? Mobdro seem to be miles ahead in service .
  10. yanto

    Watch Rugby League

    Bingo or RL. Come on now ☺ just spend a full day cruising and was looking to chill with the game while the girls played bingo.
  11. yanto

    Watch Rugby League

    This is the Super League paid official stream not the NRL one. I have no problems with the watch nrl app but have had loads with the RFL/Super League one.
  12. Sitting in a hotel in Corfu and cant get a connection to a PAID OFFICIAL rugby league stream ....live.rugby-league.com BUT the same internet gives me a great stream FREE on Modro... Why should I pay for a service that is failing to deliver (not for the first time either) when an illegal stream gives me brilliant coverage. Get it sorted.... I paid in good faith for a full season........ now I am (once again) having to watch on a android telephone..##### fuming...
  13. yanto

    Barrow arl

    Not sure where you get "still refuses to accept Barrow clubs" from. The Cumbria Mens League and the Cumberland League are / were basically ran by the same management (and clubs) and its been tried more than once to have a county wide competition. The latest effort lasted three years from 2013 -16 when Barrow sides Walney Central, Barrow Island,Roose Pioneers and Ulverston all entered. I believe the costs and travel involved are the main reasons a Cumbria / Cumberland League has not been succesful . If you have ever travelled the A595 coast road or tried the Lakes route in the summer you may have more idea of whats involved for the clubs to play in a county wide competition.