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    Just want to say a big thank you to the volunteers working 5 days a week making the stadium look the best it has for years. Not an easy task and lots still to do but I'm sure every one appreciates your hard work. True supporters.
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    Not absent ! Full fixture list in the public domain following the successful launch at London. Carry on supporting the Stags, in fact bring your mates, relatives, co-workers, whoever you like. We are in for a great sporting summer. Never mind twitter, go to a game, have fun. It might not be "Superleague" but it's local, accessible, affordable and fun. Good weather, nice people. Please support the fledgling teams in the new Southern Conference. It may take some time but the game has to go national and all growth is important.
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    Headaches just worn off. Return bus ticket to York station £4.40. Onto 13.17 direct train to Bradford £19 return. Stopped at every little station eventually arriving at 14.29. £7 taxi to Odsal.£25 into ground. Never had a pint before or during the game. Good banter .Every York pass was forward! Our defence was great especially when we picked up a Bulls forward and took him over our dead ball line giving us the restart. Ash Robson was involved in everything until he had to come off.Harry Carter was non stop.Every York pass was forward. The lead cheerleader had a bad looking accident I hope shes ok. At least 50 York fans there. Went into Q Gardens bar afterwards and caught up with an old mate who gave me lift back to York dropped me off at Bootham Tavern 19.30. Enjoyed rest of the night with some tightwad mates who never went but listened to the game hunched over the wireless. Another good day out. Worth every penny. Every York pass was forward!!
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    I don't see the need to destroy financially self sufficient UK clubs in order to make spaces for overseas clubs. It's wrong thinking. Expansion means expansion in the UK as well as expansion to other countries. Why kill a club that has been flying the RL flag in enemy territory for nearly four decades?? This club has punched above its weight for years. It's not about a name, a licence, it's about roots, commitment and doing the impossible when everyone said it couldn't be done. Bob Brown is a Rugby hero and deserves a Knighthood for services to the game.
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    Because Perez, like Argyle, has ambition. Something the game desperately needs.
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    I understand that it's being done out of desperation but I found the tweets to the SBRF foundation and Wire FM to be in poor taste and, being honest, emotionally manipulative. I also share the sentiment, expressed by others, about what the intention for the money is. It's been stated that it's to “save” the club from administration but, with a great deal of respect, there isn't a hope of that happening from supporter donations and bucket collections. Again, I understand completely why people want to donate but I'm just witnessing people giving away sentimentally valued memorabilia with no conceivable benefit to anyone. There was a video earlier today of one guy who donated £10,000 and, accepting that first impressions can be deceiving, he didn't present himself as the type of person who would have that sort of money to spare. I really hope that it wasn't a substantial portion of his life savings.
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    Lol you take more away cos they can’t afford to go to home games
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    I have just been to the Widnes fund raiser and Marwan turned up what a lovely guy. Gave away fortunes in prizes, made everybody smile, a great host. I am a Saints fan but really enjoyed the night. If you read this Marwan I would love a visit to your stables and would donate happily to the Widnes fund or injured jockey fund. I dont have Twitter so not sure how to contact you. Thank you for your rugby support and a nice evening.
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    So does the Kells ground,don't recall England/GB playing any tests there.
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    What an enjoyable read this thread is today.
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    Yet another professional commentary Andy, thanks a lot. I for one couldn't make it over to Odsal due to illness but hope to be fit next week. Lets hope that all of us who missed yesterdays great win will be at the Leigh game and that you end up talking to yourself!
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    The good We won and no-one should underestimate the value of that Defence, especially scrambling back. was good We didn't concede an interception try for the first time this year Both Lillycrop and Bienek got some game time to help their rehab Scott- really dependable at the back and two great touchline conversions The Bulldog Bitter in the lounge was very good The bad Lack of invention near the line Five (ineffective) drives and an aimless kick on the sixth far too often Too many sets just wasted going nowhere Brown needs to be on the park for much longer The two players who I expected to have stormers against their former club were poor Terrible last tackle kick options Lack of backing up But- a win's a win, so relatively happy it would have been a long drive back down South if we had lost!
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    Two very encouraging runs this weekend. Firstly a sub 25 minute parkrun for the first time since April 2017 then close to a course PB at the Clumber National Trust 10K event yesterday, running sub 53 minutes when I was aiming for 55. I did eat a lot yesterday afterwards though, putting my weight up a bit!
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    Its the quality of our play thats impressing me we just need to cut out the daftness, some really well worked tries and a great team performance. One special note is how well is Carl Forber playing he's getting better with age!
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    For how many seasons have we been moaning about the penalty count and indiscipline ? This needs addressing but no one seems capable of getting the message across. What we cannot seem to manage is a quick play the ball. Stuart Dickens made a living at Fev by running in hard and hitting the floor fast on his face so he could ensure a quick play the ball from which the speedy halves and hookers they always seemed to have created havoc. We go in and try to stay upright every time, very macho but not always the right option. Yes we need to get back to basics as the coach keeps reminding us but we also need to find some flair which for the first 20 minutes yesterday I thought we had. The second half there was a low sun in the eyes of the Dewsbury defenders but we didn't try to make use of it. Kick offs 20 metres shorter but with much more elevation would have been interesting. I think both teams kicked from restarts to the same piece of grass each time. Yes we need to get the basics right and play with more precision but we also need a bit of unpredictability and the players given the licence to play what is in front of them rather than the present state of affairs were the first 4 carries must be up the middle. We have some good players I just feel they lack confidence and the freedom to play as they would like.
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    That's why the sport needs a game changer, something new and uniquely ambitious which can lift its profile to heights undreamed of before with no involvement or input from those clowns or the traditional clubs which they are so determined to protect at all costs.
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    Think he might be a figment of someone's imagination...... I love that he aparently walked the length of the whole main stand and accurately counted 123 people. Instead of using the turnstiles the Bears will need to consider using him from now on to work out their attendances.
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    Congratulations on your great start to the season. Im just looking for a little advice for parking this sunday for us leigh fans who are travelling over. I know parking at the ground is limited. Just wondering if there are plenty of streets around the ground where we can park. Looking forward to a good game. You have had a great start to the season. You are very strong at home but we have lost our only away game so far to halifax. Should be around 800 to 1000 leigh fans so atmosphere will be good.
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    They decided not to follow the M62 model.
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    Just read this post from a Wigan fan on RLFans... "Everyone around me was saying that the only way we would win in GP time was to keep Sneyd away from DG range. Cue a dumb-ass penalty, a kick to touch and 6 tackles starting from about 40 yards out, and the entire row in front of me was already on their way out as they knew it was game over the minute the penalty was awarded." Nice bit of respect for the "AHDIK" man.
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    I don't think people are being overly negative. Just saying that there is still improvement in us. Leon has said this himself. Exciting times if we can get 2 results like we have and not been at our best.
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    The way things are going there, they won't have enough there to knock 3,000 off
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    I saw this earlier. AFL seems to get bit of a free ride from the media, compared to the NRL where any minor indiscretion is jumped upon, so it will be interesting to see if there is any change with this.
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    Carl was outstanding, really good kicking game and took more control of the game than the last few years.
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    And on that note, good to see some fixtures finally in place. Looking forward to heading down a few times, hopefully to see some games where Hemel have a chance of a positive result!
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    Excellent. The BBC reported the figure of people on what might be termed a watch-list as "more than 20,000". And here's the Guardian saying that in 2018 more white people than non whites were arrested for terrorism offences: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/sep/13/white-people-make-up-largest-proportion-of-terror-arrests-figures-show. Now, granted, that's clearly a very small percentage of the overall sympathiser situation. The IRA was never very large but it had millions of people who thought that a united Ireland was a valid concern. So we have to assume the same now. The EDL and its splinters aren't big but there are thousands of people cheering on Tommy Robinson; similarly, very few people want to detonate themselves for jihad but there will be a lot more who'd welcome the caliphate. We're probably into the several hundred thousand. So, in any practical sense, the idea that we can overcome a complex problem by just pushing people out of the country is ... fanciful. And that's before you get to large groups of now angry jihadis and gammons now being able to do what they want beyond the reach of any law ... So, what would I do? I'd massively increase investment in deprived communities across the country. It's not always the case but poverty and desperation are strongly linked to extremist positions. I'd also increase social, recreational and education provision. At the same time, I'd increase resources for Prevent. (I'd also remove religious entities from being able to run state schools.) I'd also increase the on-the-beat police presence and restore community policing levels. And stay in the EU.
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    I have a soft spot for Widnes and really hope they get through this. It's obvious the club have been dreadfully mismanaged. I do however feel a bit uneasy at the requests for donations from fans. It's not clear what the money is for and I fear it may end up in a black hole. I also note Martin Offiah has recieved huge amounts of abuse for not publically supporting the fundraiser.
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    Thing is Trojan.... it does. And if you ask fans of almost every club in our league they all believe its their club being persecuted. Last year some batley fans were whinging about "moneybags fev" getting all the decisions..... The absurdity of this situation is we all think we're being sh at upon.
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    Me too, haven had a succession of back to back sets early doors first half couldnt score, we carved them open on our right edge continuously after that with mccomb bowman and hawkyard particularly dangerous. Start of the second half we went to sleep as we do every week in a game, we switch off at some stage , they had two tries disallowed which would of put them in front at the time, then we pulled away a little bit. We need to play for more than 50 minutes every week to finish teams off and stop these lapses that occur every game
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    I thought Leigh's attack was quite poor, with no real structure or idea of what to do when near the try line. Danny Richardson looks a shadow of the player he was, as someone pointed out in another thread his stock really seems to have fallen. Luke Douglas seems to be in good form and I'm glad that his name was on the scoresheet. A great performance from Leigh, with no shortage of effort. I think that Toronto were worthy winners. I thought Leigh were coming into the game more as it progressed, which suprised me against a full time team of Toronto's quality.
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    Maybe it's cultural differences between Australia and England but I'm not sure why Hemel fans are stressing about potentially losing their team over this situation. It'd make no sense for the new owners to completely shut down the operations of the Hemel club. If these rumors are in fact true and the people that own/operate Hemel have even half a brain between them then one of the stipulations of the sale would be that Hemel continue to be operated as a feeder club for the new club that is taking their League 1 license, and if Perez and his investors had half a brain they'd see that as a massive bonus. It's a win-win, Perez and his investors get their license to enter a new club into League 1 and on top of that they get a ready made feeder system as well that they can use to feed Canadian/American players into to develop them until they establish a local feeder system in the new clubs city, and since they'd own Hemel the local players that Hemel produce from their system would feed into the new club as well. While yes Hemel would sell their license to participate in the professional tiers (which if I understand correctly they weren't coping with to well anyway, and were teetering on the edge of folding), and I understand that it may be disappointing to many fans to lose their spot in the pro system, but in return Hemel would get financial backing and certainty that they'll continue to exist for the foreseeable future, an injection of cash into the club to develop players and the local competition, and there's still a direct route for local players into the pro structure. That's what would happen in Australia most of the time, the exceptions being if egos got involved or the people looking to buy the license and/or club can't afford to maintain the old club for it's feeder system on top of their operations at the new club, but if egos do get involved or Perez and his lot can't afford it then Hemel simply doesn't sell the license to them... So yeah, if the rumours are true and Perez or whoever is trying to buy Hemel's license then calm down because however things turn out Hemel should be fine so long as the club isn't run by idiots. The clubs situation may change, and I can understand being disappointed at not being in one of the big leagues anymore, but in the grand scheme of things the club will be fine.
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    I watched us at Fax when we played much better, but I'll take the two points from Rochdale however bad it was. Going to be a tough league this year..
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    I don't get it, why be down, a wins a win, ok it was an ugly win but it got us 2 points. The team are off and running now.
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    There are now loads of female presenters covering rugby league and AFL, and sport in general, in Australia. They even front many of the shows. Some of them do get a fair bit of stick though, and there is still a certain amount of resistance from men, but I’m not sure how much this is sexism and how much it’s because people think they’re genuinely not very good. But you’d struggle to find a rugby league show here that doesn’t have at least one female presenter, and that’s definitely a good thing. I like the variety it adds to the coverage and it does give a much more family friendly vibe to the shows - there has always been a bit of an ‘old boys club/locker room’ type vibe with the traditional all-male panels which have sometimes been a bit cringey and questionable. To be fair to the resistance I’m reading on this thread, I think it is just a question of getting used to it. Because it’s still such a rarity in the UK it’s probably a little jarring - I felt the same when they started increasing the female presenters here (and I say that as a woman!) but now it’s become the norm it kind of stops being an issue
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    It means something. She would have been aware this was happening before she joined. If you joined the KKK then you wouldn't expect people to be so magnanimous about whether you had participated in lynchings or not. In a bank robbery the getaway driver receives the same sentence as the law takes the view that it can't happen without them.
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    Ey, dont be knocking George The Entertainer. Worth the admission money alone.
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    Jono Smith played second row. Spedding and Stack in centre. It does make me laugh reading this forum. "Pass it to the backs" "stop playing down the middle" "one up rugby" "use the speedsters". If you watched the Sheffield game, or even the York game? They didn't play expansive rugby. They played with pace and power around the middle of the field. Blackmore for Sheffield and Robson for York tortured Barrow around the ruck. They couldn't handle it. If only rugby league was as simple as passing it to the fast players!!! Leave the coaching to Cresta and his staff and get behind the team. Too many fickle people on this forum!
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    That’s surprising because it’s quite an unusual name
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    Signs of the times when we have to pander to leftist causes to gain exposure. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have no problem with a female pundit but just having one for the sake of it to show how ‘progressive’ we are doesn’t sit well with me
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    And let's not forget that wonderful force, South Yorkshire Police.
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    A truly Magical team performance yesterday we were under the cosh for long periods of the game and at 14 -12 looked like it could have slipped away from us but not so ,we dug in and showed our resilience and dogged defence ,the Bulls threw everything they could at us and even resorted to milking penalties but we held firm, and with our rugged never say die attitude when we did get a sniff we took it ,Teanby's try came at the right time and then the killer try from Matty Marsh sealed it, not at our complete best but a wins at Odsal don't come easy, but another 2 points in the bag. well done you Kneets bring on the Centurions Mighty Kneets
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    It was announced yesterday there would be 3 stands open. Let's all get there, and see (hopefully), another Knights win.
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    What was really good yesterday was to see both sides wearing their traditional colours. None of this way, alternative kit stuff.
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    Here we go now I have sobered up, yesterdays update.
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    There is a gap in the division table that Bears need to bridge and it does now look like they're capable of achieving that.
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    Paul Cooke is another who springs to mind. A lot of a ****head, but supremely skilful.
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    Apologies for the loss of signal close to half time, folks. Glad we got up and running for that nerve shredding second half. Leigh next week. Buckle up for another bumpy ride ?

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