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Fax V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread only

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Bulldogs travel over to the Shay to take on Halifax this been their 3rd game in 8 days , this is supposed to be a part time sport, in a game which could see Bulldogs cementing 3 rd place if they win and open up a 4 pts gap.


voting as usual 1 2 3 open to all

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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voting closed

1) Dane manning 28 pts

2) Luke Hooley  12 pts

3) Martin Reilly 9 pts

4) Nyle Flynn 5 pts

5) James Meadows 4 pts

5) Josh Hodson 4 pts

7) Adam Gledhill  2 pts

7) Lucas Walshaw 2 pts

9) Tom Gilmore 1 pt

pts for totaliser

1) Dane manning 3 pts

2) Luke Hooley  2 pts

3) Martin Reilly 1 pt

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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