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Cracking player and a really nice bloke. Used to come into the restaurant I worked in all the time and ordered what we called the Rugby player special, Spaghetti Carbonara with chicken. 

Wish him the best of luck for the future

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Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, Davo5 said:

Really good player,that’s a lot of strike out wide Wakefield will have to replace next season.

We’ve been missing it this season. It’s a shame as Tupou and Johnstone fit this year would have likely seen us with a few more points. Such is life.

Tupou it’s a shame to retire through injury but he was a formidable centre and will be fondly remembered I’m sure. 

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Wakey have certainly got more from him than they ever expected when he was first signed.

A fine import.

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"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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