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  2. bomberisgod

    An evening with Lynn Hopkins.

    Another good fund raiser for the club.Well done everyone.
  3. The Hallucinating Goose

    Pacific Championship

    I'd be happy with even just a couple more games a year. England play an average 4 games a year and some years we don't even play a game in this country. You can't take a sports International game seriously if its like that. I think instead of 1 mid season game we should maybe have 2 or 3 spaced out maybe 2 months apart from each other, which I know sounds a long time but it spaces them out across the season and appeases the clubs that don't want to be releasing players all the time if it is only occasionally. I'd also be happy enough with only having the world Cup in terms of tournaments if all other years had a decent length tour at the end of them. If 4 games could be increased to an average of say even just 7-8 it would be a lot better.
  4. Batley Bob

    Halifax @ Shay Stadium

    Hemingway never had flu , he was out 8 week ! think it was a kidney problem
  5. TMF

    Barrow Saturday

    Oh manu. Licence is always paid but I wouldn't p... on SKY or BT if they were on fire.
  6. Ullman

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Yes, Dimebag Darrell was shot dead while on stage. Long time ago now.
  7. Maximus Decimus

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I once heard an Argentine player (can't remember who) talk about it. It wasn't just about getting the win, it was as much about the challenge of fooling the ref.
  8. Phil Loxton

    M.OM. Rovers V Sheffield (A)

    Thackeray Hardcastle Robinson
  9. Griff9of13

    Our new position in the EU

    This thread is both very funny and very sad in equal measure:
  10. All Golds have merged with Gloucestershire Warriors ans playing amateur RL so I think the answer is no. Its a shame really, I think Bristol would be a great place to have an expansion club.
  11. silcoates

    Cas stadium plans!!

    Can't castleford come up with a starting date after all this time. Nearly two years ago carter at trinity said "we can't stay another season"-since then zilch. Start of super dooper league it was all about minimum standards to keep out the smaller clubs eg hunslet. What have those two clubs done with millions of sky money.
  12. Dave jones

    M.OM. Rovers V Sheffield (A)

    Robinson hardcastle thackery
  13. Has the BBC mentioned it yet? I noticed that the advert got the Union game on Channel 4 has changed the wording to mention ‘americas’, or something like that.
  14. elppaxr2i

    M.OM. Rovers V Sheffield (A)

    Robinson Hardcastle Thacks
  15. Johnoco

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yeah, that accept it as part of the game because it leads to victories and glory. But if it just led to defeats due to having 9-10 players, they might begin to see it differently. Or maybe not, I don't know.
  16. Echo what was said above - that first half effort was one of the best away performances of the season if not the best The discipline was magnificent also think we only gave away one pen in first half and that was in the 3rd min i think and only knocked on twice - think Sheff only physically got out of their own half 3 times Obviously things tailed off in that second half as was probably expected but i was suprised how comfortable of a victory it ended up being Roll on Rochdale next week!
  17. Always been scheduled for 21:10 UK time as far as I'm aware.
  18. Some build up I'd imagine, but not a huge amount.
  19. Johnoco


    Drop some mate, then come back and tell me its less dangerous than having a few pints. You'll either have a great time or a total nightmare. The chart should be a lot more interesting too.
  20. Toronto Wolfpack by 42 Leigh Centurions by 30 Halifax by 14 Swinton Lions by 2 Toulouse Olympique by 8
  21. Maximus Decimus

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    They were good but England exposed how poor Tunisia were. The only difference was they always had a lead which meant Tunisia had to come out and try and score. The penalty for Tunisia allowed them to get 6 in defence and hang on for a draw. Had we scored a second I suspect it would've been much different in the second half.
  22. notasdaftasilook

    An evening with Lynn Hopkins.

    Some pictures on the town Facebook page. Looked a good night
  23. Maximus Decimus

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Part of me doesn't want us going into the Belgium game knowing that finishing second leaves us potentially missing Germany in the quarters. To do well we'll need to stay positive and that means going for it and trying to win the group. I've said since the Germany-Mexico game that we'll end up winning the group, getting Germany/Brazil in the quarters and lose. Meanwhile Belgium will come second, end up with Mexico and breeze through to the semis.
  24. Maximus Decimus

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I think it's much clearer in boxing. For all the criticism about top level football as a business, the World Cup and internationals in general are still more about the dream and the occasion.
  25. So no build up then. if coverage starts at 9 uk time. Just wanted to check, cos the mrs will be watching casualty 🙂 Slightly delayed coverage(hopefully I havent mentioned the game yet) for me then.
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