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  2. That would have been a good time for missing out Bateman.
  3. We need to be better on the last... the bomb isn’t working and it needs to be low and on the floor.
  4. I'm not sure the Tongans are used to facing players that are even bigger than them.
  5. Yep we need a few good sets and kick in tge corner to slow things a bit.
  6. We need to keep our heads, the momentum has shifted somewhat.
  7. Town website

    Oo that’s something we could possibly look in to. Once I’ve spoke to the board and got it set up it’ll be posted on here straight away pal
  8. Edge of the seat stuff, I don't know how much more I can take. My dicky ticker!
  9. Our big lads are taking theirs on rayher nicely.
  10. All the talk was about Tonga being big and power but we are dominating!
  11. Given 'em a couple of good chances for field position and luckily they'v bombed them!
  12. It's fantastic. Tonga need some composure, instead of trying to score on every play.
  13. Don't force it England we're doing well
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