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  1. yanto

    new stadium - todays press

    Oops. Sorry how could I forget about the Kiwi's being sore losers even though they never lost. 😬
  2. yanto

    new stadium - todays press

    If you have other bids equal to Workington and Stadiums in place that meet the criteria, I would think they would go for the safe option. Did they not say they were going to retreat to the heartlands for this WC. West Cumbria has been on the outside since the last WC. No follow up games nothing. So much for the "Legacy" I would be pleased to be proven wrong but I have my doubts. Maybe they will ask Allerdale for a 750,00 bond 🙄
  3. yanto

    Huddersfield Giants Sunday 3pm

    Try going through the BBC on the computer. If I can listen to the games here in Holland reaching Kendal should be a doddle. 👍
  4. yanto

    new stadium - todays press

    The host cities and towns for the World Cup are to be announced on Tuesday 29th January. After the last fiasco when West Cumbria was awarded some games on the "promise" of a new stadium, I would think the organisers would be reluctant to go down that route again. I would be very very surprised if Workington were awarded any games when the new stadium is still a long way of getting passed, funded and built. But hey this is rugby league we are talking about so you never know 🤔😏
  5. Things used to be rubbish ..if you look closely there are a few things that have not changed whilst being members of the EU!!!!!!! As for benefiting from freedom of movement is it /was it really freedom of movement ??? (Guess again its aimed directly at me as I live and work on the continent) I need a permit to work in Norway even though it has an agreement with the EU through its EEA membership .Nothing new there. I need to apply for a Green card every year if I wish to continue working in Norway. Before being granted permanent residency of the Netherlands I had to register with the local council and local police when ever I moved for work,I had to apply for permits and work visa's,I had to be careful how long I worked in the Netherlands for tax purposes. All this whilst being members of the EU Was it /is it really FREEDOM of MOVEMENT ?? Even today you still need to apply for permits and visa's and register before being accepted. If EU citizens need a permit/visa to work/live in the UK then serious is that really a problem? If I need a visa to return to the Netherlands from Norway and have to go through a passport control due to holding a UK passport then I dont find that a problem. I currently have to go through a passport control in Schiphol if Im flying into the UK .When I first travelled to the Netherlands by ferry and road, I was stopped and checked in France,Belgium and then when entering the Netherlands and we were part of the EU then.....woo that was so stressful ..... Custom checks are done NOW before I board a ferry at Newcastle to Amsterdam,my car is searched and the same when leaving Holland to Newcastle. So stressful. I have been stopped and searched when leaving Sweden by car into Norway,when leaving Germany into Denmark.Even when you cross the border into Germany from Holland there are still random custom checks. Again what is the problem ? Maybe the customs checks keep an eye on what was coming into the country illegally ..drugs,guns,counterfiet goods and yes illegal immigrants..so if you had nothing to hide they were just another few minutes of your time..again not a great problem. You think its a waste of everybodies time thats your choice but leaving the EU will not make any difference to my travel,work,living enviroment apart from a few more minutes at passport control,custom /immigration checks at ports and having to maybe apply for a few mor visa's. Not a world changer really .
  6. Ha ha is that "Three little questions " a little dig at me or did you not read the article about the Italian ladies fully 🙂 Maybe the BBC is once again twisting the truth,maybe the UK government is once again telling little porkies. EU citizens will have to answer three "simple" questions online if they want to continue living in the UK after Brexit, according to the Home Office. People will be asked to prove their ID, whether they have criminal convictions and whether they live in the UK. The scheme will operate online and via a smartphone app, and Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the government's "default" position would be to grant, not refuse, settled status. Regarding this BBC story are they scaremongering ?? If you check the UK governements official website people with ILR (Indefitnate Leave to Remain), which these ladies claim to have (or you claim they have not sure now without looking back) ,do not need to apply ??? So either the BBC are wrong (and are running a nonsense story) or the UK Government website is wrong ?? Where these Italian ladies granted ILR from the Government or has the reporter just gone and started a ###### story without doing any background checks on their official status regarding Brexit ??? Are the quotes from the 3Million spokesman or the Immigration solicitor directly involved with these Italian ladies case or just a general assumption ?? As for "Hostile Enviroment" that seems to be your "in" word ..its not only happening in the UK. All over the EU us Brits abroad are facing the same senario .So is there also a "Hostile enviroment" in The Netherlands,Germany,France etc or just the UK ? I honestly can not see what the problem is. Remember you are looking at 3.8 million EU citizens in the UK and 1.3 UK citizens living in the EU. Some mistakes will be made. BUT WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO IN THE END IS THIS.... If your eligble to stay in the UK (or whatever EU country you now reside in) then will be granted permanent recidency. If you dont qualify then you will have to leave..END OFF ..thats the rules with any immigration to any country ,be it within the EU or outside the EU. Its amazing how us old folk used to travel around Europe and the rest of the world on visa's,permits and passports without all these massive problems that people are now blaming Brexit for.
  7. So the UK government is so cruel and this women is so isolated that no-one can help her. If she has been the UK since the 50s it seems someone has to help her answer three questions on line. How difficult is that. But no let's use this example to show how cruel Brexit is to all the foreign residents living in the UK. The artical is also about the women who came from Italy to work in the Mills but of course the lady with alzheimers grabs the attention.
  8. Its not just the UK government doing it, its happening all over Europe as I have explained. I have permanent Dutch residency but thats now being withdrawn and I have to re apply. Or are you going back to before the EU...and and what cut of date are you using ..1973 or 1993 ....I honestly cant understand what the big deal is. Three simple online questions to remain in the UK. PS The people voted to leave the EU but look at the confusion this is causing.....so on the same point the Government should not be using any means as an excuse to revisit that decision.
  9. It can also happen to me if I cock up or the Dutch government cock up then I could have to leave my family. So instead of moaning about it and making a major issue out of what should be a simple process, the people have to make sure that they fill in the forms correctly..... Oh answer three simple online questions in the UK I am reading ...What can be so difficult ?? Or is it just a "Principle" thing rather than getting on and doing it to make sure they remain in the UK.
  10. Slightly different twist but if they have been a UK resident since the fifties what is the problem in having to fill in a new application for a permanent resident permit. Not really a big deal. They are not UK Nationals or even UK citizens so if they are allowed exemption then you are opening a whole new can of worms. When did the UK join the EU? Are you using 1973 (EEC ) as the cut off date or 1993 when the Maastricht treaty created the EU in todays form ? Make it simple unless you have a UK passport / Citizenship then EVERYONE needs to re apply same as the EU are doing to us Brits on the continent. What could be fairer ?
  11. 20 years in the Netherlands and got my information papers from the Dutch immigration over the weekend. Even though I am a permanent Dutch resident,married to a Dutch citizen and have a daughter born in the Netherlands if I want to remain in the country after Brexit I will have to re apply for my residence permit . Cant see a problem with the Italian story.. if Brits abroad have to re apply then so should EU members living in the UK, its as simple as that.
  12. yanto

    Best and worst airlines

    Fly in and out of Norway every 12 days with either SAS , Norwegian or KLM . All very good carriers.The Sacandinavian ones charge for in flight snacks while KLM still provide in flight drinks and snakcs for free . In Norway its common to fly internal due to the size of the country and the mountain terrain.Oslo to Bergen for example can be a seven to nine hour drive but less than an hour in the air. Again SAS and Norwegian have a lot of internal routes but if we have to fly into a smaller airport then we use Wideroe, who happen to be the largest regional airline in Scandinavia. Plane ethusiasts will know the type of plane Wideroe use.. Bombardier Dash-8 turbo-prop aircraft or as we call them "The parrafin Parrot"...Noisy,bad in turbulance, which is common in the Norwegian mountains and quite a scary ride to be honest. Off to Aussie next month and after using BA /KLM via Singapore four years ago I changed my plans the next year to China Southern via Guangzou. People tried to warn me of China Southern but this is now the third year I have been flying with them and find them excellent.Just economy travel but the food is good (chinese off course) the planes are all pretty new Airbus 330/330 and onboard service is top class. Only thing i dont like is the return leg always seems to include a 3 1/2 internal flight from Guangzou to Beijing. Anyone ever travelled throught Beijing ?? Security is unbelievable and we have to have finger prints and eye scans then held in a holding area with no access to food or drinks until our connection flight is ready to board.We then get our own individual escort to the plane. The other thing that wowed me is the size of Chinese airports..I have transited through Guangzou,Beijing and Shenzhen and they are massive really really massive.
  13. yanto

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Had plans to go and follow the tour but as you say it's going to tough organising at short notice. Due to the Arctic weather we have been laid off work till march.. Oppertunity arose, so heading down under for some winter sun and pre season games in February, have tickets for the Perth SOO in June so even if the proposed tour goes ahead its now off my agenda. Shame really and I wonder how many others are now making alternative plans.
  14. Yep streamed in the Netherlands and Norway without having to use a Vpn in previous years.
  15. Don't expect to much. Plenty of games on YouTube including the Serbian Grand Final