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National Conference History

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On 25/03/2020 at 06:43, ipods4ever said:

Redhill did like the odd fight 

Remember redhill playing in Hull against an orchard park team. Redhill won the game, however their didn't want no fight that day I do remember them been rather intimidated by the players and crowd. School bully came to mind 

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On 05/04/2020 at 01:01, Celtic Roosters said:

At the bottom of Broadway. I think its Failsworth.



Its now houses for years it was used by Oldham Athletic as its training centre and held home games for youth matches.


There was plans to build a new staduim for Oldham Athletic it never happened.


Avro FC where playing there but now tennets of The Whitebank staduim used a few years ago by Oldham Roughyheads who took it over from Oldham Boro/Town who folded.

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how is the project going? hopefully the only good thing to come out of the lockdowns is that stats can be up to date with last season null & void, apart from the couple of rounds of matches played. as they were played they should be included in clubs records.

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3 hours ago, Big Doug said:

Redhiil at Mayfield. 

Redhill finally ejected from the NCL in 2003 after an horrendous incident with Shaw Cross which saw a player running half a mile chased by Redhill players and hiding in a garage. Barla approved the ejection  decision.

Once had the unenviable ( and potentially dangerous ) job of monitoring a  Barla cup fixture at Redhill when they entertained Greater Manchester Police after the crush of the miners by Thatcher. The game went ok- the Manchester lads rightly pointed the violence came from the Met Police but still a bit hairy. Redhill became in that era  though  a bit too close to MMA ( some say  they might have invented it ) during their stay in the NCL rather than TGG.

Bring back the Biff ?

For me yes  but only in hard on tackles.

I hope we are all past the off the ball ###### . And angry players not in control like this video shows  is out of order.  But  the balance between skill and violence remains the essence of our game.......

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Hello everyone, I havent been on for quite a while but I am still writing the History of the National Conference League and still require quite a bit of information from clubs who are still in or now out of the NCL. I wont bore you now as it is getting towards Christmas but I will be back in the New Year to bug you for contacts and information. Until then have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. MC

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Regarding where British Aerospace played. I looked on google and it seems they used to play in the area that is housing next to the tram tracks and opposite Spring Brook Upper School. Someone correct me if I am looking at the wrong place.  

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On 31/03/2020 at 00:06, Dessie O'Hare said:

There's a few copies of the 5th anniversary brochure out there in the heartlands.

I have read it, a long time ago, but not seen one for a few years.

Trevor Hunt must have one to lend you if you contact him i think he compiled it?

Some info here, mostly accurate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_National_Conference_League


I created the article, but got banned from Wikipedia* a few years ago hence why it stopped.


* I edited the actual article on Wikipedia to say it was an unreliable encyclopedia and got a life ban.

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