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  1. Dave T again guys calling it a macho thing..not the pro players but the normal guy on the street .. maybe have never been on the park..As I said sledging is all about getting one over your opposite number and no matter what you do you aint going to change that part of the game. You wonder what Bailey (may have) said to Carney to get the reaction he did....because whatever it was Carney's response should have given Wolfpack the advantage in the match. 1-0 Bailey..very poor response Carney.(if true) Carney seems to have over stepped the mark BUT dont think Bailey was innocent for one minute.
  2. From a mate down under last week...... ."I'm at Dragons vs Cowboys, just spoke to the Cowboys football manager asked him if he's heard about Fairleigh going to saints. He says it hasn't been mentioned but if he got the job and wanted to go they would let him, but he thinks with his family here and daughter in high school he might not want to go to England yet." So maybe maybe not ....
  3. Egremont had already done it a few years earlier so the Brow were only second best Davo ;-)
  4. Racist / homophobic abuse ..I think all the players know the lines they can not cross but as for "sledging" ....which has been raised on this thread... give me a break. Sledging.... banter.... call it what you like goes on everyday in of all walks of life. Well it is where I come from and I would class my up bringing as that of a typical RL player..gritty northern towns. At work in the pub its all around including... no... especially on the field. As an ex player who spent over ten years running around the likes of the Willows, Boulevard and Headingley.....taking and giving verbal sledging / banter I may add....I have been there. It went on then and goes on today and will go on for the next 100 years. Part and parcel of the game ...any pro game and its not unique to RL. So fans on a forum who dont agree with sledging dont seem to be on the same wavelength as the thousands who play the game every week from pub teams to Super League. I bet if you took a survey the majority of players at all levels of the game would admit to "sledging opponents" in every game they play.Its all to do with getting the "edge" over the player your up against.Winding him up,talking him off his game and it will never change. Just wondering what are we now allowed to call an overweight ginger haired Irishman who was born out of wedlock without upsetting some on this forum. ????
  5. Mental aint it ha ha .....gritty northern calling of the game...people wont like that.
  6. Not sure what to make of Rugby AM commentary on the stream....crazy...bad...good..American style .....;-)
  7. scroll down the facebook page Its there below Alan Shearer and Jermain Jenas interview on my screen (Europe)
  8. https://www.facebook.com/SPORTbible
  9. https://www.facebook.com/SPORTbible
  10. North Wales v Toronto
  11. L1 games get some coverage via Youtube.I think its just fans but the North Wales Crusaders (and some NCL ) games are broadcast by TerryG .Subscribe and you get email updates when he is live. Example game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5pHDLAJvTM or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCN_SefGaJ0&t=708s
  12. If you have a VPN get onto Livestream (not available in the UK ) and you have all the NRL live (Official NRL stream) plus archives going back to 2015 off ALL NRL Games. https://livestream.com/nrl
  13. Any one know if a new shirt is coming in time for the WC ??
  14. Hoping to do France v Lebanon and Aussie v France in Canberra. Going to be based in Robertson Southern Highlands so only about a two hour drive.(you know home of the Big Potatoe ;-) ) The other games will be the opener in Melbourne and England v Lebanon in Sydney. I may yet fly from Melbourne to Auckland for the Kiwi v Samoa (instead of the Lebanon in game in Canberra) Still undecided but the flights are good to arrive mid morning in Auckland. Only have a narrow opening in my work rota so can only catch some of the early rounds.
  15. 2009/2010 play off scores weekly scores and league tables http://media.rladmin.co.uk/docs/Annual report.pdf 2010/2011 conference play off scores,tables resuts Under 18 and junior results. http://files.pitchero.com/clubs/5779/SRLAnnualReport2010-11.pdf