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  2. a charge down all day long childs is a #####
  3. He was in the first team squad but didn't get much game time
  4. Manchester Rangers on BBC Manchester tonight

    Damn missed it. Is a recording available?
  5. 2018 Squad confirmed

    It might have been Tom Hemingway singing .... don't you forget about me!!!!
  6. Good job he was pushed into touch. The idiots in charge weren't going to call that pass forward. Mind you it was only 3 yards forward.
  7. Presentations

    I was surprised when Cresta missed out. He has easily been the most successful coach consistently. 4 times nominated but not winning once? I think the award is from nominations from The other head coaches so in this case it's not the RFL's fault. I thought Joe might have won, I know he is massively respected by all the other players. just a plug for the Bears, we were nominated for project of the year. We had huge raps in the nomination for our Bears 5's. It was pointed out that as a result we have had literally hundreds of people of all ages and genders playing rugby all summer. That of course is a massive tick in the box for Sport England and participation numbers. But we lost out to York who had a twitter campaign to advertise one match. When asked about it the guy accepting the award said it was a result of a throw away remark in a pub and they decided to have a bit of fun with it and it worked very well. He was asked if they would develop it for the future " no, it was a one off just a bit of a craic but it was only about advertising the Toronto game" How is that comparable to having dozens of people throwing a ball about every week at 3 different venues?.... It was politics because we won it with a different project two years ago.
  8. 2018 Squad confirmed

    They celebrate owt in batley Walking on commercial street yesterday I heard a round of applause as I walked past greggs, the children were cheering, the grown ups whooping I asked "what's going on?" An old lad jumping up and down screamed "the pasties are coming out the oven" Simple pleasures for simple minds... And no Jim kerr wasn't there
  9. booboo from baabaa and Salford are in off the back of it
  10. 4-0 to salford at least they won't get nilled
  11. Our new position in the EU

    I don't think it needs balance Bob there are lots of silly claims and more or less all of the are complete nonsense, and deception. Blaming remainers of what ever hue is one of them. It may suit their supporters but Brexit is the Government's own cock-up, architecture and ball to carry over the line. I'm not sure that those people you mention don't believe in it but there are lots of people who didn't want to look like they wanted Brexit but did little to prevent it.
  12. The Videography Thread

    You have done a great job with that.
  13. Really hope this is going to work out for Wakefield. One question, though. What is the risk that in the end it does cost the council tax payers of WMBC? It may be that some think the council should be paying for this sort of facility, but if the council is guaranteeing or underwriting the scheme, what is the measure of their liability? Are there any other projects where the council has exposure?
  14. James Maloney to Warrington?

    This is sort of my point, we have been happy to pay up to a couple of hundred thousand in transfer fees - so invest that in a salary on top of yout highest contract and it could be approachibg a million dollars. The Origin thing is an issue but maybe focus on kiwis or select players unlikely to get a spot.
  15. Championship shield semi final match thread

    Says who BSJ?
  16. With the WC coming up i'm wondering how i can catch some of the games in Canada? I will likely be watching the games after they have aired due to the time difference so is there a site that will have the matches to view after the fact or a highlights show with some commentary and analysis? Just checking the scores isn't the same and I've never seen any WC games yet so really excited to watch it. Thank you,
  17. Championship shield semi final match thread

    As things stand there will still be more FT teams than there are places in SL, and the latter isn't going to expand anytime soon.
  18. Helpdesk again.... doggy

    I've got a border collie and he hates noise, couple of years its been so noisy round him we've put him in the car and taken him for a drive for a couple of hours, seemed to do the trick.
  19. Why did we spend £10k......

    Behind the sticks, high up on the bottom terrace would be best for visibility. You'd lose easy mobility - but how often is it used elsewhere?
  20. Why did we spend £10k......

    Did KN say it was defective? Software issues can cover a host of scenarios, including having someone who knows how to work the software. It is a bit more tricky than hanging cards on hooks.
  21. Obituary thread 2017

    I can honestly say I answered everyone of those questions correctly too. I appeared on 15 to 1 once. In my audition I answered every question correctly. Unfortunately, when it came to recording the show I was a gibbering wreck. It's easy at home with no pressure. I have massive respect for those that make it look so easy on tv.
  22. Helpdesk again.... doggy

    feliway do a plug in diffuser to calm cats for the same reason.I would be surprised if a canine version wasn't available robin.
  23. Sleeplessness

    record and watch back rugby union internationals - but set an alarm so you don't slump in to a coma
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