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Jordan Cox RIP

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Awful news, God knows what his family and friends are going through. RIP Jordan. My thoughts and sympathies to his family and friends at this sad time. 

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Very sad news, condolences to all his family and friends.


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On 30/04/2020 at 22:28, HKR AWAY DAYS said:

Terribly sad news.

Jordan played for East Hull as a kid with my brother. We used to give him a lift home from training fairly often.

One of my favourite memories was we had picked our kid up from East Park one winter after training (maybe u13s) and as we started to drive home we saw Coxy stood at the bus stop completely caked in mud, with that massive grin on his face.

So we pull up and said, what are you doing, Coxy? Look at the state of you.

He goes, I'm just getting the bus home.

He didn't even have a bag for his boots he was just holding them in his hands. Well we just laughed and told him to jump in because there wasn't a bus driver on earth that would have let him on.

He used to try and convince me that if it wasn't for Rugby League he'd be a Dolce & Gabanna model.

He once had an operation after falling ill during a game and when he was well enough me and my mate (we all sponsored Jordan at the time as he had just broken through at Rovers) went round to see him. He had this little dog and he bloody loved it. 

At Rovers events I always ended up on the same table as him somehow and we used to laugh and joke about different stuff. Some of his team mates used to say he looked like a horse so it came as no surprise when Ben Fisher wandered up one time and put a bowl of sugar cubes in front of him haha.

I don't generally use social media or forums to express my feelings when someone I know has passed away but I will make an exception here.

He was a big daft lad with a smile wider than the Humber, and an infectious personality. He was a good kid. A really good kid. He never really changed from that lad we picked up at the bus stop all those years ago.

Rest easy, old friend. 

Adam, that is simply one of the best and most heartwarming contributions to this forum I've ever read, especially in a time of such sadness.

I'm absolutely certain Jordan would have been made up to read it.

Very well said mate.

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                                                  "Son, can you play me a memory, I'm not really sure how it goes,

                                   but it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete, when I wore a younger man's clothes"

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14 hours ago, Stirlin said:

RIP Coxy , how we all remember him...with that huge smile.



I see the young lad at the bus stop...R.I.P

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