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  1. first half is actually available to view on the post at the top of this thread ..Maybe the guys battery ran out for the second half
  2. second half stream about to start..hmmm seem the stream has stopped !!!!!
  3. Hmm seems its Live on Total RL .com once I posted the link this is the live stream ..Currently Half time .came across it by chance.If you go to the Youtube stream you can watch the first half again.....Someone using social media as it could / should be used to promote the lower levels of the game. Just been playing about and the first half is on this clip posted here.
  4. The great Gus Risman who retired to live in the small West Cumbrian village of Brigham were he ran a driving school. His house was next to the primary school and he always had time to speak to us kids as we passed his house on the way home. A real legend and true gentleman.
  5. Muslim country... they don't celebrate Christmas. No different than games being played during the end of Ramadan in western societies. Not sure what Julien Treu the guy behind will be doing as he is French with an Irish wife and young kids so Christmas will be important to him. Five clubs in a short space of time is pretty good going for Turkey.
  6. Never been involved in development of the game so I don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. OK your an Italian (I think)....Two federations have had their disputes over the years in Italy...how complicated would it become if an Italian team full of heritage players set up in the UK ,ignored both federations in Italy and went around calling themselves "Italy" and playing Internationals with out any of these games being sanctioned by any governing body ?? Then a group of New York Italians set up a team and played Internationals against USA Jamacia etc etc AS "Italy" without any sanctioning from any governing bodies?? Will the REAL Italian International team please stand up and the other Italian REPRESENTATIVE teams align with the Italian Federation (Whoever that may be). Now can you see the confusion of representative teams classing themselves as International sides?? (and there is nothing wrong with that if they advertise themselves as Rep sides)
  8. But calling them "Internationals" when they are likely to be 100% Aussies based heritage players is maybe wrong. Do they have contact with the League Federations in Poland and Hungary ? Have the RLEF /IRLF sanctioned these games ?? Have the Polish RL or Hungary RL sanctioned these games ? Representative games yes ....and good to see. International games a big NO in my opinion. Imagine 15 Polish guys getting together in England and playing an "International" on the same day and then a sanctioned International going on in Warsaw at the same....now that could cause confusion with THREE Polish International games taking place at the same time in three different countries.!!!! You just can not have any teams springing up and claiming to be "International teams".
  9. Thing is Simon maybe the guy was the only Pakistani /Muslim looking guy in the area at the time and thought "f*** this I'm getting out of here before the mob start on me". A member of the public saw him legging it, put two and two together and got five. Very understandable and I am sure the security services would have found evidence IF he was the driver. I was with two Irish work mates in London at the height of the troubles.We were hanging around Victoria Station when a bomb scare took place. Being Irish the first thing they wanted to do was distance themselves from the area. Again very understandable. Hopefully the Berlin police did not stop looking for evidence and in a sense let the trail go cold thinking they had got their man. Sadly this seems to be the case.
  10. Strange how back in the day.... before the SKY money .....amateur clubs provided the majority of the pro games players. How many overseas players did each club have..if they signed two or three Aussies or Kiwis it was big news. No academies .....if you were good enough you signed pro..served your time in the "A" team then stepped up to the first team. There was a strong Open age and youth set up across the country..played inter Town and County rep games. National cup at open age and under 18's..regular age group tours... It was also a period when we competed with the Aussies and produced top class players....whatever happened to that system to take us into the shambles we are now facing at both amateur ( community) and (semi) pro level.
  11. Off to the mother in laws this year (we go year about) but surprise surprise she wants ME to cook dinner at hers!!!! The Dutch dont have any special "set menu" for Christmas and the first time I went to hers we ended up with a small bunsen burner in front of us ,small cuts of meat and a cook your own..Fondue ???? Didnt go down well with me thats for sure and has never been repeated . When they come to ours its a full on traditional English dinner so maybe they are getting used to it. Old 70s style me..... love the prawn cocktail and strawberry trifle :-) Full Turkey with all the trimmings . Will also fire up some home made mushroom soup,a fish platter and cappacio for starters. Simple things were unheard off over her...Pigs in blankets (Cumberland sausage off course) ...carrots and turnip mash, roast tatties and yorkshire's go down well now they are used to them. 7 year old daughter loves the strawberry trifle as much as her papa but christmas pudding does'nt go down well so there will be as yet undecided options for the "tootjes" Coffee, Mince pies (home made with imported mince as you cant get that here) ,christmas cake,crackers and cheese (the Dutch do great cheese) will be served throughout the evening as we all sit around the table playing Klaverjassen a typical Dutch card game. Wont have to much drink ( apart from a few sherries while I am cooking and a glass of port later ) as on Boxing day we sail to England to go through it all again at me mams on the 27th . Back in Holland for Oude en Nieuw (new years eve) were at twelve o'clock the whole sky is blitzed with some of the biggest fireworks you will ever see. Its reported 65 million euro are spent on fireworks in Holland for New years eve and it is quite amazing the first time you witness it. 01:00 on New Years day the pubs OPEN !!! and this year we are staying local with an all inclusive party for 30 euro. Crawl home around 06:00 then up at 15:00 and off to the local football club for a new years reception (nearly every sports club does it) were the club host's a members party for around 3 hours which includes free drinks for the duration. A great hair of the dog. Understanding Christmas in Holland is a bit strange because the kids get all their presents on "Pakjes avond" from Sinterklaas which falls on 5th December. The 25th used to be a normal day with just a big meal to celebrate.Its changing a bit now and my daughter gets spoiled as she has her birthday on the 24th then me being English she off course gets more presents on Christmas day. Back to Norway to pay for it all on 4th January
  12. Phil check out Skyscanner..just done a quick check Manchester to Corfu two weeks in the middle of July (for example) and Easyjet 158 quid return ...Easyjet out and return with Aegean 183. Suppose it depends when you want to fly.
  13. More from the US based Wolfpack. Short video with interviews and showing some of their training. Need to scroll down a few videos to find the story..sorry wont link direct...worth a look. https://www.facebook.com/BBCRadioLeeds/?fref=ts
  14. Remember the day well.My old Broughton Red Rose and Town team mate Peter Gorley was playing for Saints that day..Menninga,Holding,Arkwright,etc etc..decent enough side..Neil Holding ran in a hatrick and we kept Big Mal to one try ..after five minutes we were standing behind our own goal line..after about 8 minutes we were there again when some sweet Saints lass said to me from the terrace...."Hey number 3 me and you could start up a relationship as I guess your going to be here a lot today " Amazing how insignificant things stay in your mind...and she was quite cute