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John Drake

Fri 1 Feb: SL: Huddersfield Giants v Salford Red Devils KO 7.45pm

Who will win?  

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    • Huddersfield Giants
    • Salford Red Devils

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19 hours ago, Jblake said:

Just out of interest from a giants fan who has lived in Manchester/Salford for last 25 years, would you ever consider playing at Moor Lane? or even the Cliff? They would be bar far better grounds, certainly more character and more enjoyable to visit. 

As a long term(very long term)Salford fan who loved the the Willows but has come to really enjoy the AJB stadium, I certainly would not comtemplate the club playing at at Moor Lane as getting there from where we live is a nightmare with hardly any parking etc.

The stadium is a very good one in my opinion and the stadium company has improved markedly since it opened,I was one of its biggest critics initially but I give credit where credit is due.

We can get there quicker than we could get to the Willows,have to walk a little further from where we park now and we can get away quickly after a short walk and cars are exiting the ground much quicker than when it first opened.

We have excellent seats at a reasonable price with very good facilities much better than several grounds,especially for away supporters.



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