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  2. 2018 Squad

    As tthere have been no comments on my message I have made an attempt to list our 2018 squad. It's probably way out but it's just an attempt.
  3. League 1 2018

    That was a very informative podcast. I got out of it L1 is going to be drastically different after next year. New teams will not have to start at the bottom. Hamilton is a red herring as I have maintained all along. Its most likely Boston and Montreal IMHO. If future launches are successful, they hope to have 6 new teams eventually. In respect of Wolfpack I got the following: They have some big player signings under wraps. They have a television contract (major new sponsorship). They expect to contend for Championship.
  4. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    A 2018 rugby league Six Nations on cards but Ireland not keen on England B.
  5. Zach Dockar -Clay

    Don't forget Danny McGuire Simon. No mention of him but he sends them all another place down the pecking order when discussing Rover's half backs. (I assume)
  6. Beirut is multicultural, multifaith and a pretty cool place, except when the Israeli Air Force are required to make Bibi Netanyahu look all buff'n'macho for votes. And, just up the Bekaa Valley is Chateau Musar, which makes one of my favourite red wines.
  7. Beirut was actually quite prosperous up to the civil war and known as The Paris of the middle East. Hopefully it, and Lebanon, can return to its former glories and hopefully outside influences will leave the country well alone.
  8. Budget 2017

    I liked his comment about driverless cars annoying Jeremy Clarkson Something along the lines of "This will annoy Jeremy Clarkson but it wont be the first time he has been annoyed by May and Hammond"
  9. 2018 Series v NZ

    The problem is we don't give up on it. We just leave it long enough that any continuity in marketing and databases becomes useless and then we start all over again. It is a sure fire winner. From 2016 to 2020 seems about right on that score.
  10. A friend of mine took a conducting job with an opera company in Beirut in the Eighties. He used to navigate back to the hotel by turning right at a particular building... except one day he had to start turning right at the smoking crater where the building had been. It is a little less scary these days, apparently, but you still can't be certain about safety, because things are always a bit volatile in that part of the world.
  11. 2018 Kits

    Home one is ok,but what is that away top about,Errea strikes again,seen better stuff on a Sports Direct sale rack.
  12. 2018 Series v NZ

    Good for them. Shame there aren't more of them. Or that rugby league needs to, for once, keep at something once it gets difficult if it's going to have any worthwhile future. We need to be reaching beyond the M62. Giving up on the city that has delivered England its highest ever attendances because it takes a bit of work is just small-time thinking.
  13. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Last anchor we had was throwing his hat in the ring at every job... Don't believe leaving has ever entered Ned Kelly's head Bradford are hasbeens feeding on former glories, talking the talk and tripping up on every walk. I'd be more scared of diskin going
  14. 2018 Kits

    They need to sort a squad first.
  15. See my newly started thread!
  16. 2018 Series v NZ

    I was going to send her to the art gallery while I watch the RL. Could try the other way round I suppose
  17. The first claim could be true (aggregate tv viewing figures.) but I agree with you on biggest game. I don't have figures for the 1992 or 1995 WC Finals from Wembley, but it could have easily been over 10 million for a Saturday afternoon BBC1 world cup final back then. (An episode of "Auntie's Sporting Bloomers" had an audience of 17 million in 1995, "Question of Sport" didn't drop below 10 million all year in 1992.)
  18. Budget 2017

  19. New season shirts

    it might be that the club has never told Ravensport that the colours should be Cerise and Fawn... everyone has just got carried along with the orange/yellow since the days when " Pantones" were not about......
  20. I reckon the biggest audience would have been the 1990 Ashes series in the UK. Either the Old Trafford game (2nd Test) or Elland Road (3rd Test). Only 4 channels back then and Sky (BSkyB) in its absolute infancy.
  21. Today
  22. 2018 Series v NZ

    Getting the wife out of the way by sending her to a RL International. It might catch on. I sent mine to Wellington last week dressed in yellow. Did anyone spot her?
  23. 2018 Kits

    bit underwhelmed by the Wigan efforts doubt ours will be worse though when they finally get their finger out and sort it
  24. Ashes exclusive to BT sport.

    England 220 all out Aus 85-1 at the close
  25. Me too. Currie is a good shout by ElbowsEye
  26. The issue of TV viewing figures came up on a different thread with one poster claiming that an England-Australia World Cup final could end up being the most watched game in history. This wasn't exactly what the poster meant (he clarified as the most in a multi-team WC) but it did pique my interest about what game could have this honour. There are of course questions of how you measure it. Do you factor in people who watched it on TV or just people who saw some of the game either on the news or a bulletin or whatever? The easiest way will be people that actually watched the game live and/or highlights and this is probably the fairest way. The location of the game is almost certainly going to be the UK. Whilst the game is most popular in Australia, the population of the UK continues to dwarf it and during some of its glory days the population was just 15 million or so. Also, according to the stats released at the time the 2014 Grand Final is the highest rating Rugby League game in Australia with a rating of 4.6m. Based on recent polling evidence that takes into account the habits of people watching, it is reasonable to assume that this figure is actually over 7m. It is unlikely to go much higher than this though when foreign countries are added (One NRL Grand Final was watched by 33,000 in the UK and that was on SKY). I seem to remember Garry Schofield having one of his moans about the announced viewing figures and stating that a Great Britain test had been watched by something like 8 or 10m back when he played. He was comparing to one that got just over 1m. This seems like a clear exaggeration but I can remember reading that the England World Cup games in 2000 were all watched by around 3m and this was seen as 'okay' in the article. It seems plausible to me that the biggest would be an international rather than a Challenge Cup final although I may be wrong. Based on popularity of the sport and TV audiences in general, I suspect the biggest was the World Cup Final in 1992. The then record attendance at the game suggests it was a bigger occasion than a normal ashes test from that era or the 1995 World Cup final. Also, it is possible that as such a big game a significant number in Australia also watched, especially if they had the game on delay or highlights. Any ideas?
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