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  1. I have been a member of this site for over 10/15 years (I reckon) but to be honest I find it now so negetive to all aspects of the game I wonder why I bother anymore. We have the same group of people who know whats wrong with the game and put forward all their stats numbers and figures and they are never wrong.THEY have all the answers. We have the same group of people who just do not want to listen to any other opinions and if you dont agree with them you are bullied of the thread. This site has become "home to a few" who think they know best and if you disagree with their opinion then you are hounded off the topic. Discussion and opinions are no longer relevent,the crack is no longer fun,its all to serious and controlled by a minority who no matter what YOU think ...THEY are always right. A lot of good characters no longer post, a lot fun characters who had great knowledge of the game no longer post and I wonder why that is ? Guess the new young breed have taken over ?
  2. But people on TRL message boards are making a massive issue over it and anyone who has looked at how long the Great Britain Lions have not carried the name Ireland and put his opinion over is sudddenly classed as a Little Englander . Then you wonder why people keep off places such as these if you dont follow the sheep people start insulting you. Good job Im thick skinned and it would be great to meet up with some of these so called Rugby League fans on tour in New Zealand wearing their Great Britain Lions shirts ?
  3. So now because I point out FACTS that have carried the Great Britain Lions forward wearing a British Isles XIII logo since the "Ireland " was dropped in 2004 I am classed as "Little England" Considering I left "Little England" twenty one years ago thats a good one ? So every one at the RLF and every player who has ever pulled on a Lions jersey since 2004 are also classed in the same vien because they played for the Great Britain Lions or administrated them without considering Ireland. Guess you voted remain in the Brexit referendum and like the other 48% you class those that have a different opinion as " Little England". That sir is one massive problem you have . But off course you are right.
  4. Please look at the badge that has been used on many Lions shirts (and hopefully will be used for this tour.) BRITISH ISLES XIII. Now that covers Ireland does it not ?? Only once has Great Britain and Ireland been placed on the badge in modern times. (1999) Ireland was dropped in 2004 from the official brand. The 2005,2006 and 2007 Lions were also known as Great Britain...... were where all you guys that are now kicking up a fuss back then ??. In 2004,2005,2006 and 2007 the Great Britain Lions were not a joke,didnt devalue the brand,wasnt laughable,a horrible mess,embarrassing,got it wrong bla bla bla. So someone please tell me why they are now ??? I wonder how many were thinking "what an embarrassment this is" when the Great Britain Lions beat Australia on 13th November 2004 at Wigan or 4th November 2006 in Sydney or the 2007 three game whitewash against the Kiwis .??? ye I thought not !!! Must be the new PC world we are living in or Rugby League fans once again looking for things to rubbish the game that we are all supposed to love. Then you wonder why we struggle when our own supporters nit pick and are so negative at everything the game tries to do. These Lions are branded Great Britain as they have been since 2004. If they put the British Isles XIII badge on the shirts everything is covered . Get over it
  5. Mitch and Peter Gorley have been in touch saying they fancy it .Could be at least three West Cumbrians shouting for the Great Britain Lions ?
  6. Maybe there will be a lot less before the tour even hits Hamilton going my the enthusiasm shown by RL fans on this messsage board . ? After crying out for years for more International fixtures and for the Aussies to do more to assist the PI development ,2019 is seeing just that and yet the majority of the posters on here are still not happy. October / November 2019 Fiji,Tonga,Samoa,PNG,New Zealand,Australia,Great Britain,Scotland,Ireland,Italy,Spain,Russia and either Norway or Greece will all be playing in organised competitions or tour games. Ten years ago who would have thought it !!! But no, the main discussion is about the branding ,badge,legitimacy of the GB team and why no Aussie game. Gotta love it ? The only shirt I can find with a Great Britain and Ireland logo on it (in modern times) is the 1999/2000 Patrick shirt . Every other shirt has "British Isles XIII" under the four nations crests. According to wiki (ok not 100%) the "Ireland" was dropped from the name in 2004 when Brian Noble was in charge and the side reverted to Great Britain.This despite Brian Carney being in the team !!! So again maybe the Irish cheif made an honest mistake in calling it Great Britain and Ireland because that is the ONLY time I have seen it referred to as such.
  7. Well for one Im sure I read somewhere the RLI chief is a new guy....and no one else has mentioned Ireland as its not been branded GB & I . As Ireland are playing world cup games at the same time MAYBE the Irish guy has got it wrong ??? Just think .......he RFL knew the Irish players were tied up during October/November and therefore not available for selection, so they decided to go with the "Great Britain Lions". Then the new Irish chief didnt realise this and called it Great Britain & Ireland by mistake. No off course this could never be the reason as only the RFL f***ck up all the time. I will say again a lot of hysteria over someone's error and as its never been called GB & I in ANY media I have seen ,apart from the Irish chiefs quote, who is to say he didnt make a genuine mistake ??
  8. Well to be fair its being branded as Great Britain Rugby League Lions Tour. Since the Irish will be playing World Cup qualifiers at the same time the problem of leaving Ireland out of the title /badge/anthem will not arise as all their players will be in Italy or Spain. It is Great Britain Rugby League Lions with no Irishmen in the squad so why the mass hysteria
  9. I just came back from Aussie last week.I have been there four times in the last three years and never went via the USA.Looking at Skyscanner going via the states is difficult to co ordinate. I usually fly China Southern via Beijing /Gaungzhou.This time I have decided to take a faster route via Dubai and with using Quantas for all flights (or Emirates which are part of the same group) it keeps the cost down. Planning is in the early stages but this looks like what I am thinking . 19th October fly Amsterdam to Sydney arriving the night of 20th via Dubai. Overnight in Sydney at the Ibis budget hotel near the airport. Monday 21st head on down to Robertson in the Southern Highlands for 10 days holiday taking in the Aussie v Kiwi game at Woollongong on the 25th.Which is a twenty minute drive down the escarpment. Thursday 31st Sydney to Auckland arriving mid afternoon. Saturday 2nd Eden Park for the Kiwi v England game / triple header Stay around Auckland then fly to Christchurch on Friday the 8th for the second Kiwi game. and Fiji v PNG Friday 15th November fly Christchurch to Port Moresby for the game on 16th . Monday 18th fly home to Amsterdam from Port Moresby via Brisbane and Dubai. As I said I am lucky to have mates in three out of the four venues so accomodation is no problem.For this reason I will not take in the Hamilton game v Tonga but have some sun in Australia Looking at hotels in PNG, they are quite expensive for three nights.Plus reading up about Port Moresby it seems like its the type of city to get out of as soon as possible. But with 2,000 Lion fans it should be safe enough in a pack ?
  10. Already onto it ? Amsterdam to Sydney ( take in the Kangaroos v Kiwi's in Woollongong instead of the Tonga game). Sydney to Auckland Auckland to Christchurch Christchurch to Port Moresby Port Moresby to Amsterdam. A snip at 1670 euro/1490 pound. Quantas / Emirates all the way. Good mates in Sydney (Robertson) Auckland and Christchurch so only accomodation needed in Port Moresby. How good could this be .
  11. Love all the negetive responces to SBW thread... This my friends is OUR game. Just leave it at that ....
  12. 13:00 Saturday UK time would be Midnight in Sydney and 21:00 in Perth. Three hour time difference between Perth and Sydney this time of the year. But even an early morning kick off at 06:00 sunday morning (Sydney time) is better than Monday morning when its been mentioned the Aussies are on their way to work. Maybe its because FOX /SKY didnt show the game here they wanted to feck Channel 9 viewing figures ** ** Conspiracy theory ?
  13. Two oclock saturday afternoon would be 01:00 sunday morning down under ( I think) now for a World Club Challenge is that not better than 06:00 am on a monday morning ...??? FA Cup ....come on if the game is promoting the best two club sides in the world we should not have to worry about Newport v City or who ever was playing.
  14. Just a pom on holiday reporting from Aus. Five pages of NRL in the Telegraph today but of course with a 6am kick off the World Club game couldnt even get a mention. I think we are missing something but I just cant put my finger on it ?
  15. Woke up at 05:30 on a monday morning on holiday in the Illawarra area to watch the game. Wow thats how big it is ...we show the best two teams in the world (allegedly) at daft o' clock on a monday morning downunder and wonder why the Aussies dont show any interest !!! Was on Channel Nine free to air but was dissapointing because it was the SKY commentators..yep Eddie and co . After the game the Channel Nine guys ( not sure who they were now) talked about which Wigan guys could make it in the NRL... Hardaker and Sarginson !!!.. .Have these two guys already had a shot and failed ???
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