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Batley Bulldogs V Halifax Panthers 1895 Cup Final Wembley MOM thread only

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get this up early as got a very busy week. This still seems like a dream , if someone told back in the 70's when i used to trudge over the pennines either by train, coach or a cadged lift of the match official ,that in my time of watching Batley play , that i would go to Toronto , Toulouse to watch them play, win 2 cups up to press and finally get a trip to Wembley to see little old Batley play , i would have said yer need your head examining as many have told me that i need mine examining by supporting Batley and not a big club.

Well that time has come this Saturday as Batley go to play at Wembley for the first time ever in 1895 cup Final where they take on Halifax Panthers in what should be a cracking game between 2 evenly matched teams with Batley having the upper hand this season having played them 3 times already and been victorious on the 2 of them and lets hope them Dogs are barking come saturday evening  and them panthers slinking away with tails between them legs.

voting as usual 1 2 3 , open to all that see the game

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Hell of a job, do we start with a defence which stopped Halifax scoring for 78 further minutes or go for an ever-improving attack? Pick the best of both;

For constant probing and trying to get players coming on Jimmy Meadows

Some massive cracking tackles from Nyle Flynn

100% ball fielding and returning can't split Luke Hooley and Dale Morton. 



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Manning - for almost physically motivating the whole team when we were at our flattest, driving us forward to get us back into the fight.

Morton - Had a mare against Bradford but this week was outstanding defensively and made the hard yards coming out of defence.

Leak - Always looked dangerous, even in the flattest of moments in the first half when he came on.

A special mention to the player who immediately ran over to Hooley after he had missed the kick. I think it was Josh Woods, showing exctly what it measn to be a member of this team.

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A special mention for the huge numbers in the Batley end...please keep coming!

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