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What Are You Listening To - The Reckoning

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13 hours ago, JDINTHEHIZZOUSE said:

I've had the house to myself all day and listened to kings of the wild frontier by Adam and the ants for the first time in 30 odd years and I'm not ashamed to say I loved it

Finding old stuff that you've loved or missed at the time is great isn't it?


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I've loved this song since I first heard it on the radio many moons ago, early 1990s I think. I used to own it on 7 inch single, although I no longer have it (or a record player either).

For no apparent reason, it popped into my head again the other day and I really wanted to hear it again. I thought 'oh I'll just download it on Apple Music, they've got everything...'

Well, no they don't. They don't have this song at all, as far as I could see. ?

They have a version of it by some artist called T J White, which I'm making do with. It's not wildly different, but it's not the original version I wanted, which is disappointing.

Anyway, it's on YouTube (although it seems Germino has recorded a few different versions of it himself too) so I thought I'd share it on here, so if you like it too, you can be as annoyed as me that you can't download it anywhere!! ?


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