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  2. Isn't the topic title somewhat innaccurate? As far as i can see its proposing an increase to 20 clubs. There have long been complaints that our players are called on to play too many games. Is this proposal a solution to that, especially if a nes or revised TV deal meant more televised clubs and more money? Should not be dismissed out of hand but debated on the basis of the proposal, not on a misreading of it.
  3. I agree York were the better team overall and should really have won, or at least got a draw. But I can't deny I was chuffed that the Bulls won it. It's a long time since I've enjoyed watching a game as much as that one. 80 minutes of end to end action and sporting drama from the kick off to the final whistle. York were great hosts and if I was a local I'd definitely want to go and watch them again after that.
  4. Bennett back - Darryl not yet.

    I should also add that I'm hoping that in 2019 GB will play Australia three times for The Ashes, and then that we'll stay as GB and play the Aussies in 2020 at home again for The Ashes, and that we'll then stay as GB for the World Cup too. Scotland and Wales are never going to be competitive in RL. It would be wonderful if they could be, but they never will be. If they couldn't produce competitive teams and enough good players back in the days when RL was professional and RU wasn't (e.g. at a time when players had a financial incentive to play RL instead of RU), then how on earth are they going to do so now? RU will take any superstars that those countries produce and they will never produce enough good players to be competitive with the likes of Australia or England.

    You don’t have to justify yourselves about locals mate, youve just taken 3 points off leigh and torronto, who cares if the lads are from barrow,workington or Australia, there obviously playing for the town and the shirt and that’s all you can ask. The best players we had under walshy were travellers on huge money or foreign imports so it makes little difference on there accent.
  6. Rugby League Video Content

    Well, I subscribed, so I'll be watching a few more in the near future and will post any feedback that comes to mind. I clicked on the Manfredi one, just to remind myself what he looked like in action, because it has been quite a while!
  7. Karmichael Hunt Drugs

    His lawyer sounds like he deserves every penny with that result.
  8. Winter Olympics 2018

    They haven't got all the extra streaming channels, unlike the Summer Games. So, effectively, it is on only two channels at any given time. Directors have to make decisions on what gets show, rather than just putting everything out there. Then again, Eurosport are the primary broadcaster for the 2018 Games, so I don't know is there are restrictions on what the BBC can get. But it makes it all the more aggravating when the main channel and the red button are showing the same action. There's no reason at all for this to be happening, other than carelessness.
  9. Nope, all 35000 of them were invesigating Trump/Russia
  10. TODAY

    Really enjoyed the game yesterday, gutted at the result, a few Bradford fans I spoke to after the game felt we deserved the win. Great atmosphere but I did have a couple of niggles with the 'game day experience'. Firstly, after being told no reserved seats, first come first served, large areas of the main stand were reserved. I realise sponsors areas etc are required but this shouldn't be at the expense of season ticket holders. Didn't seem to be sponsors sat in them anyway so did wonder if these were freebie tickets handed out to local clubs. Also, didn't appreciate being hassled several times to sign up to switch my energy suppliers, not something I want to be thinking about at a game, finding my car had several leaflets about it on the windscreen didn't help either!! Apart from that, really proud of the the team, bodes well for the rest of the season, a few teams won't be looking forward to their trip to York.
  11. Has anyone thought of vinegar-infused salt?
  12. Rugby League Video Content

    Music isn't there for copyright, when you end a clip you can cut a commentator off and extend the clip out for too long. Not all games have commentary on it. Manfredi one is very old, have updated graphics and overall since then. Thanks for the feedback, I'd consider going to different audio if that's what was preferred.
  13. TODAY

  14. Our new position in the EU

    The DUP and the hard brexit lot didn't approve of the GFA anyway, so its a win win!
  15. Our new position in the EU

    The political editor on Sky News.
  16. Rugby League Video Content

    Just had a look at the Manfredi one. My thoughts: 1. I like the stats at the beginning, which don't try to lay on too much detail... 2. ...but the greengrocer's apostrophe in "Try's" doesn't look professional. 3. My personal preference is for match audio (commentary also gives more context to the action), rather than a music track. I'd assume that the latter is also more likely to get pinged with an automatic copyright claim.
  17. Gotta love a promo video and an architect's drawing. They've generated 1000s of pages on here over the years
  18. Rochdale Hornets Away

    Reckon speakman moves into the halfs and sam takes his hooker spot on the bench. Hopefully the forwards can win the battle tonight as we tend to struggle without Moore. A dominant pack for once would help everyone out.

    That still means that youve 8 local players that werent in the 17 that played yesterday who will have to be patient and take the chance when it arises as youve a good team of players recruited from both Barrow and beyond. Do Charnock and Bullock live in Barrow Morty?
  20. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    Just seen a promotional video elsewhere about a multimillion shopping development which will include a new stadium for Castleford . Wakey and Cas who'll get there first is uncertain
  21. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    Sound suspiciously like what happened in football with the advent of the Premier League. The big clubs, with the connivance of the Football Association, engineered a structure enabling them to keep almost all the money in the sport. The big clubs didn't give a monkeys about the medium-size and small clubs, most of whom have been left to flounder and struggle since 1992.
  22. Our new position in the EU

    There really is nothing that is expendable to brexiters if it proves to be a problem for a hard brexit.
  23. Winter Olympics 2018

    Final run of the 2-Man Bobsleigh, and the BBC are not showing it, not even on-line, they prefer to show three channels of GB womens Curling, presumably because we won a medal in the last 40 years, not encouraging the Bobbers. This is typical BBC coverage of major games. Only covering what they think will win medals this week, not in the future. This is why they complained about the Yank coverage of the Atlanta games, when their bias only showed Septic Athletes. The BBC should be more open to other sports.
  24. Keighley Predictions

  25. Who is supposed to be putting this forward. Silly idea, to get the required amount of home games to make the chairmen happy would mean playing even more repeat fixtures. Seems like 14 teams is the popular choice in the SL owners club.
  26. Doncaster Match Report
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