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Squad 2022

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12 hours ago, marklaspalmas said:

I don't understand the rumours about offloading Chizz.

He offers options no other player at this level can, and is an integral part of the team.

Perhaps he's not the easiest player to handle? I think he's worth whatever it takes.

I'd be happy to see Luke Tryscorer back too.

And JSL too.

Have you heard the one about Hardaker to Fev if they get promoted?. I read that yesterday Mark

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7 hours ago, marklaspalmas said:

Nu Brown and Welham off are they?

One doesn't wish to be too greedy. Be happy to keep both, and delighted if Nu decides to sign up for at least another year.

Might there be a link here to the rumours re Parata? Perhaps if Webster has determined that we only need one of Jones or Parata (wouldn't have wanted to have to make that call as both are fantastic hookers, at this level in particular) it is in part because he's trying to keep Nu and knows we can deploy him at hooker too if cover is needed. Be very sorry to see Parata go, if the rumours are true, as he's been one of our players of the season.

Can Webbo woo Nu?


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20 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

We're rumoured to have signed Morgan Smith (Pete's grandson), who missed this season with a broken leg but has made about 40 SL appearances.

aye that rumour was on the york forum start of september

13 hours ago, Fevrover said:

Rumour going round that Chisholm is off to C@$ , hope it's not true.

Frst C%S can't afford him remember they really wanted zak and thought t was a done deal until wigan changed their minds and asked for money 

second why pay for chizy when NU can go for free

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