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It's not been said much this season, perhaps after today it will be, but Hamilton has really been making a lot more mistakes this season than before. I know Wolff has been downplaying stuff but it's really noticeable that the pressure seems to be getting to him. Hopefully he can start to put this sort of stuff behind him otherwise Verstappen is going to end up winning this thing.

Anyway, absolutely delighted that my favourite driver got his first pole today. How can you not like Lando Norris?


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Hamilton breaks another record this weekend. Unquestionably the world's greatest,  but even his reign has to come to an end sometime. Looks like that is starting to happen but he is not going to give up his crown willingly. He'll go down fighting Verstappen to the very end.

Four legs good - two legs bad

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Not interested in F1, but I thought some of you would enjoy this. NSFW,


"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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13 hours ago, Charlie RL said:

Missed having no F! this week.  Ordinarily i am ambivalent but find this year the competition is compelling and nip/tuck.  Hope its on next week and i guess 5 or 6 races left?

7 races left starting with Turkey this weekend then every 2 weeks apart for USA, Mexico & Brazil until they get to Qatar on Nov 19th. It's a very inspiring triple header of Qatar, Saudi and UAE to close out the season.

Assuming no DNFs for either Max or Lewis, Max will slowly creep ahead and win the drivers championship and Merc will take the constructors.

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