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Newcastle game

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On 05/04/2019 at 10:39, FailsworthYed said:

Tough game but if we defend like we can and put in a full performance no reason why we can't get the win. 


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With the best, thats a good bit of PR, though I would say the Bedford team, theres, like, you know, 13 blokes who can get together at the weekend to have a game together, which doesnt point to expansion of the game. Point, yeah go on!

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Johnson-7 tackles. one miss. 3 tackle busts. 2 try assists. one clean break. 16 carries=117m

Jones-Bishop-11 tackles. 2 misses. 2 clean breaks. 10 carries=58m

McComb-20 tackles. 2 misses. 4 tackle busts. 19 carries=160m

Holmes-25 tackles. 3 misses. one offload. 4 carries=15m

Kershaw-3 tackles. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. one clean break. 17 carries=134m

Bowman-14 tackles. 4 misses. 2 offloads. 2 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. 5 carries=52m

Hewitt-9 tackles. one offload. one tackle bust. one clean break. 4 carries=22m

Spencer-26 tackles. one miss. one offload. 2 tackle busts. 10 carries=79m

Owen-17 tackles. one miss. one try assist. 6 carries=36m

Law-33 tackles. 2 misses. 2 tackle busts. one clean break. 9 carries=74m

Calland-31 tackles. one miss. 3 carries=27m

Whittel-32 tackles. 4 misses. one offload. 2 tackle busts. 11 carries=72m

Bent-57 tackles. one tackle bust. 13 carries=80m


Gwaze-37 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. 12 carries=64m

Morris-9 tackles. 2 misses. one tackle bust. 2 carries=19m

Wilkinson-16 tackles. one miss. one offload. one try assist. 5 carries=41m

Greenwood-15 tackles. 2 misses. 1 carry=9m

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Morris kinda did nowt tbh, had a spell for 10mins or so and then never returned. Don't know what was up with him. 

Benty is a machine, awesome. Does the graft,doesn't stand out particularly going forward but by God does that lad deserve a place in this team. Surely in for a shout for player of the season already,just for the sheer amount of effort and pride he puts into the shirt. Outstanding young man, glad he is on our side!

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