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  1. If it's the one v Halifax search for" the longest try in rugby League history" Just watched it but on my phone so can't paste the link here. Quick edit.. So if it wasn't that try was it the one away to Saints (?) in a cup game?
  2. Lived in the Volunteer pub which back then was the "club house" for the Red Rose team.
  3. Building from the bottom up. Red Rose now run under seven to under eleven age groups and the senior team re formed last season. Over the years the club have produced numerous players for the pro game Les and Peter Gorley being proberbley the most successful career wise. From the Carlisle Border Raiders era Malcom Thomason. Colin Buck Armstrong Barry Williams Tony Scott Sean Cusack David Irving and Paul Bell all came from Red Rose. 🌹 When the Carlisle Amateur league faded Wigton Aspatria and Dalston entered the Cumberland League and Dalston (with player coach Peter Gorley) got to the Cumberland Cup final losing to Red Rose. The Carlisle league also allowed "permit players" and Workington Town sent quite a few to play for Aspatria Hornets to get game time when coming back from injury.
  4. Beverley info?

    Hope to have some info soon.Sent a message to someone I know who is born and bred Beverley and played there for years.He is going to have a dig around for the stuff your asking about.
  5. "someone will eventually catch on that inflated wages going into tighthead props that can play 30 minutes in the other code can be spent just as well in rugby league. Someone will wise up to it.” Maybe he is hinting that some money men can be convinced to put money into league rather than union and then this .this and this " We feel we can manage the sport in a more professional manner that appeals to more people and more sponsors.... We’re no longer prepared to be accepted as a poor relation; we’re fed up of being downtrodden as a code just because we’re on the M62 compared to the M5......feeling in the sport that over the next six months with the way we’re going, we can become a real threat to rugby union in this country.” So maybe its not the players that are the target but some of the obscene money that is thrown at union through rich sugar daddies and huge commercial partners.My thoughts are as he says the next three months will see "significant change" is there the possibility of a top name blue chip sponsor coming on board with some big investment ???
  6. Beverley info?

    Try this link. https://books.google.nl/books?id=piklDwAAQBAJ&lpg=PA125&ots=9gDV9Lft1p&dq=beverley rugby league history 1980&pg=PA124#v=onepage&q=beverley rugby league history 1980&f=false ..."Hodgson Sports Club gradually dropped away .............I think the Rugby League team was first to feel this,they could'nt raise enough from the factory but they had a sister factory in Hull, Thomas Holmes ,another tannery and they had a combined RL team " Page 125..may be of interest or a complete red herring as I am not sure what years (maybe 50's and 60's) but the guy was interviewed in 2008
  7. Balkan Super League

    NB Gorillas were lucky to get away with an 18-18 draw in Den Haag..Then beat us in the Grand Final that year when we traveled with a much weaker, side due to various reasons. So as for flogging the Dutch teams !!!!!! Also for being the national team that's not true. Gorillas supplied around half of the National team (which could be expected as the only senior club in Belgium)with the rest coming from union and the French RL scene. Whatever happened between the NRLB and the Gorilla's (after their one and only season) no one except the two parties concerned really know, but the Den Haag Knights were disappointed they did not compete and felt the competition was /is poorer with out them. My own view ... the other (two) clubs in the Netherlands at the time failed to rise to the challenge and meet the standards NB Gorillas were setting on and off the field and forced their hand.This despite them travelling to play all their games (apart from the Grand Final) in the Netherlands. Three of the guys played for DH KNights last season . As for the Balkan Super League its great to see it growing.
  8. Some words from a guy who has been there, done that and got the T shirt.I think his opinion counts for more than anything we keyboard coaches can bring to the table. " No fear-factor. This Australian line-up is not as fearful as ones I've seen in the past. I'll give you two names who've not been available - Greg Inglis and Johnathan Thurston. They've still got brilliant individuals. Billy Slater will be voted the best full-back they've ever had when he retires, Cameron Smith is definitely the best number nine they've ever had and Cooper Cronk is up there. So the spine of their team are going to have to be rocked and knocked around a bit. But apart from those three, the supporting cast is not as good has it has been, especially in the pack. Full-back Gareth Widdop and wingers Ryan Hall and Jermaine McGillvary have been outstanding and collectively are better than their counterparts on the other side of the fence. I just love this bit Sam Burgess. He's a big-game, big-pressure player. He's the leader of the pack and has a healthy disrespect for the Australians http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/42180250 Cant wait ..bring it on.
  9. World rugby league

    So after twelve years since I brought the GAISF to the attention of the RLEF they still have not met the criteria...So again instead of blaming a small new tuppency band rebel group ask why our own leaders have not addressed these problems before WRL came on the scene. Its our own fault this group is now apparently the new problem. Come on guys for TWELVE years we have been looking to join GAISF ..or have we ???
  10. World rugby league

    Ok last from me on this topic. I have just looked back to some old post's on another RL message board. Lounge Room Lizzard will support this. Posted march 6th 2005 "Do you find quite normal that the Rugby League International Federation is not a member- of the World Anti Doping Agencyhttp://www.wada-ama.org/en/dynamic.ch2?pageCategory_id=202http://www.wada-ama.org/en/dynamic.ch2?pageCategory_id=135- of one of the 2 international federations -ARISF, GAISF- associated with the IOChttp://www.olympic.org/uk/sports/recognized/index_uk.asphttp://www.olympic.org/uk/organisation/if/index_uk.asp" "GAISF I think is the one you are thinking of. I agree that no one in their right mind would not want to be recognised. But remember, we are talking about the RLIF here! As we have discussed a few times on this topic, they are eligible for associate membership right now, they just haven't applied for whatever reason. While the international tug o'war association gets the funding and sponsorship and media opportunities from being members, the RLIF does nothing." Reply From De Kaiser "was brought up by Yanto at RLEF meeting.Being looked at." So I brought the failure of being a member of GAISF to the attention of the RLEF way back in 2005 at an OFFICIAL RLEF meeting !!!!!! Maybe I am not that daft eh !! :-) Twelve years later we are no further forward. A more active approach to the criteria of membership could have saved a lot of the problems that this new rebel group is supposedly bringing to the table. TWELVE YEARS !!!!! So look at our OWN leaders before we look around to shift the blame for our own failings on others. Now off for a beer :-)
  11. World rugby league

    MatthewWoody maybe this will give you a little insight into how they work in Norway.This has just come in via Norge RL facebook. This weekend Rugby league clubs board members and myself. Have been in Bergen for a weekend with wheel chair Rugby. Lady’s and men’s 7’s plus 15’s members under the NRF umbrella. Within the weekend we have covered Anti Doping, NIF regulations and a insight into club/Sports admin one of the tools we have to register club members. Children within sport and how so many drop out of sport at a age group. All of this on the first day. Day two followed on with talks from some junior players from Bergen giving us a great presentation and you could see their passion for the game. Wheelchair Rugby giving us a better understanding of their sport. Also members talking on what’s happening in their own codes. We gave a talk on where League in Norway has come from and where we want to be. This was also a great opportunity for everyone to get around next year’s schedule. And plan that players and cost restrictions came first. And that everything had to fit in to give players the chance to play all codes of the oval ball if they wanted to. I came away with more understanding of other sports under the NRF umbrella and with communication between all we can offer those players that want to a lot more in one season. That will help develop core skills fast and push the level of players up. OK not a lot to really do with the WRL issue but shows how an umbrella organisation under IOC & NRF regulation can work.Its not just funds but resources and information that is also SHARED.
  12. World rugby league

    If at the lowest level of development and its the rules within that country and opens up funding and other resources then its just stupid not to. Have you actually read what I posted regarding how Norway are doing it ? Norge RL are doing very well as far as development goes yet they are still members of the RLEF.?? Its all to do with accessing local IOC funds whilst we wait for the RLIF to be accepted into Sport Accord.
  13. World rugby league

    Maybe so but that's up to the RLIF to address without making more excuses why we have not been accepted. Do you really believe union are backing this new rebel group or have they used a bit of local knowledge as a means to get IOC funding. Maybe the RLEF should be talking to these guys to get them onside and ask them how they have managed to do this instead of pushing them away.Our game needs as much money as we can get from any legit source, especially in the developing nations, if we are to continue to grow. If the IOC rules in Greece and Italy point to a federation consisting of a number of sports (not just union) being under one umbrella (like in Norway) then these guys are one step ahead of the game.
  14. World rugby league

    One of the growing European nations at the moment is Norway. Little know fact but the Norwegian RL is a sub member of the Norwegian Rugby Union. Norges Rugbyforbund also oversee Aussie Rules,Gaelic Football , Hurling and wheel chair rugby. Norway RL get some funding from the "bund". Norway are also members of the RLEF . There are now more League clubs in Norway than union. Norge RL have members sitting on the board of the Rugbyforbund. So due to being recognised by the Norwegian Olympic Committee the guys in Norway have been able to grow the game of Rugby League. LRL you had a fall out with the RLEF because they did'nt understand the way things worked on the ground in Germany,Holland has stood still due to a lack of funding,Belgium,Sweden,Denmark etc etc all get no funding because they are not recognised by their local IOC. Why have the Italians and Greeks formed a breakaway /rebel group ?? Are both these groups recognised by their IOC ??? In one breath people are always saying union are trying to kill league and now we have a situation were people are saying union are now backing League through this rebel group to stop us getting GIASF/Sport Accord membership. ?? Im confused !!!!! Bigger conspiracy theory than we never landed on the moon. In the lower tier nations, especially the new developing nations, IOC recognition is vital. If the local IOC need all oval ball sports under one umbrella (yet they can still be members of the their own governing body ie RLEF) and this opens funding channels is this the end of the world or a means for future development ?? ITS NOT UNION BACKED its IOC regulations in some countries. RLIF/RLEF have been very slow in getting GIASF/Sport Accord affiliation and I don't blame these rebel groups for sourcing funds by joining their IOC. I agree its not good for the game having rebel groups setting up but its maybe a kick up the ###### that the game needs to sort this mess out once and for all. Norway RL run their own competition are slowly overtaking union in the country (yes believe it or not its true) are members of the RLEF and are growing.This would never have been achievable without aligning with the other ball sports under the Norge Rugbyforbund. World Rugby League has been on the scene for less than two years...GIASF/Sport Accord have been refusing to affiliate the game a lot longer. Instead of looking for more (new) excuses why we are not getting GIASF/Sport Accord its time to look at why the RLIF are failing time after time.