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16th domestic Jamaica RL season underway

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This was a bit of a surprise tbh. They'd announced the Parish of Origin series as a return to action after 2 covid-cancelled season but had kept this under wraps. Excellent to see, not only a return, but with an increased number of teams taking part too.

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What sort of standard are we talking  here? As compared to the NCL for example? 

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On 14/06/2022 at 22:54, Copa said:

I know they were made because I have one.

Just found it, you put some photos of our most excellent jersey on page 4 of this thread. Come on Hyenas. 


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NCC has been back underway for a couple of rounds, it was really a sprint start following POR.

You can find some photos on the hyenas Facebook page, and there will be a bunch more media added to the NCC Facebook page soon. 

Or, you can see the feed on the hyenas site here

The NCC site is also here, where Romeo and the guys post match reports. Game footage will be added soon.

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